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For the past 3 months, my son's school has been sending home notices about head lice being a wide spread problem in our town. We keep his hair very short, but given the circumstances I wasn't taking any chances and shaved him bald just before school started. I kept an eye on his head to watch for signs and didn't see anything. I was also been diligent about watching my 4 year old daughter. Then, it seemed like overnight she was infested. I freaked out because I have enough hair for 3 people and remember what it was like when I got lice as a child. I immediately went to the store to buy Rid kits (shampoo, creme and comb, and home spray). Even though I didn't have any signs of lice I shampooed my hair. Then, my husband and I washed my daughter's hair. I was extremely upset to find that Rid did NOT work! I was pulling crawling lice out of her hair hours later. Out of desperation I called the doctor's after hour nurse and got some valuable advise. She said to cover her hair in oil and then put a cap on her head and leave in overnight. She said we could use mayonaise, olive oil, baby oil, or any other slick oil based product we had handy. I had baby oil and immediately dumped it in her hair. While working it into her hair dead lice were just sliding out onto my hands. It was an instant kill! A little messy, but worth it. I threw out pillows and washed literally every article of clothing, bedding, towels, etc. I bagged everything in sight. I realize that I probablly went a little overboard, but I needed to do my fall cleaning anyway.
I was amazed that my daughter was so badly infested and how quickly it happened. Even more amazing is that I didn't show any signs of lice although we share hair supplies and I snuggled her on my pillow the morning before I discovered the outbreak. But, I diligently use SunSilk creme in my hair to control the frizz and did not put it in her hair. After reading all of the postings, I think that the creme must have caused any lice to slide out of my hair. As far as continued prevention, I keep SunSilk creme in my hair and her's. I also put her hair in 2 braids each morning and then spray with hairspray. The on call nurse I spoke with explained that tight braids make it difficult for lice to move around and that the hairspray also prevents. So, for us it is constant prevention because I don't trust that everyone else that my kids come into contact with have sucessfully rid their families of lice. But, I keep spreading the advise that I received in hopes that it will help others. Good luck!!


$100's later, I reached my pediatrician. LIKE A CHARM. This was a ONE TIME PROCESS- NO NEED TO REPEAT.
1. Saturate your hair with high potency alchohol, ie: vodka, whiskey, rum... you get the idea. Allow this to dry. This will kill the eggs.
2. Wash hair. If you want to be extra safe, use denorex or some sort of dandruff shampoo.
3. Cover head with something slimey- vasoline, mayo, raw eggs- take your pick. This will smother them and prvent new eggs from attaching. Sleep with this on your head.
4. Wash your hair again in the morning.


Discovered lice on my head one night and freaked. I am compulsive - this could not be!
I showered, and twice soaked my head in rubbing alcohol. I'll be doing it again to be sure.

Rubbing alcohol is used to kill everything by Pharmacists and in hospitals, and externally is SAFE. I happeed to have the Suave coconut conditioner. I scrubbed the crap out of my head, and went through and through with one of thos round scalp scrubbung things.

The alc. did not hurt my head at all, and my skin is sensitive. I did finish off with the coconut conditioner. My hair is great.

RUBBING ALCOHOL. So simple. So safe.

I have used natural remedies for years as a Midwife. I'm glad it doesn't have to be gruesome.


We have been battling head lice of and on for over a year. If you are facing the same problem I do not have to tell you how frustrating it is. We have tried them all: from over the counter medicines to mayo and olive oil, sure enough a few days to a few weeks later our 10 year old would be re infested! Until EXTRA STRENGTH DENOREX! Surprisingly simple remedy: many things will kill lice the problem is the eggs and brushing them out. Nothing kills the eggs short of shaving your hear. Salicylic Acid the active ingredient in Extra strength Denorex kills lice as you wash wash your hear. Keep using it for two weeks until no more eggs hatch, and the cycle is broken! IT IS THAT SIMPLE! Word of caution not just any dandruff shampoo will work, it has to have Salicylic Acid as an active ingridient. So far I have only found that 'Extra strength denorex' and 'Island Breeze Selsun Blue Naturals' have it. Many others may look the same and help you with dandruff, but will do nothing to get rid of head lice!


My little girl contracted a resistant infestation of head lice at school. Over-the-counter remedies failed. Mayonnaise failed. The prescription treatment her pediatrician provided also failed.

I remembered how I killed insects when I collected and mounted them as a kid. I wasn't allowed to handle insecticides so my science teacher recommended placing a drop of machine oil on the little critters. It worked every time. They don't have lungs, they absorb oxygen through their pores. The oil simply clogged all their pores and asphyxiated them.

I wasn't about to put machine oil on my girl's hair, but I reasoned baby oil would have the same effect. I drenched her hair and scalp with baby oil, left it in for twenty minutes, then washed it out with her regular shampoo. The next day I repeated the procedure, then again after one week.

It was very inexpensive and it worked.


You can use mayo, tea tree oil, denorex or any of the other home remedies mentioned here for some people it works and for doesn't! After battling head lice for far to long everytime I would get rid of it it seemed like it came right back either from school or what have you so I got mad! I call their pediatrician and he called in a medication called 'Ovide' this was the absolute best thing I have ever found!!!! There was no nit picking needed and only minor cleaning to do. You put the liquid on their hair, they sleep in it and, when you wash it out the next morning dead lice and nits fall off the hair shaft DEAD! Usually a retreatment isn't neccessary and after the one treatment on my children...they have been lice free ever since!


$5 perm from dollar store
I'm a licensed cosmetologist and that is what we were taught in school. Just use the perm solution. Comb through the hair, leave on for 20-25 minutes wash with shampoo, rinse then pick out the nits. Color will also do the same thing. When using the perm solution, there is no need for the nutralizer, because you are not trying to set a curl. Just simply apply the solution 1
No need to shave your children's head or cut all their hair off.

There's always a silver lining

I've had long hair down to my waist for 10 years now. Not to be conceited, but I HAD gorgeous, thick hair. My boyfriend's niece's daughter had lice, no one told us, and a week and a half later, I was itching. He checked my hair and lo and behold, I had the little buggers. I went straight to the store and bought RID. Didn't work. I went back and bought NIX. Nope. I did the hardest thing I ever had to do-cut my hair. Not just a trim- I had to cut it to my shoulders. I'm still crying as I type this. I guess I needed a change.. everyone does. But my hair... My long long hair is now gone thanks to an irresponsible mother who won't rid her kids of these homewrecking bugs. So, I came online and this was the first site that came up. I have to say THANK YOU to whoever thought of using Listerine & vinegar. My hair is gone, but so are the bugs and nits. My boyfriend just checked my hair and voila! They're gone! I'm just really upset about my hair. Sorry to vent lol. It's hard!!!

So,if you want to be rid of these things:

Douse hair with Listerine, (I used the off brand)
Wrap hair with a plastic bag(airtight) for 2 hours, then rinse.

Rinse hair thouroghly with vinegar, wrap airtight with a different grocery bag, or garbage bag, saran wrap-whatever.
Leave on for an hour.
Rinse hair, put alot of coconut conditioner (lice hate the smell apparently)
And the MAIN THING people need to be aware of is:

It only cost $6.99 at Walgreens, it's by the shampoo.

I ain't from France but excuse my French.. Those little nix and rid combs aren't worth shet.

Comb & comb & comb in the shower with mucho conditioner and bam - they're gone.

The moral of the story is:

It is not a shame to get lice, it is a shame to keep them & do nothing to get rid of them.


My Daughter had a friend spend the night and she had spent the night at her house the night before. That night my Daughter wanted me to cut her bangs and noticed alot of nits. I was so upset. I did find a remedy that works on contact. I used Dawn dish soap with alternitive bleach. I soaped up their hair concentrated and left it in almost an hour. OMG!! Be prepared when you towel dry. Dead lice everywhere on towel. I about gagged. I used to get lice all the time in elementry school& I have never seen anything work like that with all the lice shampoos and everything. I was impressed. I hope this helps. I know it helped me.


When I was a kid we were dirt poor and lice was a big prob for the age range, so every Friday our mom washed out hair with dogs flee shampoo. It worked. It wasn't something I advertised at school the following week but my head was clear of bugs. Take it or leave it, its an option.

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