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half a cup of lemon juice and 2tbls of melted butter. leave in hair for 30min then rinse out. put any brand of coconut conditioner in hair comb with nit comb. nits almost fall out! wash hair with regular shampoo then once a week use the denorex dandruff shampoo. it worked for my daughter who we have had head lice problems with for 4yrs between daycare and school. let me know if it worked for you.

J.H. Slater

The problem with lice is the exoskeleton. They're tough, and most remedies won't work just 'cause they can't actually get to the lice or the nits. It's frustrating.......

But I found this product called Licenex (it's on and it uses enzymes to break apart the exoskeleton. It works to 'wash away' lice, because the enzymes dissolve them. Plus the stuff is all natural, which for me, makes me feel much more comfortable. I'm not washing myself down with nasty synthetics.

Personally, I'd never use anything else.


My daughter got head lice at school, so we washed her hair with the nix, I then spent 3 hours picking nits out of her hair. For the next 4 days I was still picking live lice and spending 3 hours everynight picking nits and washing everything in hot water everyday! No one in the house had them and she was not around any other kids.
So I washed her hair again with the nix, but was still finding live lice and eggs. So we finally went to the doctors who prescribed 'RESULTZ' so after using resultz and checking her hair I was amazed to see everything was gone including all the nits. It has been 5 days since using resultz and she is still lice free! I intend to do it again on the 7th day just in case. The best product out there hands down and best of all this product has no pesticides and is chemical free!
I would recomend this product to anyone!


i found this remedy works for me it may not work for others though.
you will need:
vasiline or white petrollium jelly
lice shampoo(Rid,R&C,ect.)
first you treat the hair with lice shampoo let it soak the wash it out. after that comb through the hair then spread the vasiline all over the hair then let it soak over night.then in the morning comb through the hair a few times then wash the majority out. continue to comb through the hair for the next four of five days. the vasiline should suffacate the lice and make the knits slide off of the hair easily. then use the lice shampoo again.

Hope this works for you!


I have been battling lice for 3 years and i know it's disgusting! I tried RID the lice shampoo and it did nothing!After searching the web and a few of my own tricks i found this works best:
Use listerene mouthwash leave in hair for 2 hours.
Then use vinegar leave in for 1 hour or more.
comb out lice with a lice comb.
and use selson blue dandruff shampoo use as you would for regular showering.
i found this worked you may also want to use mayo the real kind =]


I tried everything out there from Kwell, Ovide, Rid ect. it did not work! I was so fed up! Then I read somewhere to try shaving cream. So I did, I went to theDollar General bought a can of Barasol for men, paid $1.00 for it. Put it on my daughters head, wrapped it in a plastic shower cap, also that I purchased at the Dollar store for $1.00, left it on for 1 hour. Washed and conditioned her hair and brushed it and the dead lice fell out. There were some eggs left so I repeated this every 4 days for 2 weeks and we are lice free!!! I didnt have to use a nit comb or anything. So much easier and cheaper! And shaving cream is not toxic at all, so it does not hurt to do it every few days. Also it is so easy to get it onto the head and so easy to wash it out! I highly recommend you at least try this, you will see I am telling the truth!


Our 2 year old son brought them home from daycare and also infected me, mom, who has long, thick dark hair. We didn't know we had them and thought it was winter icth since that has been going on for months now around here. Well for him we easily used Nix and buzzed his head - he is fine now.

EVERYTHING and I mean, EVERYTHING has been getting washed around here. Pillows, blankets, all bedding, slipcovers, we threw away couch pillows, vacuuming everything, couches getting sprayed and vacuumed. I have never done this much laundry in my life and it is not over yet. All stuffed animals are in plastic bags for two weeks and then will hit a hot dryer to shake anything loose possibly there. Thank god their life is only 2 days on non-hair items, like couches, clothes, etc.

But the worst part was ME!! I definitely had them too and did not know it. Tuesday night after Anthony was all cleaned up and he went to bed in his ridiculously clean bed, I went and washed my hair with that terrible medicine and Joe proceeded to comb thru my hair until 1 AM. The next night he did it again after I read all these blogs from mothers trying at-home remedies since you can't use the Rid or Nix every day (only every 7 days) so you run the risk of eggs hatching in the meantime (eewwwwwwww). So after buying **Extra Strength Denorex Shampoo with this 3% Salicyclic acid** in it, leave on for 20 minutes, rinse, squeze excess moisture and then globbing my hair in any conditioner. He then combed all little eggy nit things out again and this got a ton of them out. Get the metal combs - they are the BEST. Washing bedding so many times this week, our pillows have never been so clean. Last night I used that shampoo again and used a very hot blow dryer on my scalp to dry out anything that may still be clinging to a hair shaft and Joe checked afterwards. You have to dry the hair totally and use the highest heat on your dryer - get as close to scalp as possible. He said I am totally clean again! thank god. I will be using this shampoo for at least the next couple of weeks to prevent any outbreaks. It's like a super duper strength shampoo for very bad dandruff or dry scalp - you leave it on for like 20 minutes and your head almost becomes numb from the medicine it in but it works!

Mr Vinegar


I have three children that have been plagued with lice ever since they started school.
My wife and I have spent hours and hours under halogen light picking these things out of are kid’s hair. And a whole host of lice killing supplies lined are medicine cabinet with no real effect on these nasty parasites. They just keep coming back, WHY.

I realized one day at a teacher/parent interview why, as the kids came in they hung their coats neatly on hooks along a wall some twenty feet long, each coat over lapping another.
It was a super highway for these beasties. All traveling, from one coat to another, then to the children’s hair.

How can you win with conditions like that? When my son went to another school the problem subsided a bit, instead of getting them four times in a school year he got them twice, they hung their coat on the back of their chairs, instead of the wall. However when my daughter hit junior high they had lockers, and then I had fewer problem with her hair.

As a child I don’t ever remember having head lice, ever. I asked my sister if her three kids had head lice, she said only once or twice in there school career. I also asked her if she got head lice as a child, (I am the youngest by 12 years) she also said only once or twice and the same with the rest of my brothers and sisters, once or twice. Why, what was different from all of them and my kids. Here is the reason why I think.

After looking on this site I realized one important thing. Most home remedies suggested using mayonnaise and vinegar to kill the lice. However, when I remember my mom washing are hair she always rinsed are hair with vinegar and water, my sisters still did this, with their kids, but I never did.

So to get rid of the lice here is what I did

-2cups real mayo with ¼ cup vinegar mixed in well
-apply to hair working it in well
-cover head with shower cap for 2 hours or more
-wash out mayo
-soak hair in 1gal (4L) water mixed with 2 cups vinegar for 15 minutes
-comb out hair with nit comb remove as many nits as possible
-rinse out hair
- Clean bedding and clothes and hair brushes

Every 2 days soak hair with water and vinegar and comb with nit comb for next 12day

After 12 days rinse hair with ½ cup vinegar to 1 gal water once or twice a week

We have been lice free for a year and a half now.

Andrea (Australia)

1 x 900ml bottle of good quality moisturising conditioner.
45ml 100% pure tea tree oil


1 x 900ml bottle of good quality moisturising conditioner.
100ml 100% pure Eucalyptus oil
5ml 100% pure tea tree oil

Either recipe works just as well, I usually make up one of each, they both are prepared and used in the same way.

Empty the entire bottle of conditioner into a jug, add the oils and mix with a whisk until combined. Put back into the original conditioner bottle with a funnel (you may need to bang it on the bench to get it to slide back in if using a thick conditioner). Dont forget to wrie on your bottle so you know which is which.

Cover the hair and roots with the mix then put on a shower cap over the top. Leave the mix in for a 1/2 hour. Then wet the hair slightly and use a nit comb to remove all the eggs & dead lice.
Repeat in one week to be sure you have killed all of them.

This mix is cheap, gentle on your hair because you use a good quality conditioner and you can alternate between the two the mixes to stop resistance. And because you make so much you will always have plenty on hand.


Wow, I have tried quite a bit and we have been battling since school started (and it is now November). I actually found out that I have been using Denorex Shampoo and Suave Coconut Conditioner, and I haven't had one issue with it. This is my oldest daughters first year in public school, so I was frustrated when I got a call from the school nurse that she had come up with lice just a couple of weeks into school. As a child that was something I never had to worry about, so like most parents, I spent lots of time and money on anything I could do to get rid of it. We tried Rid and LiceFree (and of those two LiceFree was the best, but still didn't do the trick). I even spent at least once or twice a day nit picking EVERYDAY for two weeks, and they still came back. I finally got tired of spending money, so I tried the home remedies. I first tried the oil, but I had to use vegatable oil because that was all we had. That just made a mess. So then I decided to try the Denorex, and WOW, I was amazed at how well that work. My daughters hair is thick but fine, so she has to have a seperate conditioner (even if the shampoo is a 2 in 1), so I got the Suave Coconut Conditioner. I used it one night, used a metal nit comb, then didn't get a chance to repeat again until two days later. I repeated again, with washing her hair and using the nit comb, and we haven't had an issue since. What is funny is that we have three other kids in the house (one more girl and two boys, and the girls share a room) and the other girl didn't get it. So now we have been lice free for about three weeks now, and every time I give her a shower, I make sure I still wash her hair with the Denorex and Suave just as maintainence to make sure she doesn't get it again.

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