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Flat Iron the Hair!
First Day:NIX treatment to kill all the live bugs, then picked any eggs I could see (very difficult in blonde hair)
Second Day: Flat ironed my son's hair (he has long hair) at the highest setting. Any eggs that I could not see, and there was a lot, would pop when the iron went over them. High setting and iron will be amazed. I still picked them out just in case they didn't fry, but it located them all for me. This was key...killing all the eggs!
That evening, I slathered Olive oil w/ tea tree oil on his hair and made him soak in it for about 4 hours in attempt to suffocate any live bugs that NIX may not have killed since there are so many drug resistant bugs now.
Day 3-7: Looked daily for eggs and nits...found NOTHING! The Flat Iron was the miracle. Spend time and effort on this one step and it will save you weeks of agony.
Day 8: Did the 2nd NIX treatment simply as a precaution.
This is the second time my son has had lice and this is time is was easy (versus the first time that took me 6 weeks)


I usually don't post on these kind of forums but had to come back after our success with coconut oil in treating head lice. Many people seem discouraged here or have battled lice for a long time, so I want to say that there is hope! And no need to put nasty chemicals on your head to get rid of them. I had nits in my hair after working at a summer camp for a week, and here was our treatment plan:

1. Poured 1 bottle of apple cider vinegar on hair, then blow dried it (helps nits to come our easily when you comb later, and heat treatment can help kill adults).
2. Poured an entire jar of coconut oil (with a few drops of tea tree oil) on hair.
3. Tied oily hair up and covered it with a SWIM CAP (the swim cap is very snug on the head and worked great. Recommend the silicone kind). Cover swim cap in a scarf to catch inevitable oil leaks.
4. Kept this on overnight, for 8-10 hours.
5. Applied A LOT of shampoo to head (I used tea tree shampoo) and let it sit 30 minutes.
6. Rinsed out shampoo, and combed through hair with a nit comb. My husband went through hair very strategically looking for nits. The first day we did this, I had about 25 nits, but no lice to be seen. I am assuming they DIED with the oil treatment and washed out in the shower.
7. Repeat coconut oil treatment every 3-4 days for 2 weeks. Have someone else search head for nits DAILY. Though we found a few nits on the first few days after the treatment, since then there have been NONE. That was 2 weeks ago.
8. Don't forget to wash all sheets, towels, pillows, clothing, and quarantine anything that is suspect for at least 2 weeks.

**Also, for those of you who have had head lice for months or years, make sure you know what a nit looks like! I 'thought' I had head lice in high school for months, only to discover that the dandruff and hair follicles I thought were nits were not. Nits are grayish/brown, perfectly tear drop shaped, stuck to the hair follicle, and very shiny in the sun. ***

Good luck! Hope this easy, natural, and relatively inexpensive treatment plan works for you and that you are soon lice free!

With coconut oil, HEAD LICE = DEAD LICE.


This is not a remedy, but I will tell you how I think I got head lice - in the movie theater! It is the only place where I put my head that another person probably put their head. I scrunched down in the seat and leaned my head back on the back of the seat. Bad idea. Movie theaters are nice, warm, dark places where head lice can pass from person to person. So, WATCH OUT THAT YOU AND/OR YOUR KIDS DO NOT LEAN BACK where someone with head lice has placed their head!


My story is a VERY long one, so I won't lay out all the details. It spans about 13 months, although the word 'lice' did not even enter my mind until I was about 8 months into the situation. When it was all over I must have spent about $1,200 dollars on prescription drugs, doctors/dermatologist appointments, and home remedies. During the last 3 weeks with the 'problem' I spent about 5 hours per day dealing with the apparent head lice problem. I finally got so fed-up and discouraged that I went to a head-lice-removal salon, even though I had to drive about 90 miles to get there. Much to my surprise the salon did not find ANY head lice on me! When I described to them all that I had been through over a very long period of time, I was told that the symptoms that I had early on could NOT have been caused by head lice. A few days after visiting the head-lice-removal salon when I saw my dermatologist for about the 4th time concerning my 'head lice problem', and I told her what happened at the head-lice-removal salon, we both came to the conclusion that I probably NEVER had head lice! It probably all started with a case of scalp eczema. Then somebody, who was trying to be helpful, suggested that I might have lice. After researching lice on the Internet it seemed to me that that is what I had. All the symptoms seemed to fit perfectly. From then on I saw everything and analyzed everything through the lens/belief that I DID have head lice. However, in reality I probably had some scalp eczema at first. That probably healed but then I was scrapping with the nit comb, and later with a dog comb, dandruff onto my shoulders. This was mistaken for head lice. The bottom line is, if you have not dealt with head lice before, don't assume that you have it. Put some samples of what you comb out of your hair in a clear baggie and take that to a dermatologist and insist that those scalp samples be examined by him/her under a microscope or by a lab. In lieu of seeing a dermatologist, if you are fortunate enough to have a head-lice-removal salon nearby, visit one. You could be saving yourself a LOT of time, money, worry, and stress. I wish that I had taken one of these two actions a LLOOOOONG time ago! Thank God that there are people who are willing to work in a head-lice-removal salon!


Items Needed:
Spray Bottle
White Vinegar
Shower Cap

My children had to spend every other week at their father's house and every time they came home they had lice. I tried many different things and I finally found one that works for all three of my girls and they each have a different hair type. Put mouthwash in a spray bottle, soak hair in it. Put a shower cap on and leave it sit for at least an hour. Rinse mouthwash out of hair and shampoo with Suave Coconut shampoo and conditioner. Scrub scalp very good with the shampoo, rinse out. You can actually see these nasty bugs come right out of the hair, dead. After the hair is rinsed, blow dry it just as an extra precaution. After this process, put white vinegar in a spray bottle and soak hair with vinegar. Let sit for at least an hour and a half - the longer the better- with a shower cap on. After time is up scrub head again with shampoo and conditioner. Blow dry hair and straighten if possible. The vinegar dissolves the nits and the glue that holds them on. Anything that is left on the hair is flat and dead. Repeat this process one week later just to make sure. Also, wash all bedding and pillows. Make sure to either dispose of your brushes and hair things or boil them to make sure any bugs are off. I hope this helps!! These things can be very bothersome and quite a pain to get rid of. This has worked for me so I hope this helps someone!!!!


I am definitely going to try the mouthwash remedy! However, I have yet to see anyone mention dying you hair.... Not a good option for younger kids, I typically go with a type of hair dye that needs to stay in a little longer. Bleaching it (going lighter) isn't great for your hair but it got me rid of lice and the nits!


My two daughters caught head lice about six months ago and we tried everything from shampoos to special combs.But the thing that seemed to work best was the following:
Soak hair in brown/yellow colored mouthwash, put up in a shower cap, and leave in for about 1-2 hours. The mouthwash dissolves the lice & eggs. Once the time is up, rinse out completely then soak hair in white vinegar, this loosens the adhesive that makes the nits (lice eggs) stick to hair. Wash out with shampoo and conditioner. Blow dry hair and comb it out. We then used a straightening iron and straightened the hair. Once you've done this, you might want to double check the head for any lice let eggs. They'll most likely be dead,but if you see any comb or pull off the head. Also, be sure to wash all bedding in the rooms of the person(s) who got lice.
Remember, lice has nothing to do with being unclean so don't blame yourself. It's just unfortunate occurrence that can turn into an infestation. I hope this helps you! Best of luck! :)


Shaved my head bald and they magically disappeared


Saturate hair and scalp completely with a mixture of equal parts olive oil and neem seed oil. Wrap head in film wrap and an old towel. Leave on for as long as you can bear it (at least an hour, but preferably overnight.)Then comb through and wash with shampoo. Dry with hair dryer as hot as you can stand (you can also use straighteners if you like) After that wash hair at least every other day with your normal shampoo mixed with a few drops of neem oil in the palm of your hand. After ten days repeat the olive oil/neem treatment to make sure that any eggs that might have hatched are taken care of. Adding neem oil to your shampoo a couple of times a week will also help repel the little buggers and stop them coming back!


The following is how I finally rid my house of lice after years of fighting it.
In 2003 my children caught head lice. We tried every single remedy. It never went away. We used the shampoos, picked nuts, vacuumed, cleaned beds toys etc. We resorted to crazy ideas such as flea shampoo, pine sol, kerosene and mayonnaise. We did it all. We did all we were supposed to and even things we weren't. We used tea tree oil on a daily basis along with combing and picking. There were hundreds and hundreds in their hair no matter what we did. After 10 years I resigned myself to this was just the way it was. I gave up. We literally dealt with this constantly for ten years. It wasn't like they caught we cured it and they caught it again. It never went away. I watched my five year old sleeping one night. She scratched almost all night in her sleep. She had this all her life. I became angry. I had enough. I wanted her to have peace. I wanted them to sleep one night peacefully. I I couldn't take anymore.
I read in the bible how they used to annoint people with oil and pray for healing. So the next morning I took olive oil. I warmed it in the microwave a touch. I put it in a spray bottle. I then took two of the girls and sprayed their hair with the oil. While doing this I prayed for them to be healed. The next morning I saw nothing on their pillows but I believed they were healed. I put them in the tub. I washed and conditioned their hair with shampoo and conditioner. I saw nothing falling out. I still believed though. As I rinsed their hair I prayed the water would be blessed and would rinse out anything that didnt belong. I saw nothing come out. I got them out and went on with life as usual. A few days later I realized no was was scratching. I took one if the girls who had literally thousands of nits and there were none. Not a single nit. I checked the younger girl. Absolutely not a single nit. It had completely disappeared. There was not a bit of anything. You may say well I guess the oil worked. Well the amazing part is that it was completely gone from the other two children and myself. I had not placed the oil on myself or my son. Yet it completely disappeared from my home. There is not a shred of untruth or exaggeration in my story. All I know is I fought it for ten years and now it's gone. My children couldn't even attend school. But it is gone. You can believe or not but this is my story.

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