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Mommy of two

Ok, here is my rememdy. and i know that some of you will look and think to yourselves, NO WAY, but remember that this is the active ingredient in Listerine! simply, rubbing alcohol! i grew up in foster care and different homes, with a variety of families and ta-da head lice infestations. i could never get rid of them, until, i went into a pentecostal home. true pentecostal, as in, they all had hair to their knees. so, as soon as i got there, and the foster mother saw the little buggers in my hair, she bent me over the bath tub, dumped the alcohol over my head, washed, repeated, washed shampooed, combed. and did it again every 3 days for the next 10 days. and i never got head lice again. it's so simple and cheaper and more effective than listerine. and keep in mind, that spending unnecessary money on sprays and trips to the laundromat for all of your bedding is not neccessary. a louse can only live off of the human host for about 24 hrs. so home infestation is nothing to worry yourself about. i really hope this helps someone.

and please, to anyone who doesn't already, i know it's embarassing, trust me, i know, but please inform the parents of other children who have been around your child at the time they were infested. it is so much easier to rid your child of one bug and maybe a few nits than to rid them of an entire infestation.


Go to Walmart and buy De-Solv it or Goo Gone Citrus.This disolves the nits and brush them out with a metal pet type flea like magic.
Also spray full strength Listerine on hair.(that is another solution)
Make sure you rinse the Goo-gone off in about ten minutes after you brush out the nits and dont get too much on the kids ears or it may irritate a little bit.This stuff disolves the nits and it is awesome.Then rinse out the greasy stuff with coconut shampoo.


Head lice- spray once a day with tea tree oil, a good quality one is more effective, + ordrinary tap water in a spray botle, use at least 20- 30 drops+ spray the hair + comb through. Allow to dry, also leaves behind a lovely shine.


My 13 year old son who has long hair recently had a lice infestation I found that by using a homemade concauction engineered by me...LOL....was the best method. I simply used three easy to find products available at any grocery store, and a spray bottle. using a 16 ounce spray bottle i mixed 2 tablespoons of 100% pure tea tree oil, 6 ounces of tea tree oil enhanced conditioner, and 10 ounces of vinegar. be sure to leave enough room in the spray bottle to shake vigorously until the conditioner has completely dissolved. Liberally spray mixture onto the infested individuals hair being sure to work the mixture from the roots to the ends very well ensuring complete coverage. cover the head with a plastic bag or head wrap and leave on for up to one hour.comb thoroughly with a metal lice comb (the plastic combs are no good be sure to get a tight metal one)repeat the process as needed.remember to rinse the comb as often as possible i used a cup of vinegar to rinse mine. The vinegar seems to break down the glue used by the louse to adhere the nits to the hair, making them easy to remove, and the conditioner helps in the removal process. I did this procedure twice with 100% success my wife was ecstatic because she has done this before with the store bought remedies and mine seemed to work much easier!!!! you can also mix another spray bottle with the same directions, but leave out the conditioner,for spraying the bedding areas. The tea tree oil is a natural deterrent to the louse and will keep them from returning.


my little cousin got lice from school. We used over the counter products, mayo, vinegar, even gasoline. nothing worked we got it back.. but then one day we used Germ-X as an experiment, It worked we dumped Germ-x on her head while it was dry, and let it sit then rinsed it out and starting combing it with a lice comb. It doesnt kill eggs but it does kill the bugs. We also used lysol to spray down funiture and stuff


my sister used to suffer from head and i was scared too becoz they r contagious. someone told me to use tea tree oil shampoo, me and my sister tried it n finally got rid of it.i think this remedy will help who r suffering from head lices.


I read many of these home remedies and have to admit that diligence is the best policy. But I must have done something wrong when my children had head lice. I did home remedies and over the counter shampoos. My children would be allowed back to school for a few days or weeks and more nits would be found again. A nurse told me about a doctor prescribing worming pills for head lice. My children and I took the pill once and never again had head lice. The pill prevents the lice from laying eggs. Pulling the nits out still has to happen in order for the children to go back to school and to prevent infestation in others. It was nice to have a nightmare over and I highly recommending asking a doctor for this pill.

Vickie TN

AVON'S SKIN-SO-SOFT BATH OIL leave on overnight.wash out w/dish soap.ALL the nits I removed were dried up and dead!!!! this is the wonder cure 4me

Tina Nichols

Items needed:
RID Fine Toothed Metal Comb (Walmart)
RID Bedding Spray (Walmart)
Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Foggers (Walmart)
Early Morning Breeze Lysol (Walmart)
Lysol Neutra Air Timed Spray (Walmart)
Thin disposable gloves (Walmart)
Can Of Coconut Milk (Walmart)
Mint Listerine (Walmart)
Dawn Original Dish-washing Liquid (Walmart)
Tea Tree Oil (Walmart)
Eucalyptus Oil (Walmart)
Peppermint Oil (Walmart)
Organix Coconut Milk And Tea Tree Products (Walmart)
Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Oil Shampoo (Walmart Beauty Shop)
Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Oil Conditioner (Walmart Beauty Shop)
Coconut Oil Capsules (GNC)
Lice Guard Robi Comb (Walgreen's)
White Vinegar (Dollar Tree)
Plastic Caps (Dollar Tree)
Coconut Shampoo (Dollar Tree)
Coconut Conditioner (Dollar Tree)
Starbucks Coffee Of Choice (Starbucks)
My 13 year old daughter (with thick long hair) kept coming home from Middle School with Lice. To my surprise, it's not mandatory for the Nurse to do Lice checks, or even send out notes to inform parents anonymously. Do you know that the after the nits hatch, it takes 3-4 days for these discusting things to reach sexual maturity and breed. I've tried everything but, nothing worked better than this! Come on Moms, put on your Gloves, grab your Starbucks Coffee, get into the ring, and let's do this!!! DAY ONE - saturate head with Mint Listerine - cover with a plastic cap for 2 hours (this kills the Lice), rinse, saturate head with White Vinegar - cover with a plastic cap for 1 hour (this will loosen the nits glue), rinse, palm full of Original Dawn Soap, rinse, and comb through with a Fine Toothed Metal Comb. This whole process is long, but very effective and worth your time. My daughter said it itched at first, tingled, and then felt a relaxing cool. DAY TWO - Lice hate coconut so, I got shampoo and conditioner containing it, and added 2 Tablespoons in each bottle of Tea Tree Oil (mixed well). I also have Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner that I get my daughter to wash with daily. When her hair is completely dry, Go through hair with Lice Guard Robi Comb, and with it's AA battery it electrocutes the Lice on contact. You can use this daily, safe on children, and you can buy it at Walgreen's for $30.00. Spray all of your things with Lysol and Bedding Spray. Girl's don't forget your bras, cars, cell phones, I Pods, MP3s, X Box 360 Head Gear, gym clothes, shoes, backpacks, toys, and all of your hanging clothes in your closet. Boil brushes on medium heat for about 15-20 minutes, add water, and Early Morning Breeze Lysol in a can (about 2 caps full), repeat after brushing your hair each time. Set off Foggers (Raid Concentrated Deep Reach) in an orange box, throughout your house. I also put a Lysol Neutra Air timed spray, set for every 30 minutes in her room on her dresser. DAY THREE -From GNC get Coconut Oil Capsules for about $14.00. Break open about 5-6 Capsules, and pour on the scalp at the roots, and massage in. With a Fine Toothed Metal Comb, start combing out the nits, and leave it in. Saturate head with a can of Coconut Milk - cover with a plastic cap for 1 hour (this will smother the nits, while conditioning your hair in the process). Wash out with your Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner, a couple of times. You can go through it again with the Robi Comb after the hair is completely dry. It took me 1 day total to get rid of them this way for the Lice, and 4 more days for the microscopic nits . At Walmart you can also purchase Organix Coconut Milk and Tea Tree products. Lice also hate eucalyptus, and peppermint oil. You can choose your scent for that day, put 1 dab behind each ear, and back of the neck. I have an In-Home Daycare, and it's good to know that we won the battle!!! Good Luck to everyone, and a special thanks to Moms everywhere.
God Bless You,
Tina Nichols


live in a remote area and had 4 girls staying over for a weekend. they brought 'extra uninvited guests'
opened this site and first hit the washed but dry hair with the generic listerine (leaving it on for half an hour). that cleared house in re to the hatched mess but still had the eggs.
did not have mayo or the dandruff shampoo with salycic acid so i
improvised and used a generic acne face gel wash mixed half and half with a gentle shampoo and let sit for a half hour (the face wash was under 5 dollars a bottle with a much higher concentration of acid so, figure i saved some money by not buying the shampoo).
took a quarter cup of coconut oil, warmed it on the stove and added the following essential oils:
10 drops peppermint
10 drops tea tree
15 drops rosemary
5 drops cinnamin
massaged into scalps, let sit on scalp a half hour before combing through pretty clear hair.
am setting them up at their homes with moms and the next time they come over, will be calling it beauty night and have everything ready just in case.

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