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My brothers kids keep giving me head lice and I get rid of them just by combing a metal nit comb in my hair as soon as they have gone home. I then recomb it before I go to bed and once again when I get up. I've caught them a number of times from the kids but never have them for long by doing this. When the kids stay with me for a few days I do this 3 times daily to their hair and greatly reduce their lice. The only reason they still have them is their mother and father do not keep up the treatment.

tina b

To my outrage,two weeks ago I discovered my 3 daughters had head lice. I found several large adult louse and tons of nits, I was hysterical needless to say. We started with a lice shampoo and I continued to find live lice for the next several days so I began searching for another option to rid our family of these disguisting pests. I decided to try olive oil and tea tree oil combined. I fully saturated my girls head with the mixture and had them sleep with it on their heads wearing a disposable shower cap on top to prevent anything from escaping and so the oil wouldn't get all over everything. I continued to do this for several days while washing all linens,vaccuuming,and misting a tea tree/water mix all over everything along with nit combing daily. While it was very time comsuming and maybe a bit obsessive, we overcame this infestation with flying colors! The first thing is to try your best not to become hysterical(though I was) it just upsets your child. My husband and I did not get lice, thank God. Its has now been a few weeks and we remain lice free and all the nits are gone. By using the oil regularly I belive we were able to make sure that all the nits died and were easily removed. Put 12 to 14 drops of tea tree oil in about 3ounces of a carrier oil..Olive oil worked best for us because my girls have long hair and it was easily removed with regular shampoo. I continue to mist my daughters hair daily to prevent reinfestation..apparently they don't like the smell. Im telling you after my countless hours researching home remedies and any available options this worked. I was very skeptical as Im sure most people are before they try something like this but I gaurantee it will work as long as your vidualant about the nit picking which I belive is most important. Do it daily for the first week and atleast every other day for the second til you see no more nits and don't forget to repeat you treatment 7to10 days after the first..They'll be gone. You'll get through this,just don't give up!


Okay, I tried several combonations of home remedies that I have seen on this site, and....MY HAIR FELL OUT!!! Just kidding!!! I am a mother of 4 small children and have been through 3 weeks of hell. After struggling to become 'LICE, KNIT, BUGGER...and so on....FREE, I now want to share with you the true remedy. Yes, the oils are of the essence. Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Salt and Dish Washing Detergent DID IT!!! This was not only the most effective, it was the easiest way to treat. I took 4 empty medium size bottles, such as a normal size shampoo bottle. I put half of the bottle with dish washing detergent, 10 drops of tea tree oil, 10 drops of peppermint oil and 3 Tablespoons of salt per bottle. All of us used this shampoo in the shower or bath. We would keep on for approx. 5 minutes or so as we would bathe. Rinse and use a COCONUT SHAMPOO AND/OR CONDITIONER!!! This combonation did the job. No lice, no knits, no babies, it was wonderful. We did this every night for roughly a week and actually were pretty convinced that they were gone after the first treatment. We would comb all hair in sections after every treatment as well. And YES, the aluminum combs do make a difference and are less time consuming, but should you only have the plastic combs, make sure you double or tripple comb the hair - - in sections.
Good Luck to you!!! I know this will ease your mind and frustration!!

M & S's Proud Mom

Just a note to those of you upset about the hygiene factor...Lice have an easier time holding on to CLEAN hair rather than those whose hair is not well taken care of. If you think about it, if you've gone a day or two without washing your hair, besides feeling yucky, your hair is usually getting oily-looking. These oils make it harder for the lice to grab.
The stigma about lice only being found on people that don't take care of themselves needs to be addressed. It can happen to anyone, and clean hair makes it worse. When my kids have come home with lice, my sister tells me that's what I get for sending my kids to school with clean hair! :-) A friend told her, which I plan to try once I get rid of the latest infestation, to douse kids hair with gels, mousse, and/or hair spray. I would think this would make the hair easier to hold on to, but she has 3 children that have never had lice, so I'm willing to try it! Plus, I am going to make it a habit to start blow-drying both of them when they get out of the shower. I've heard they can't survive the heat.
Plan on trying the listerine/vinegar treatment in a bit. Haven't been able to get rid of lice after 3 weeks. Now my other child has them. We tried the peroxide the other day, but my son keeping a shower cap on and not letting his sister see him was a chore, so we will all wrap out heads tonight and no one can make fun of anyone else!
Good luck, everyone!


I'm battling these little buggers. Someone told me that Lysol was good to use. I contacted the Lysol Co. and asked if any of their sprays or if the concentrate would kill the bugs or the eggs and they came back and said that none of their products will kill them and to be VERY careful about using the concentrate! I think I have had more success with putting Tea Tree Oil first and then lots of Vaseline on my hair, wrap it in saran wrap or something similar for it to be very tight, Leave that on for at least 1 hour. I then use the nit comb, then shampoo with the Dawn dish soap. Then the final rinse is vinegar and let it dry on my hair. Vinegar is good for your hair anyway, it provides the PH balance. It's been 3 weeks trying stuff and so far this combination has helped me more. JB


my family has have head lice since they were in middle school we tried every thing even prescibed meds for lice the only thing we found that works is putting olove oil in your hir wrapping it up and waiting for 8 hours then wash wiht dawn dish soap and head and shoulders thn comb out they lice and eggs just fall out. also orginal listenerne mouth wash wrap your hair wait 2 hours then risne out then add vingear wrap aigain and then wait one hour rise that and wash with dawn dish soupp and head and shoulders . the lice dies and comes out in the shower and the eggs come out with a good metal comb hopes this helps some one


My daughter, age 2, just came down with head lice, for the second time in 3 months. I chose to use Nix on her as treatment, but my friend gave me a helpful hint. After rinsing out whatever treatment you find most helpful, shampoo as usual, I've heard it's best to use coconut shampoo and conditioner, so I'm trying that now. After rinsing the shampoo, put the conditioner on, and comb with the nit/lice comb while the conditioner is still on. The lice and nits comb right out. I thought it'd be hard to tell where the nits were with the conditioner on the comb, but it was surprisingly easy. I found 5 nits and 2 (dead) lice. Before I treated her, I combed through her hair and found only 1 nit. Using the conditioner helped greatly. I think the nits and the lice don't have anything to cling to when the hair is so slick from the conditiner. Hope this helps!!


hi, i have read all the remedies. for over 2 years my 9 year has had headlice,i have tried all over counter remedies with no after reading your responses i have tried the mayonnaise and vinegar for my own hair ,it has worked excellent.i am not 2 daughters are trying the listerine ,i will report how this has gone,i am from australia and it was good to see this website was available.

Tom McDoanld

Suave Orange Mango Smoothers, shampoo for kids.
Orange bottle, green lid.

use nit comb while shampoo is in hair.
Nits will rince out of your hair.
3 grand daughters, 3 years and a lot of time and money to get rid of these things and all it took was a bottle of Suave Orang Mango shampoo for less than two dollars.

Tom McDonald
Oklahoma City, OK

Tom McDonald

'Suave Smoothers, Orange Mango' Shampoo. Right now it is in an orange bottle with a green lid.
This Shampoo for kids can be found in most department stores for around $2.00 a bottle.
Shampoo hair in tub or shower, run the net comb thru the hair while hair is still wet with shampoo in it.
This $2.00 bottle of Shampoo will get rid of the nit glue and the nits, eggs will slide off with the nit comb.

All I know is that it works. I could tell you all the money and time we have put into getting rid of head lice but you know that story all to well.
All I can say is that it WORKS!!!

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