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L Arquette

Lice treatment.....this is what I have done with my daughter and our first experince with head lice....which has been a night mare....short lived nightmare, but a nightmare none the less.

I tried the nix shampoo which I now believe is a joke. 2 days after treating her with THAT shampoo and obsessively combing out the nits with the Licemeister (highly preferred), I saturated her hair with real Mayo and 15 drops of tea tree oil. I then wrapped her head with Saran wrap and put a shower cap over it. She sat like that for 3 hours. After this I shampooed her hair with regular shampoo, but added coconut extract to it and scrubbed her hair, washed it out and combed out more nits than I anticipated. Combing in multiple directions on the head also helps with removing nits and getting the ones that may slip through otherwise. After all of this....I put about 15 drops of tea tree oil in my hands and raked it through her hair and kept it on. Be care when using tea tree oil and do not use a lot.....take the age and size of your child into consideration (I used 15 drops for my child, but that may be too much for yours...I would not do more than 15). It can be skin irritating and actually cause chemical burns and is also liver toxic when used in an inappropriate way or amount.

Now this morning (10/24/10...Mayo treatment done yesterday), we got up and I combed her hair with the nit comb and found three dead ones....that is it!!!!! I don't want to do the happy dance quite yet, and I will continuely check her hair for the next couple weeks....but so far I am inpressed with the results. Hope this works for you....GOOD LUCK and stay deligent with these little critters....that is the key. Also keep washing those linens even if you think you are out of the woods. Better safe than sorry...RIGHT?


Years ago (1970's) , when lice were found in school grade children and school told us what product to buy, One by one we had to remove lice. I decided to just give my daughter (8yrs old) a hair perm. It killed the lice and my daughter had a nice wave to her hair.


My daughter goes to daycare and for all of you that have children know that once one child gets it, they all have it!! Anyways, I battled the head lice on my daughter for about a month. I done the Nix treatment over the counter and then finally doing a prescription treatment twice. Worked really well along with washing everything that would fit into the washer! I found some lice in my hair one evening and I just went into the bathroom and grabbed the alcohol bottle that was purchased at my local drug store and I poured it into a bowl and used the lice comb and combed just the alcohol through my hair then dipping the comb back into the bowl. This really worked for me. I could see all the lice in the bowl that I had combed out. I left the alcohol that I combed through in my hair. I will try this again if I ever need too. Just a warning if you have had head lice for a while I'm sure the alcohol would burn any sores that might be present on the scalp, and secondly, I wouldn't suggest smoking after you have combed the alcohol through your hair! Just a thought. I hope I could help someone!


(best for girls because of long hair) Use hair straightening irons. Completely chemical free, the hair straighteners are so hot that they not only kill the lice but also the eggs. I'd suggest straightening hair daily for 2 weeks, though im sure its not necessary to do it that frequently - I just find it difficult to sleep knowing there are lice in my house!

I taught my sons to keep their heads away from other children. I told them that head to head contact is how lice are transfered from one child to another, they have not had lice in 3 years.


Use some flee and tick shampoo for dogs. My daughter had them and this is what my sister told me to do. Just wash the hair in the shampoo, let it sit for a few minutes and rinse. It may sound stupid but it worked for me.

Wendy D.

Me and my daughter have been suffering from head lice for over 5 weeks, We tried everything, nix, rid, Ulsefia shampoo(prescription medication). I even took a prescription oral medication. We tried mayo, listerine, tee tree oil, olive oil. I bought many different types of lice combs. I came across a woman in brooklyn NY who removes the lice and the nits. She is a little expensive, but to get rid of them is priceless. She put panteene conditioner and lots of it in my daughters hair. She used a very good metal nit comb, and she just kept combing and combing, she then put on more conditioner and she put on baking soda mixed it together into the head. She keep combing and combing and wiping it on a paper towel. She even pointed out the nits, what they looked like. She did this for a good hr, luckly my daughter only had 5 nits and no bugs. She then washed and dried her hair to recheck her hair to see if she saw anything. And she didn't. I know it is easier said than done, put she really made me feel so much better. She also said as a deterant from getting them back to put 1 pea sized drop of garlic extract in her hair everyday so they dont come back. The garlic only smells when you first put it on then the smell goes away. I hope this could help someone else with this problem, I have suffered and don't want any one else to suffer any more. She also said to replace all the sleeping pillows, and just wash the linens. Put non washable items in the freezer for a day or two. And boil the hairbrushes and all the hair clips that are used. She has been in business for over 25yrs.


my niece has been coming over and everytime she does she has lice now i have tried everything from headlice medicines and vinegar and mayo and dish detergent and now im using rubbing alcohol i hope this works...


My daughter brought lice home from camp. I used Rid and was still finding live lice on her head. I am currently using listerine and white vinegar on our hair.(after using the listerine we only found dead lice.) Then I had an epiphany... FLAT IRON!!!! So now I am using that on our heads once a day. So far so good!!


hi! my kids had lice for the first time 2 years ago, i cut my 9 yr old sons hair really short and i saturate my daughters hair w/any thick (cheap) conditioner, cover and leave on overnight - works great!! voila - no more live lice - still have to comb but her hair is soooo soft! hope this helps! and please remember, anyone (including parents) can get them. God bless!


I have read all the remmedies here for head lice treatments. I will definately try a few of these out. However, I have not read anywhere on here remedies for the home?? I have washed, suffucated those little buggers. I have gone as far as actually putting the furniture OUTSIDE for days!! I am fed up! Are there any remedies for carpets, furniture etc that you know of? That spray at the store is HIGH as a kites tail and it really just DOES NOT work! Any ideas??

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