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To the nut that is putting insect repellant on your kids heads and then covering their heads for hours;
read below what you are doing to your kids.

Best to use natural products

Effects on healthAs a precaution, manufacturers advise that DEET products should not be used under clothing or on damaged skin, and that preparations be washed off after they are no longer needed or between applications. DEET can act as an irritant and may cause skin reactiions
In the DEET Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED), the United States Environmental Protection AgencyĆ½ (EPA) reported 14 to 46 cases of potential DEET-associated seizures, including 4 deaths. The EPA states: '... it does appear that some cases are likely related to DEET toxicity,'

The Pesticide Information Project of Cooperative Extension Offices of Cornell University states that 'Everglades National Park employees having extensive DEET exposure were more likely to have insomnia, mood disturbances and impaired cognitive function than were lesser exposed co-workers'


When one of my relatives accidently brought home lice, everyone started checking one another. Of all of us, only the one who used Head and Shoulders didn't have any. After we used it, we didn't have any either.

I've read that lavender is an insect repellant and bug killer and figure if it works for fleas, it ought to work for lice as well.
Personal experience has shown me it does PREVENT you from getting lice. While I used lavender shampoo all the times my roomie's kids got lice, I never did.


My grandmother used multiple remedies when I got lice. The most effective ones were washing my hair normally and then applying white vinegar. After leaving it on for a minute or two, she rinsed it out.

Her second remedy was used in conjunction with RID. If you didn't know, RID dries your scalp so applying mineral oil afterwards and rinsing it out, not only sufficates the nits but also returns the moisture striped from your scalp.


ok, I have spent the last three hrs reading all the remedies, my daughter caught these nasty buggers from her cousins last weeks, they have had an infestation for four weeks now, when she got them i treated the whole family 4 of us, with rid, sprayed the house and threw every pillow away, with seven bags of stuffed animals in our garage, mayonased over night, combed combed combed, i have checked her hair many times but nothing, as for me I have no licee, but many nits, so here I lay with Listerine on my head overnight, and gonna dose my head with vineger, then denorex, and coconut shampoo,wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaa!


after several months of ongoing infestation and hundreds of dollars i decided to spray both my kids hair with personal insect repellant and cover their heads with a shower cap for about half an hour..ignoring all the complaints.... (airoguard odourless,about $4.00 from the supermarket) it killed all the lice and combined with the nit combe...voila!
repeat two times a week for a few weeks just to make does'nt hurt to spary the hair daily either, it is semi odourless after all.


my daughter always gets head lice and nits from school. we play a lot and sleep together so i easily catch them. i tried using comb but it does not remove everything. i still have to do it manually (divide the hair section by section to look for lice and nits) which is really time-consuming and tiring. we also used a local brand shampoo which attracted them more. i tried to use lice shampoo which really killed all of them but our hair begun falling and made some strands gray/white. when i looked into the ingredient, it does have a pesticide.

i started using nit-nurse shampoo and because it's natural, we did not have falling hair and hair color change. Also, I tie my daughter's hair into a bun or braid so she won't easily have another episode of infestation.


head lice oh boy ive had it many times from my neices they would get it i would babysit then notice the unbareble itch i have natrualy curly long hair i just used baby oil and i flat iorn my hair every day and spray my hair with a little baby oil and i havent had lice for about 2 years now


My daughter and I just got through a head lice episode. Our very first, probably not the last! I came to this sight and tried all sorts of things. The mayo thing, Rid Shampoo, and tea tree shampoo did not work for us. However, drenching our hair with listerine and keeping it on with a shower cap for 1-2 hours, then washing with Suave coconut shampoo and conditioner, leaving the conditioner on with a fresh showercap for 2-3 hours and some heavy duty combing with the Rid comb seemed to do the trick! I also blow dried our hair with a metal backed hair brush (goody makes them). The hair dryer heats the brush up and lice don't like heat! Just for extra precaution I flat ironed our hair too. I also used a Robi Comb when we first realized we had them! Its a bit pricey, but works wonders with the big ones!


All right, all you mommies, it's that time of year again. Your child returns to school and brings a few unwanted guests to the holiday party! Head lice! The thought makes me cringe. Especially since they like me best. I've had lice twice on my adult life, and both times they bypassed my daughter's hair and decided to settle in on my head. I think it's because she uses coconut shampoo every day, and they hate the smell. Anyway, this is what I did to get rid of my little problem-

You will need:
1 bottle extra strength Denorex
1 bottle suave coconut conditioner
1 licefreeee spray with metal comb
yellow bottle of listerine
any kind of vinegar
coconut or olive oil
neem oil or teatree oil
blow drier or flatiron
shower caps
Lysol spray

So this sound like overkill, but if you've dealt with this problem you know, it's WAR! This will cost about as much as the RID 123, except it actually works. Before this I tried the RID, Nix, cetaphil, oil, vinegar, mayo, neem oil (worked the best- if you can get some add it to the coconut oil) Here's what you do: Saturate dry hair in the listerine first, make sure to put a towel over eyes because it burns but feels kinda good too. Put in a shower cap and leave on for 2 hours. Then comb out with the nit comb and rinse. Wipe the comb on a white towel or rinse after every stroke so you're not putting lice back in the hair. Then same thing with the vinegar, 2 hours with the shower cap. This loosens the nits. Comb again. You don't have to rinse out the vinegar though. Just put the oil on over the vinegar and go to bed. Make sure the hair is good and saturated. If you use teatree oil, use 15 drops only, as it can burn when applied full strength. It's best to work in sections. Also put a towel over your pillow to avoid a mess. Whatever wasn't killed by the listerine will be smothered. In the morning, comb hair again before washing with the Denorex and using the conditioner. You can also comb in the shower, using alot of conditioner. Then do your hair, flatiron every piece as close to the scalp as possible, killing all invisible tiny nits. Then apply licefreee to dry hair as directed. It smells like anise (licorice) but works well. This step may or may not be necessary, but it was the only thing that gave me relief from the one or two super guys I still had running around on my head. Some of those little buggers are hard to kill! You can let the licefreee air dry and wear it in your hair during the day. You can also wear gel or hairspray and pull hair back to avoid spreading this to others. Repeat treatment in 8 days to get any newly hatched guys that you missed the first time. You can also use the licefreee as needed in between, and oil your hair every other night, and flatiron every day. And comb and check every day. This is really the key, as you need to break the life cycle of the louse. There will be a point when it's vulnerable, before it reaches sexual maturity and has the opportunity to lay eggs. If you can kill it then you will be free! Don't forget to clean your environment! Wash anything you've worn in the past 48 hours, wash your bedding, then pop it in the dryer every day after that for 20 mins on high. Also do your coats, hats, stuffed animals, hair bands and brushes. Hair things can be boiled, sanitized in the dishwasher or put in the freezer overnight. You don't have to spend a ton of time cleaning. Just vacuum the couches and carpet, and spray some Lysol (works better than the lice spray and it's safe!) and change the sheets. Just remember, combing is the key, make sure it's a metal one not plastic, and make sure all infested members are treated at the same time to avoid reinfesting each other. God bless and good luck!

Bambi Snyder

I have been figthing lice in my daughters for about 3 years on and off. CPS was threatening to take my children because the girls just kept getting them. I have been using perscriptions from the doctor for Rid and Ovide, Rid does not work and Ovide hurts my daughters more then the headlice. I then decided to try new things and see what they do. I tried the Tea tree oil and the schools complain about the smell. I have found the answer to all my troubles.
I tak mint mouthwash and douce their heads with it. Place a shower cap on and leave on for 1 hour. Then I heat up white vinegar for 30 to 45 seconds in the microwave and dump that on their hair with the mouthwash still in. Replace the shower cap and leave on for 1 hour. Wash it all out with a regular shampoo and then condition. Leave the conditioner in for 1 hour and then rinse out. Heat kills the eggs and the vinegar losens the glue on the eggs. When you take the shower cap off the head after using the mouth wash please wash the shower cap because the lice will be all over the inside of it.
I hope this works for you because it does for me and my daughters. If you want to prevent them from getting it again after they are clean, put three to four drops of Tea tree oil in Detangular spray and spray their hair every morning.

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