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I discovered my daughter's head lice had returned a few weeks after we used some lice medicine. I still let her go swimming in a friend's salt water pool. When she came back the lice were gone. Then I washed her hair with dog shampoo and combed it with a nit comb. I haven't seen any lice or eggs for a year. (There were no lice at my house, so I didn't have to wash pillows and all that. She got the lice originally while staying with my ex.)


Once you discover head lice it is normal to feel overwhelmed, and having these nasty little buggers live on your hair doesn't make you feel any better. I got it from cuddling with my daughter. It's been 5 days now and we have no more lice or nits, here's how (which is a combination of everything I've searched for and read, and which of course I felt made sense):
1) Do not use RID, it doesn't help. They were still there.
2) Wash and dry clean everything! We also put stuff in the freezer overnight. You only need to do this washing once, as afterwards you need to control the situation and can also use Lysol spray and/or sit on clean towels which need to be washed every day.
3) We made a mixture of yellow listerine, vinegar, dishwash soap, 5 drops of tea tree oil and coconut milk.
We put it on our head and left it there for two hours. We used clingwrap around our heads. Two important things to buy are: Suave coconut shampoo and the proper metal nit comb. This is really priceless as we tried first with a plastic nit comb which does not do even half the job. As one mom previously mentioned look online at: nitty gritty in the UK. Well, after leaving our concotion in for two hours we rinsed our heads and washed with coconut shampoo. Rinse and put in conditioner. Comb out the hair so that there are no tangles and your are ready to use your nit comb. We did this in the shower so that you can easily rinse the comb with hot water after every stroke.
We used this shampoo each morning for 5 consecutive days, left it in for 5 minutes, washed with suave coconut shampoo and used the nit comb with conditioner thereafter. At the end of the day, for 5 days, I boiled hot water, put it in a bowl, and combed through the hair while dipping the comb in hot water after each stroke. Today, we have no more nits, so no more lice. Now we keep a close eye on our hair but do use the conditioner and will comb through our hair every day for the next week. It becomes easier as you get in the routine. Also, don't forget to put you bed linen in the dryer every day for at least 20 minutes. Also wash any towel you've used once for the first week, and don;t forget to desinfect all your hair utensils! Well, good luck and I hope this helps!!


Forget everything else. The answer is simple - HAIR STRAIGHTENERS!!! I tried shop bought remedies, mayonnaise, oil, vaseline, vinegar - nothing would get rid of the little eggs. My girls and I cried many a tear in frustration when we couldn't get rid of the nits. Then I realised that we are advised to wash clothes and bedding at 60 degrees to kill the eggs. Hair tongs reach temps up to 200 degrees. You need to do it a couple of times to get rid of them all. They come out whilst washing the hair after the straightening treatment. The ones that sit close to the scalp can then be picked out easily by hand, if necessary. Please try it and spread the good word!


my daughters have had lice twice....the frst time i used a home remedy...i saturated there heads in mayo...put plastic wrap tightly around there head..then put a winter taboggan on it..they slept on the floor wth there blanket n pillow..meanwhile i was washing excessive bed sheets n blankets..n putting stuffed animals in a garbage bag to sit..the next morning i washed there hair then added vinegar...the mayo made the nits loose and the live louse had suffocated..the vinegar loosened the nits and most of them came out with the wash...dont be fooled though....u need to check everyday closely behind the ears n back of neck....good luck...its been a week today and there gone


Listerine. Sounds weird but it works miracles an helps prevent reinfestation. Just put your child in the tub and pour it on their head. It will feel really cold but just make them sit there for about 3 minutes. If your interested, remove one nit before application and another afterwards. You will see that the listerine eats away their clear bodies and kills them immediately. For maintenance, fill a spray bottle with half water and half listerine. Spritz their hair and this will act like a repellant because they don't like the mentholated smell. This is a great way to get rid of these pests without dangerous pesticides. I discovered this after my daughter had a serious infestation after a sleepover.


I have always hated sitting there for hours and pulling the eggs out by hand . So I heard about something I haven't tried yet so I thought well it don't hurt to try something new . So today I had to do my daughters hair . And I was very pleased to find out it work great . All u do is treat the hair however u normally do and after u wash it out towel dry hair where it is still damp then put enough olive oil to coat all the hair put a shower cap on it so it don't leak all over . Leave in hair for an hour then using a lice comb , comb the hair taking about a inch at a time and the eggs come right out with no problems at all then wash hair a few time with regular shampoo until oil is out of hair then follow with a daily lice preventative spray to keep them away. This might sound like a lot but it's really easier then everything I've tried before .


The most cost effective, non toxic home remedy for lice that actually works on both headlice and pubic lice is plain old Listerine. The original gold formula. It is 26% alcohol which will kill anything and then add the menthol and eucalyptus which will also kill almost anything and VIOLA! I have tried it all. Rid, Nix, mayonaise, vinegar, vaseline and trust me - Listerine works. Douse the head with a capfull or two to saturate the hair and scalp twice a day. Let air dry. No combing necessary and the lice will be dead in just a couple of days. keep doing it once a day until all nits hatch. Goodbye lice. FOREVER. Total cost less than $6 dollars because I bought the big bottle and only used about half.


my son has got lice from school and his dads house a few times i knew that the lice shampoo does not work so i went to my grandma (she knows everything about home remedys) so all you do is get enough mayonase to saturate yours or your childs head 1 1/2 to 3 cup depending on amount of hair then 1 tbs of tea tree oil and 2 tbs of vinegar (she used apple cider it smells better ) if the vinegar burns on there head its not vital for this to work so leave it out they dont need to be in pain. then you mix this together and starting at roots of hair in sectitions work mix into roots after roots are completely saturated work rest of mix to the leanght of hair i need to stress this you want your childs head to look like a two year old put mayo on there own hamburger haha its ok to laugh but this step is inportant the mayo will sufficate the lice and the oil will help to loosin the eggs after this i wrap my sons head in a plastic bag to save the couch from having grease stains and leave it on for three to four hours overnight is NOT nessacery wash out the mix but dont use any shampoo yet just water you want the oil from the mayo still in there it works like a detangler comb with lice comb sectioning hair into 8 sections then start at the top sections close to there face (if you start at the back of there head you run the risk of lice falling out of the top sections back into the already combed bottom ones )so the sections by the face should be done first make sure you rinse the lice comb after every swipe thru hair. once you have finished this wash there hair with regular shampoo and i usually dont need to do this again but i do after about three or four days as thats how long it takes for the eggs to hatch. i use this because it works and i have never had a complain about my child thinking his head was on fire its not there fault they dont need to be in pian


Hi this is the remedy that I found the best, i got it from a friend whose children had had lice before.
Forget all the products they sell at the pharmacies, shops etc. Just purchase cheap conditioner and a head lice comb.
Simply drown, drench suffocate completley cover unwashed, dry and brushed (so there are no knots before applying) hair in conditioner (the conditoner suffocates the lice and the lice cannot grip on to the hair). Leave for 30-40 minutes and then use the head lice comb to go through hair layer by layer. After each comb through wipe comb with paper towel and you'll be able to see the lice and nits(maybe not the nits as they are white and are harder to see in conditioner). After you have combed through all the hair simply wash it out. Wait for hair to dry and check for lice and nits. If they are still there (which the lice shouldn't but the nits maybe). If there are lice repeat again (it means that every layer of hair wasn't fully done). If no lice but still nits repeat after 2 days. If no lice or nits repeat after 7 days but this time you don't have to wait after applying the conditioner and you can use a regular small tooth comb. Just comb through hair and keep wiping and checking to see if and lice/nits are there. If not repeat 2 more times over 2 weeks. You can use the quick conditioner method if your unsure if you have headlice/nits and this will show you if you do.
I have just done all 4 of my kids and myself and husband it completley got read of 2 of my kids and my husbands lice/nits but not mine and my 2 other kids nits (head lice were gone). This is because me and my 2 kids have very fine hair and the headlice comb was not thin enough to get the eggs. So the two options I have to get rid of the eggs are either to go stand by stand and drag my fingernail down the hair and the eggs will come out or use a hair straightner to go layer by layer on our hair as this burns the eggs and they will not longer be suck to the hair and they should brush or wash out.

As for prevention buy tea tree shampoo and conditioner and use this instead of regular one you use and/or dilute tea tree oil (as head lice hate it) in water and put in a spray bottle and spray over your/kids hair. ( I only do this when I know there has been an outbreak of head lice at school, kindergarten etc and I do it for about 2 weeks)

As all of this is natural it won't dry out the hair, or make it fall out and as it's conditioner it's easy to use the lice comb as hair will not knot (or not knot as much as it would using the chemical head lice remover)


When my daughter got head lice i searched for the best way to get rid of them i found that RID or any other lice shampoo didnt work so i got on this website to find something that might work and i took ideas from a couple of people i soaked her head in alcohol for 30 mins and then took 1 part cooking oil to 1 part vinager mixed really well poured on her head and then combed through her hair with a metal lice comb after you do this you should see a big difference in the nits after an hour of combing i noticed a big difference in the nits and then washed with coconut shampoo and conditioner and then i blow dry her hair every time i wash it and then i bought Lice Shield Shampoo from Walmart it is about $8.00 and it is safe to wash their hair in everyday and since the first time i have started this i havent seen not one bug or nit

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