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Do Not, Do Not rinse a childs hair with Listerine. I tried it yesterday for a mild case of head lice on my 10 year old daughter. I burned her skin so badly she screamed while I was trying to rinse it out. Horrible. I tried the mayonaise wrap instead and seems to have worked. Plus the mayo helps slip the nits out making the manual picking easier.


This remedy is for very young children and for adults for very think hair. From newborn to about two years of age (since you can't use over the counter products after the age of two). My six month old son obtained lice from me. I contracted it from my neices and nephews and although I would believe it very hard for an infant to get lice considering their hair is so fine they can. I put Johnson and Johnsons gel baby oil in his hair. His hair type was baby fine but he did have a couple inches of it and it's a very light blonde so it was easy to pick out the nits and bugs. I didn't leave it in for an extended period of time but the gel made it much easier to pick out the bugs and to use the fine tooth metal comb for the nits. It only required one use and he was lice free. Since I was still breast feeding I was too scared to put any chemicals in my hair (although it may have been safe but I didn't want to risk it). I on the other hand had a much more difficult task because I have very think and very long hair. Every night for three days straight I went to sleep with the gel in my hair and wrapped it with a grocery sack. In the morning I would wash my hair several times with shampoo because it takes a while to get all the gel out and then followed up with a conditioner and sectioned my hair off and combed it out with a fine tooth metal comb. I made sure to follow the instructions. About six days later I did the same treatment to my hair although I didnt find any nits or lice bugs (thankfully). I strongly suggest a metal comb because the plastic ones always break.


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My kid was always in swimming class, then one season we couldn't afford it. He had never got head lice before. Then after about a month of no chlorine pool, he got it. I tried everything and couldn't get rid of it. I signed him back up for swimming and we finally got rid of them. If all else fails, I know it's crazy, but swim daily and you won't get them. For myself, I couldn't ask a friend to pick out my nits, so I had to use a cheap hair iron (cost 20 bucks at the drug store). I used a product before hand so the hair wouldn't be damaged by the heat, and I ironed my hair every day after every shampoo, making sure to get close to the roots. That def. killed the nits. I did have to use a lice shampoo before hand. One thing I would like to add is that you don't really have to do a bunch of laundry and clean everything. Don't waste your time, you really just need to get the nits, that's what is reinfesting you. For my kid, I could pick them out. For me, I had to burn them to death with a hair iron. Just use a 3 dollar product before you do this to your hair. The one I used was called Beyond Zone 'turn up the heat' Flat Iron Protection. It cost 3 bucks and smelled pretty good, but anything works.


3 summers ago my daughters came back from their cousins house itching like crazy i checked there hair and they were full off all stages of lice it was horrible so i first combed their hair out with rid vantage lice comb throughly after i sprayed hot shot roach spray all over hair but do it carefully pbecause if it gets in eyes it will blind. Spray everywhere cover with grocerie bag it might burn but works good leave in for 12-24 hours after the hours you chose wash out with dawn dish soap next put listerine in hair for 2 hours cover in grocery bag and wash out with dawn as well comb hair throughly next use wessel vegetable oil cover with grocery bag leave for 4 hours wash out with regular shampoo and i am sure your kids will never get lice again my daughters are now in middle school and never got it back

wilma,pulaski county ar.

i grew up with farm animals. chickens get mites which can get on people. head liece are a comman thing in schools. i washed my hair in prell shampoo,and rinsed it in apple cider vinegar,which was left in my hair. my hair was passed waiste length and i ''never knew what a head lice looked like till i was Ew years old.,,,,,,,


I am 7 months pregnant and had recently found I had head lice . I was so freaked out because being pregnant I cannot use any sort of chemical on my head . What I used was vegetable oil and let me tell you apparently I had them bad , like an INFESTATION !!!!! The trick with any sort of oil is that it has to be in your hair FOR A MINIMUM OF 12 HOURS . LICE CAN COMPLETELY SHUT THEIR BODIES DOWN ( I.E No breathing ) FOR UP TO 8 HOURS . so the trick is to completely saturate (DROWN) your hair in vegetable oil (I used Wesson) and be sure it gets to the scalp really good as well as the middle and ends because trust me any place that isn't covered they will run to and wait it out !! then I just twisted mine up into a loose bun and secured it with a clip and put a plastic grocery sack (tied like a bandana) on my head and then covered that with a towel to keep the drippings off my face. Leave it for 12-24 hours , I cannot stress the 12-24 hours enough ! If you don't they will not die !! Go to bed and then when it's been long enough put shampoo all throughout your hair about as much shampoo as there is oil and leave that for 30 minutes covered . Rinse as thoroughly as you can . You may have to do this a few times in order to get them all out depending on how infested you are . I am pretty sure I got them all out the first time I was just pretty paranoid about it ( I haven't had lice since like 5th grade !) . Then you have to check for nits I know some of mine were loosened by the oil and combed right out but some had to be picked manually . If all else fails and you can't get all the nits out just wait 7 days and do the oil treatment again . I promise you this works !!! And F.Y.I: I was told by my dr. that pregnant women are NOT to use Tea Tree Oil .


I also want to point out that obviously many products are efficient at killing the bugs, probably even the over the counters. However where those fail is that they are not safe to use every day and to defeat these critters you need something you can kill them with every day. The reason you use the treatment today and find live bugs tomorrow is because every lice lays one egg a day. Typically most people do not know they have lice until days after contracting them. Anything beyond day one in treatment means you have eggs that are at different maturity stages. The eggs hatch in approx 7 days. So example would be your child contracts them on Weds and you do not discover the situation until Monday. You treat on Monday, but nothing kills the eggs, just the bugs. The eggs that are there on Monday will probably hatch on Tuesday, so now you have live bugs again and you just treated the day before. The babies take five days to mature before they can lay eggs. The over counter treatments focus on treat and kill live bugs and then treat again in 7 to 10 days to kill hatched eggs. But in this case scenerio, which is a realistic one because most do not find out for days, you then have babies that have matured and laid eggs before you can retreat with that over the counter. Therefore the cycle does not get broken, it just keeps reinfesting every 7 to 8 days and it is a endless repeatitive task. Your main focus has to be getting rid of the eggs. It is imperative that you daily use the close toothed metal nit comb and spend time sectioning hair and removing those eggs. Even with that, there will probably be eggs that are missed, so you need to pick a product like the Denorex shampoo and shampoo daily and comb out with nit comb, blow dry high heat and flat iron the hair..apply heat, it is the only thing that will kill the eggs.

Newly laid eggs are whitish colored and laid close to the scalp. As the eggs mature they turn brown colored and typically you will find them further down the hair shaft which I think happens from washing, combing, brushing hair. If you find brownish colored eggs further down the hair shaft, then you are finding eggs about ready to hatch..which means you have had the lice at least five days. That is five days of egg laying and numerous eggs maturing at different times, you are going to find new live lice anywhere from the next day after treatment or a couple days and every day more will hatch. Treat daily for 8 days, that is the only way to completely be rid of them. DO NOT USE over counter lice treatments every day, they will poison you, even using them once every 7 to 10 days will poison you or your child after multiple times. Get the Denorex and use daily, it is safe to use daily and it will kill the live bugs. The Listerine can be used daily if you like, or mayo, olive oil or any of the safe to use home remedies that contain no toxic elements. Never put kerosene on your child's head, never put spray insecticides, that is extremely toxic and dangerous for your child.

I also want to suggest for furniture, beds, pillows, and anything safe to use it on...remember that heat over 58 degrees kills lice and eggs, the reason you put blankets and such in a hot dryer for 20 to 30 minutes...if you have a steam iron..use it on your furniture and beds, pillows. Or a dress steamer, anything that puts out hot steam is going to kill lice and eggs.

Hope this helps make sense as to why you can treat with a Rid or Nix or any other product that kills the bugs and then find live bugs hours or a day later. Those eggs are going to hatch on schedule and their schedule may be a half hour after you treat your head. So it may not be a case of the product does not work, did not kill all the bugs, you may just have new hatchings. It is a diligent daily vigil for 8 days, killing off the new daily babies from missed eggs. Remove the eggs daily and treating any missed daily that escape your comb and manage to hatch.

My suggestion (which was National Pudiculosis Association suggestion given to me when I went through it and after a month and half of every seven days having reoccurance of lice and another round of over counter that was poisoning my child and making us both have respitory distress and it worked just as they promised, lice was gone for good!):
Daily for 8 days -
1. Wash hair with Denorex shampoo, let sit for about 5 minutes on head. Rinse and condition with the Suave Coconut conditioner.
2. Lay out some towels to sit on and towel dry hair, then sectioning off hair, work the metal close tooth nit comb through the hair working from top to bottom and doing very small sections at a time. Have a cup of water and a paper towel there, run comb through the hair, swipe on the paper towel after each time and dip in water, then do next piece of hair. Do entire head like this. Every day you will find more nits, as they mature and move down hair shaft they tend to come off more easily I guess.
3. When finished combing, blow dry hair on high heat, then follow this with a hot flat iron. The heat kills eggs.

It is a battle against the eggs that you are waging, and it takes time and patience daily, but if you want lice free you have to do it. It is worth the time believe me.

My final suggestion is, as they advised me and it has been four years lice free even when kids at school with lice have hugged my child, coats together, and so on..all the hazards at school. Use a daily repellent. Back then they told me to use tea tree shampoo and conditioner. They had me put the oil in her shampoo and conditioner..and it works, but..they have now released a warning on the tea tree and it has been pulled off the shelfs of over counter because it can cause liver problems. It is only used on toenails now as a daily treatment. Good news is, they have come out with a daily spray that works for eight hours called Quit Nits. You can get it at Walmart for $8.00. Spray it on your childs hair in the morning before sending to school and they will be protected. Keep your girls hair up in braids if they have long hair. An ounce of prevention is worth more then a lb of cure!

Hope this helps.


First I want to say stop with all tea tree oil solutions. Yes, it does kill and it does repel, but they have now found that it is as dangerous for children as the pesticides. My preschooler became infested by a older friend that stayed over with her. I fought them every 7 days with Rid for over a month & finally called NPA. They sent me the metal comb, had me to the tea tree (at the time..5 yrs ago) & most importantly had me sit & remove the eggs with the comb, then hot blow dry, then flat iron her hair. They had me do this for eight days, took about an hour each day, and they were finally gone. It really does not matter what you use to kill live ones, it is getting the eggs that counts. I would use the Listerine or Denorex shampoo instead of tea tree oil since release of warning on tea tree. Then take the time to comb out with nit comb, blow dry and flat iron. It works. Heat kills eggs. Drying pillows, etc., in hot dryer for 30 mins. kills lice and eggs. Lice cannot live over 24 hrs. off host, and eggs typically will not hatch off the host, and if one would it must feed immediately or die. It takes 5 days for baby lice to mature and lay eggs, so you shampoo in product of choice (Denorex for example) for eight days and any eggs left that would hatch the baby lice will succumb to the shampoo. To cure a lice problem, key is to be diligent for at least 8 days, regardless of what home remedy you use.


I have read this site from top top bottom and it seems that Brown or blue Listerine on the hair for anywhere from 3 minutes to two hours is the most mentioned... I am going for 7-10 minutes...also for nits the best answer I came across was a straightening Iron. It heats up way beyond the point of heat needed to kill the eggs and should cover all of them except the ones right against the scalp. which I would look for after the hair straightener..... best of luck


Rinse your hair with listerine and then take a comb and see the dead lice! It works GREAT!!!

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