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This is my first stint with head lice on myself & hubby, my 6 yr old son and 3 yr old daughter -and it was a shock, sorry! We had been itchy headed for a few weeks. Finally one morning I peaked through my daughters hair. I was shocked, and a bit disgusted...more than I could count crawling around!! She has blonde fine curly hair. Checked my son who is blonde as well and he has course thick hair - same, but not as many bugs. My husband and I are both dark headed and hard to see anything. Went and bought Nix immediately, kept my son out of school and followed the directions for all of us. That evening upon head checks, my daughter still had crawly ones and eggs, my son had none moving -and my hubby and I were not sure on us. Researched the net, so much info my head was spinning on home remedies. What I did do the next evening was treat again with Rid - thinking they were resistant. Fast forward about 5 days - pulling nits out of both kids hair, mine and hubby's are still undecided.
I am so over this - so, went and bought a metal comb, Sauve Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner, Tea Tree Oil and Denorex shampoo. This was a combined remedy based on internet info here and other places.
Treated my daughter was the worst today in this order:
Denorex shampoo combined with tea tree oil, enough for her hair. Shampoo leave in for 5 minutes ( she cried that it burned) and rinse. Condition with Sauve Coconut Conditioner, and a bit of tea tree oil and leave in. Sit and comb with metal comb in small sections - hard to manage with a 3 yr old. Had a glass of hot water mixed with RID to rinse the comb. WOW, WOW, WOW - I wish I could post a picture, the water is full of nits and small crawlies! Thank you Jesus! Kept combing and then blow dried, and then used my Chi Flat Iron to kill them another round!! Again, another way to kill them based on internet, and I belive it worked. She has naturally curly hair and we were amazed how long her hair is after flat ironing!
I have stayed up at night and picked nits out of her hair while she is sleeping till 2 am. They actually POP when you crush them between your fingernails, GROSS!
I still have my 6 yr old and my hubby and myself to do. But I had to share my daughters fix it story - stay posted for more details!
Surf the net - good info on home remedies!


My daughters when in school were having issues with headlice. I would go through there hair strand by starnd pulling out the knits. Then a elderly lady told me to get a bottle of baby shampoo and mix a tbls of kerosene. This does work after you have removed all the lice from there head if you shampoo regularly with it. Instead of buying the expensive headlice treatment , if you pour this mixture on there hair and comb through the hair for 5 to 10 minutes it will kill the lice.Just be careful with rinsing as it can burn the eyes. I am now treating my grandaughters hair, I am going to get some cocunut shampoo and conditioner was not aware of that.


Okay so recently I have discovered that I contracted head lice. And because I have never had lice I have become obsessed with getting rid of it. I went on here and read just about every remedy and this is what I came up with that worked for me. I put vegetable oil on my hair with a showercap on top for about 3 hours. Then I washed my hair with listerine. I left the listerine on for 5 minutes then rinsed thoroughly. I then washed my hair with Denorex shampoo and sauve coconut conditioner. When I got out I brushed and brushed my hair with a steele micro groove lice comb. I then blow dried my hair on high heat then turned my flat iron on to the highest setting and flat ironed my hair. This killed all the lice and nits the first time around but to be sure everything was gone and will stay gone I now wash my hair with denorex shampoo and sauve coconut conditioner everyday. And about once a week I put some kind of oil in my hair for 3 hours. Also I vacuumed my house like crazy, including my bed and couch. I also sprayed my bed and couch with water that had a splash of tea tree oil in it. I have been lice free ever since


These bugs don't die! I've been plagued with the super mutated lice. I read & read home remedies until blue in the face...some say they work while other disagree. I tried an experiment. I got a live louse (nymph), set in on the table & poured listerine on it. I watched the louse swim in the puddle of listerine and watched it crawl right out of the puddle. I set it on a napkin & it crawled around like nothing had happened to it. I got tea tree oil and poured that on the louse while it was still on the napkin. The napkin soaked up the tea tree oil instantly, but the louse died instantly too. Dead as a doornail. So it's proven...tea tree oil will kill the little buggers instantly, while the listerine did absolutely nothing to it. I whipped up a batch of mayo (costco brand), raw apple cider vinegar (braggs brand), 1 T tea tree oil (trader joes brand) a few dropper fulls of neem oil (health food store). Saturate the entire head with mixture, cover hair with plastic bag, drape towel around neck & leave on for as long as possible 4 hours or more. Use this time to wash all bedding & towels, vacuum carpets, sofas, mattresses, seats in car, bag up all stuffed animals. After washing hair, saturate with conditioner & comb thoroughly with metal comb. Comb every other day for 2 weeks, plus wash bedding/towels & vacuum daily. Make daily preventative spray using water, tea tree oil & neem oil. Spray on hair daily & leave on (will dry quickly). Sounds like a lot of work & it is because this is war against these bugs, not a picnic.


When my daughter was sent home from school with head lice, we were so surprised. She is 8, and has 2 older sisters and an older brother, and we have never experienced this before.

I tried Rid, Nix, Mayonnaise, and the Listerine method I read on this site.

First let me tell you to NOT use Listerine. Not only did it do nothing, but it burned her skin so bad, that I could see it turning bright red.
I was in tears watching her cry.

Rid and Nix did nothing. We still found the little bugs running around her head. It was like using water.

I mixed up coconut oils with olive oils, and some other ones, and they had no effect. People say that they need to be left on the hair for 8 or 9 hours.
That was impossible with an 8 year old girl with long thick hair. What a nightmare. We had to use so much oil to cover all of her hair. That was a job in itself. Then she tried going to bed with it, but it was dripping everywhere. We were up all night.

After all of this, I found a shampoo called Clearlice. We bought a complete kit with shampoo, conditioner, this Steele micro-groove comb, and some house spray and laundry detergent.

Everything was natural, and eco-friendly. Since the lice were in our house for over a month, we had to wash everything, and spray everything down.

It was a lot of work, but when we did the shampoo, and rinsed her hair after about a 20 minute treatment, the lice washed out DEAD!!

We used the conditioner, and the comb for about another 30 minutes, and we have not seen any lice or nits since.

For us, this Clearlice was the only product that worked.

I highly recommend it over these home remedies from personal experience.


We used the NIX treatment, but I was still finding nymphs in my daughters hair. She has very thick long hair and I believe I was still missing eggs even though I combed through her hair with a nit comb everyday, twice a day. I finally did some research on alternative methods and tried everyone of them. Listerine is awesome. My husband found eggs in my head a week after my daughter was diagnosed. I used the Listerine and pulled out 3 of those little buggers and they were dead. We recently tried the vinegar and it does something to the cement on the egg and the hair shaft. The eggs just pulled right out of the hair. It has been two weeks since we found a live adult or nymph louse, but we are still occasionally finding eggs, so we are still using the Listerine treatment twice a week to ensure we kill anything that may hatch from the eggs that have been missed. I also added tea tree oil to our shampoo. I plan on buying the Denorex today. I am keeping up with the treatments and combing until I do not find any nits at all.


My boys have had lice a few times over the years and we've tried Rid, Quell by prescription when the Rid didn't work, olive oil/vaseline and plastic wrap, etc.
The best remedy we've found so far is Suave coconut shampoo and conditioner and the comb every day for a week to 10 days.
The boys are older now, but the youngest has a case of lice right now--he's still in high school.
He's doing the coconut shampoo and comb routine and after reading the remedies here, we added Listerine.
I always insisted that as long as they're in school they must use coconut shampoo and he never had lice until he switched shampoo, but believe me, he's ready to switch back permanently.


I have had no previous experience with lice. My daughter had an itchy head and I kept looking and I never really saw anything. Then I looked at her neck one day and it looked like a rash, so I put some ointment on it mentioned it to daycare. She called me an hour later and told me she had lice. Needless to say my daycare shut down her whole daycare and spent 16 hours cleaning. I went in to crazy mom of a kid with lice mode and went balistic on my house and then did everhting imaginable to my child. I did not know better at the time so I bout Nix. I had to cut5 inches off her hair and both the comb I bought separate and the ones that came with it were plastic and useless. I combed and I combed and I picked nits all day. I spent 6 hours on her head that day. Then my son came home and I checked him and sure enough...there they were. At that point I realized I didn't want to throw more pesticides on him so I bought an all natural product at a kids hair salon called ladybug which also came with an amzing comb. I used the oil, followed up by the mouse and a ton more combing. I sat her down in front of the TV several times a day and picked and picked the nits out. She has light brown hair, so I think there were a lot that I may have missed because they blended with her hair. We identified the lice on a Friday and I spent all weekend working on her. I did everything to her. I flatironed her hair, dumped vinegar on her head(burned, I don't recommend this) I never found another live louse at all. Daycare wanted a note from a nurse that she was OK, she's only 3, but the school nurse checked her and said no lice, no nits. Great, off to daycare, she checked her again more thoroughly than the nurse and found a nit/white/cream color. Through further research and since I know how thorougly I went through my daughter's hair I have realized that it was an empty one from nits that had bee laid and hadn't been picked out. So, I leave daycare hysterical because if you've ever really dealt with this and done it the right way it's a true nightmare. My whole life screached to a halt in my battle against these demon bugs. I was SO frustrated; I just did not know what to do. I then spent the next week meticulously going through her hair; finding more eggs, which I still believe were empty, and eradicating everthing. I put the rest of the family in olive oil, saran wrapped them; and made them sleep like that about every other night. I put tea tree oil in all the shampoo's and conditioners and sprayed her constantly with the mint spray that came with the kit to repel anything left behind. I did oil on my daughter, made a concoction of dawn/vinegar/tea tree oil and I combed and combed and combed and still we see eggs. I finally bought Denorex and then this comb. Ironically enough I saw this advertised the first day of my research and wish I had bought it. It's been 12 days and even last night I was still picking the eggs out, but I know it can take two weeks for them to hatch and I truly think that the nits are too close to her hair color so what I am seeing is hatched ones because I have found nothing. But because I am so paranoid I bought this comb. The key to this comb is to section the hiar, comb through it and then use it. The first night I was getting ones; although they were so small I never would have found them. As of yesterday I continue to shampoo with the denorex and I will use this comb every day for another week or until I go 3 consecutive days without eggs; but I finally have some hope that we are on the right track. I have also purchased a combination of lavendar and rosemary oil to add to shampoo and make a spray and spritz the kids with regularly to keep them away.


My kids have gotten lice and you have to get out the nits.First thing is carefully shampoo their hair with is strong so do not let it get in their eyes.Then there is a product called Desolvit in the cleaning aisle at Walmart ...spray it on and comb out the nits it will melt them.I love this product...then wash with coconut shampoo and conditioner.Use a flea comb by the way.


I have very thick, very curly hair, so most of the treatments mentioned never worked for me. I have a few tried and true remedies that have worked wonders over the years.
1. Mayo.
I have used this method many times over the years when my lovely younger siblings brought me the gift of lice home from school. First, take a jar of mayo. (Doesn't need to be Kraft, it can be a generic off-brand you can buy at a dollar store for a buck.) And using a spatula, completely douse your head in the mayo. Cover with TWO plastic hairnets, (Roughly $2.00 for a pack of eight at Family Dollar,) and sleep on it overnight.
The mayo IS greasy. You may have to wash your hair two, or even three times to completely restore it.
The hairnets WILL, and I mean, WILL slip off when you're sleeping. mayo-ed pillowcases are bad! Wear TWO!
You will most likely despise the smell of mayo for about a year. :)
Lastly, we all know what happens when you leave mayo out of the refrigerator. It turns brown and greasy. Yet another downside.
However, it kills ALL live bugs, and makes the hair oily enough after just one shampoo to slide the nits out with just your fingernails.
2. Cholesterol Treatment
I honestly can't believe I haven't seen this here.
A cholesterol treatment, (almost a cream,) can be bought from Family Dollar for about $4.00.
It's a product mainly marketed to African-American hair.
Like the mayo, slather it on, and cover it up for 8-10 hours.
Unlike the mayo treatment, the cholesterol actually smells nice, rinses clean, and leaves your hair looking better than it did before.
The one downside is the price. It's a bit more expensive, but you will still be able to stomach mayo, which makes up for it.
I strongly suggest the cholesterol treatment over the mayo, and also add some tips for both:
For children:
Don't let them scratch!! It WILL itch, but poking holes in the showercap just leads to the pesky little bugs escaping.
Do this on a Friday night. You will have to wash hair more than once, as well as give time to remove dead nits, and dead bugs.
For adults:
Don't scratch!! :)
Be sure to leave it on for 8-10 hours.
Any more, it'll cake and leave goop, and any less,it will be pointless. You won't kill the bugs and you'll have greasy hair for no reason.
Don't give any doubt to any unhatched nits. Don't give the infestation time to come back.
Hope this helps!!

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