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To rid hair lice - I simply used a hair dryer. Myself and my children have battled with these blasted bugs for two months - until I had this idea. When you think about it - what bug would survive being scorched in this way?
Put a hair dryer on maximum heat, maximum speed, and you will kill the lice - you then just pick them out. It will dry out the eggs also, everything is dried. Some of those buggers are TINY.
Do this on dry hair over several days, to get them all.
I feel so relieved and happy to be free of this seemingly endless, frustrating problem - that I just have to share it with everyone. No more nasty chemicals for kids! Spread the word!


I noticed my daughter going to town scratching her head saturday morning, so I checked her head and sure enough she had lice. I did what many have done and ran out to buy rid. Once home she was quarantined outside (to play) and I cleared the house of every scrap of fabric that was not nailed down, even the curtains. Clothes were overflowing from the laundry room for days (thankfully its outside). Once the house was bleached and boiled I brought her in to decontaminate her, and myself since I had no one to check me out and I wanted to play it safe. Especially since I started to itch as soon as I saw her head! That part I am sure was psychological. A few hours later (in between loads) I came across this site and freaked some more once I saw that so many had used rid (and other OTC products) and not been successful. So to be on the safe side I started to try some of these home remedies out, and I am glad I did b/c while putting denorex in her head I came across a live hatchling! Not 4 hours after I rinsed and combed the rid out! So I washed her head with denorex, conditioned with suave coconut and blew her dry. I combed through her hair again (bought flea comb after comparing teeth and price since kit came with plastic comb) but I agree that the comb will only get the bigger ones out. The eggs and hatchlings must be done by hand. Then I saturated her Hair with tea tree oil and sent her to bed. Day 2: I washed it out and used the mayo/bag trick for about 8 hours. Poor things face was dripping with grease by the time I washed it. I had to wash it a few times with the denorex/suave combo to get all the grease out. Earlier I had mixed listerine, tea tree oil, vinegar and a sprig of fresh lavender in an empty shampoo bottle, so that went in her head overnight too. Day 3: I washed it out and I have to say that what I found was dead! I know that might have been overkill, but you guys scared me! I plan on using the denorex/suave every night and the tea tree oil concoction every 3 days for 2 weeks. Then suave and braids for the rest of the school year. Lucky for me this happened over the weekend, and when I called her school to inform them on monday (day 3) they told me that while I was the first parent to report it in the school, apparently the daycare next door had an 'outbreak' 2 weeks ago. Many of the kids in her school, and even in her class go to this daycare for after school care, she however does not. Needless to say I was somewhat livid when I hung up. If they had sent a note home informing parents to be on the lookout we could have been more proactive. As is they told me that they would not be checking heads in her class unless they are seen scratching a lot! When I was in school they checked everyone twice a year, unless someone came up with it at another time, then we got checked more than twice. What happened? And since I was the only parent who came forward she has to have her head checked by the nurse, and I have to bring in the box top of the product I used as proof that I treated her before she is allowed back! Since there is only 2 days of school this week (due to holiday) she won't be going back till next week, b/c I refuse to have all I have done to that poor baby to be for naught. I know what I did was overkill, but I have a thing about bugs. The point is it worked.


Tried otc, nix, rid, everything & nothing worked.
#Hair dye# worked the first time. And the second, 6 months later. I found out it was my younger brothers girlfriend who never got rid of them and kept giving them out.
The third time I made my younger brother (the sharer of these beasts) let me make a concoction.#Almond, tea tree & lavender essential oils. Complete cover of all hair & scalp, wrap in plastic. Let sit over night & rinse.# Worked like a charm & his hair smelled great and was super soft. My boyfriend only had a few at that point so he used #tea tree shampoo & coconut conditioner.# I used the same plus #blow dry and straighten hair# for heat effect. And we both took #hot lavender baths# and soaked our hair ( so relaxing). We've been using those shampoos since to keep them away.
Which has worked wonders. Even when others around us have them, we have stayed lice free.


im probably too young to be in here (doubt it) but i have something that parents might wanna know. 4 years ago i went to a movie theater (that im never going to again....) and i was given head lice. joy. i was in school and my head started itching so i took off my headband and there were like, 7 live bugs in it. eww. i showed my teacher and she said it was nothing. the next day i went home in tears to my mom (parents are divorced by the way) and demanded to get a haircut it itched so bad. my brother then got it too. i have really thick, brown, long hair and lice seemed to think it was the hangout of the century. yay. my mom bought NIX and RID or whatever and at first it worked but the 2nd time the lice were used to the burning. just my luck. same with the rid. I tried mayo. that worked but u guessed i missed a section of hair because they CAME BACK!!!!! i hate mayo. i was battling lice for like 3 months that seemed forever. i couldnt go to parties, or do anything then kill my hair. ugh darn lice. i was staying home at my dads and then he decides to take me on a kill lice spree. (i love him so much :) ) by bow, my brothers lice was gone and he was at school staying at my moms to not get lice again. on the lice killing spree, we went to whole foods. in the shampoo section was tea tree oil shampoo mixed with soothing stuff. we bought that. we also bought a metal toothed comb and another lice killing treatment that smelled like twizzlers. we tried the twizzler kit and it heated my head and it was uncomfortable. i was in tears again by these little bugs that were taking over my hair. tea tree oil was in the bathroom and i was just sitting there staring at it. dad had read that it's not the best choice for a child. he called up my Dr and the Dr said that 3 months was enough and that i could use the tea tree oil. IT WORKED. I know it's bad and all but it worked. no offense ( no hate comments) but i rather have them gone then use RID again to not work. it made my hair really nice too. i think i found an egg this morning and im going to a wedding in 6 days. im fighting it with tea tree oil and a chi straightener. let me know if anyone wants me to update. I GONNA KILL THIS BUGS. I WILL PREVAIL.


well I will be trying most of these remedies for my my children and I. Most items I can get @ 1$stores which Is a good thing, I just cant believe how parents can use acctual pesticides on their own children that can cause blindness and pro-longed health problems. C/S
I will use a disinfectant spray frm the doller store as well, its stronger in smell than lysol but works just as well. Maybe, the mouthwash as well, I will come back and post my experience on this battle with head lice. So off to doller stores and walmart =).

Jacqueline Hilton

I read about the Tomato Sauce treament and it really works. For some weeks now, I have experienced an itchy head, I thought it was a hair dye allergy at first but the itching did not go away. Today, in desperation, I tried the Tomato Sauce treatment, covering my scalp and hair in it, wrapping in clingfilm and blowdrying film to head. Leave for two hours, run bath and rinse thoroughly until clear. Finally, pour vinegar through head and massage into scalp; horror upon horror, there they were the little ******* all floating around in the bath! Apparently, Mayonaise works better and gives the hair a lovely sheen and conditions it at the same time:-)


We were visiting out of town for a wedding and the morning of, I noticed my 7 year old daughter scratching at her head. I looked and was horrified to see that she was infested with lice - We were staying at a hotel and I couldn't imagine where she had gotten them. I ran out that morning and bought some Nix - right after the treatment, there were bugs crawling around. We bought some Rid and that didn't work at all either. I braided her hair after I had removed everything I could see by hand and told her not to touch heads with anyone just in case. Well, this year, we were visited again by the persistent sucker. I (stupidly) ran out and got Nix again, and treated her 3 xs. After that, I decided to make a concoction of 4 tbs of Sea Salt in warm water, vinegar and lemon juice. I put it in her hair and wrapped it with a shopping bag. It made her itch and irritated her skin, but 20 minutes later, 'Nothing' 3 days later... Nothing!!! Yeah!! My prayers have finally been answered!!!

Joan Kallitorn

You could use herbal remedies.
Or there is also the old way vinegar...

Momma In NY

I have to say, I was usually skeptical with home remedies thinking that they would never work. My 11 year old daughter, for the first time caught head lice. I panicked, even though I know that it was bound to happen. It wasn't my first time around dealing with head lice. I found this website and spent hours reading everything that everyone had to offer. I have to say this, I tried Nix, Rid and all the various other things that you can find in a pharmacy but nothing worked as well as what I have read on here. We tried the Listerine/Vinegar/conditioner remedy. IT WORKED!!! within 20 minutes of combing my daughter's hair with the metal fine toothed comb, we pulled out numerous nits as well as a few critters!

For those of you that don't have the exact recipe for this I will tell you what we did with my daughter's hair. I just hope that it works for you like it worked for us.

Step 1. Saturate dry hair with Listerine(cool mint is what we used)

Step 2. Wrap the head with a plastic shopping bag or shower cap. Make sure all hair is within the bag or shower cap. Let stand for 2 hours.

Step 3. Rinse Listerine out of hair until water runs clear again.

Step 4. Put 3/4 water to 1/4 vinegar over head saturating the hair. Best if done right after the Listerine is rinsed.

Step 5. Do NOT ring the hair out but wrap a brand new plastic bag around the hair, doing the same as above. Let set for 1 hour.

Step 6. Rinse Vinegar solution out of hair thoroughly.

Step 7. Saturate entire hair with ANY form of conditioner. Do NOT rinse.

Step 8. Use fine toothed Nit removing Comb(preferably metal toothed) through entire hair working from root to tip.

Step 9. Shampoo as normal.

Thank you everyone for turning this skeptic into a believer.


This is a thank you to Sandy (I think that was the original person who posted the dawn/vinegar/tea tree oil remedy). THANK YOU!!! Found out someone I was dating for 1 1/2 years was really messing around with every chic that wanted to show him her hole lol -- so he gave me the gift that kept on giving -- much to my surprise as I have NEVER had lice let alone the nightmare of trying to get rid of them... I went out and bought Rid, I swear they had a party asking where the lime was after the treatment -- didn't seem to make a difference (sorry need to keep a sense of humor about all this). I tried a couple of other OTC remedies didn't do anything either. I stumbled upon this website and THANKS EVERYONE but especially SANDY for posting the one that was the winner... I can't say I am 100% free yet, as I have only done one coating -- but I was stunned that one day after doing the Rid stuff (less than that I did that last night and it's afternoon now) once I slathered the Dawn concoction on (all over, head to toe since I was infested) I could feel all the eggs sliding down not to mention see all the gross little buggers... Kept it on for 7 minutes (I know you said 5 minutes but I thought more may be better cause I want these buggers gone!), stepped in the shower and was soooo disgusted (and happy) to see all the critters go down the drain -- stunned that I had that much on me... Will still do this every day for a week but I definitely feel like I am on the right track -- I feel 70% less itchy already -- this method works!!! And my skin feels tighter too lol (think that's the tea tree oil). A million thanks and anyone who is infested, really, try this method. It doesn't cost much, it's a bit messy (I just stood in the bathroom during all of it, yea I spilled some of it on the floor but it's no big deal whatsoever), but it works! Lesson here is -- even if you think you're in a monogamous relationship, the little bugger may have other ideas (and I would never have known if he hadn't contracted crabs himself -- ironically he claims not to have any symptoms -- I find it very hard to believe since I KNOW he has to be the source of this for me)... But this method works, doesn't hurt, non-toxic so you can put it everywhere, and it relatively inexpensive -- the most expensive part is the tea tree oil... So again THANK YOU -- YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE THIS WHOLE WEBSITE BUT AGAIN FOR THIS PARTICULAR REMEDY!!!

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