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Best home remedy I have found for lice...first off don't panic. It's hard, I know. Then go buy a ryobi nit comb, it's a live comb that when it detects a louse in its teeth it stops beeping as it has sent a shock threw its combs and has killed it. It's very satisfying. Lol. after I have spent a good hour on her hair with that comb, I have her wash her hair with cheap coconut shampoo (suave makes one) I then go to her head with a blow dryer, just as your hair dresser does it at a salon, section by section. The heat kills more of them. After you have completely dried the hair, it's time for another very satisfying way to kill eggs....FLAT IRON. Again, in sections, flat iron the whole head, you will hear small snap and crackling's the eggs..and you are killing them! Yay!! Then I would go threw my daughters hair like a monkey, pulling out all the cooked eggs. They are very easy to pull out at this point be the flat iron has burnt off the waterproof glue that the mother louse has used to secure the egg.
No more lice. I did this every other day for 10 days, and while I never saw another live louse or anymore eggs, you can never be to careful. It's really only 5x. A added bonus, your daughters hair will be so pretty and look like she just came from a salon. It makes her feel so much better about what is a very embarrassing thing for her. Don't forget to wash sheets and pillows, wash your hands after doing this..and don't touch your own hair!! I also sanitized all brushes in vinegar.. Oh and as a warding off, put tea tree oil on a qtip and put it threw out her hair. Don't put it on the scalp! It can cause a burn like rash. Hope this is helpful!

Emma G.

My two kids got head lice from school 3 weeks ago. I bough Nix, Rid and even tried the expensive prescription med Sklice. NOTHING WORKED! There were bugs all in my kids' heads and after a few days, my husband and I got them too! I was ready to shave every single one of our heads when I came across ClearLice on the internet. I read the customer reviews and everyone was raving about it. I thought it couldn't hurt to try this as a last option, after all it was natural...unlike all of the chemicals I had been putting on my kids' heads. The ClearLice stuff arrived the day after I ordered it and I treated the entire family...even my house! A day later and were lice free and we have been lice free ever since! I highly recommend this stuff!! Super easy to treat the heads and only one day of treatment.


Being the parent of 4 kids, we've had a few cases of lice. The first one sent us into a panic - especially after we went out and bought Nix, and used it with zero success. Seriously - don't even waste your time with that stuff.

So here is what we use now (after my first son to get lice served as a human guinea pig and suffered through all sorts of home remedies found on the web with little success) - this works like a charm for us every time:

Old school Listerine (yep - the yellow kind). Soak hair with it (use a lot - Listerine is cheap!) and then put on a swim cap. I've seen folks say to use a shower cap, but the swim caps work much better - they're tighter, and really lock the stuff in. If you've ever had a kid on a swim team, I'm sure you have at least one laying around the house - and if not, they're cheap and relatively easy to find.

We leave it on for about 3-4 hours (shorter time may work, but why chance it - right?). The first time we did it, we actually had our son wear it overnight. Kills every bug every time. We repeat after a week to be sure , but I've never seen a single bug after the first treatment.

Besides having a little of that medicine-y smell, their hair comes out just fine.


I'v worked in a school nurses office for many years. Every time we have an outbreak I use extra mousse throughtout my hair with extra attention to lower back of head than use extra hair spray through out hair. I'v never got them. They seem to not survive all that product.


Ok so I have been dealing with cases of head lice on and off for about a good 5 years now.. Pesky and annoying. The first time my daughter came home with lice she was 4 and in preschool so obviously she got it from there. I'm not even going to emphasize how much money I wasted on nix, rid, and prescription crap, somewhere around $700. After all that, and still had lice and my mother and I ended up catching it too. So, I sat one day and just googled home remidies for lice and i got this site.. I read maybe like 12 different remedies (dying hair does work the ammonia kills the live ones but I wouldnt recommend dying a child's hair). I came across one that sounded decent and it was the mouthwash and vinegar. I can vouch that it does work!! Cheap too. But it is a little time consuming. Well first you need to get the mouthwash (antiseptic.. Green listerine.. You can get the store brand too but make sure its antiseptic green and compared to listerine.) saturate the hair well and then cover with shower cap. For thick or long hair i would suggest leaving it in for 2 hours only because it has a lot to work through. For shorter hair i would say an hour and a half to be safe. Afterwards have your kids lean back with the hair dangling, i would say into the bath tub, and you just basically shake the hair numerous times, you will literally see the dead lice fall out. Then i would suggest combing through the hair before you rinse so that you can get the rest out that can be stuck in the hair (mouthwash does get sticky). After that rinse with water and wash. Do not condition. Pour vinegar into hair until saturated and cover. Again for around an hour and a half to 2 and a half hours.. Shorter hair shorter time, long or thick longer time. After that the most expensive thing you buy (the nit comb) is needed. Rinse hair and wash and condition. Brush hairs in small parts, with the nit comb to pick out all the eggs. Do this multiple times in the same though each small part to make sure you get all the eggs. Some tea tree oil in the scalp everyday afterwards does help to keep them away as does using cocunut conditioner.


I found a very cheap and easy way to rid any hair of lice. I looked and try many different things before I came up with this. Roughly a cup of conditioner and a few cap fulls of vinegar, leave it on for a half-hour, rinse with hot water and comb with lice comb. Do that twice-three times and all should be good.

simple sol

Have read many of the comments and remedies here. This is not an ad but a testimony. Save a lot of time and anxiety and buy a Ryobi head lice comb. We did after our children, who are now grown up with children of their own, started coming home with the pest. After zapping the things with the comb keep free of them by spraying a tea tree oil /water solution BEFORE they go to school every day. Our comb has lasted for about 20 years. Makes them real cheap!


100 percent success every time, hair dying. not only have i gotten rid of lice completely by dying my hair, it has proven to be a repellent for about three months after each dye.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

My daughter got Lice from summer camp. I only caught hers after I found it in my hair. After 3 applications of nix treatments over a month, we still had them.

While I was trying to figure out what to do, I came up with Dying our Hair. I was hesitant on my 10 year old with her long beautiful natural blond hair but the thought of cutting her hair was worse.

I put the hair dye on and left it in over an hour. Then rinsed with super hot water, blow dried, then used super hot flat iron. Instantly killed the live ones, burnt all the eggs.

Then put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and applied daily straight to scalp for a week. NOTE: don't flat iron after putting alcohol on your hair... Fire Hazard. Shampoo first and then blow dry and hot iron.

After 1 week, still gone, After 2 weeks still gone.

'Necessity is the Mother of Invention'


I had my grandauther full of itching, i took her to the pediatrician ,the pediatrishian came out with gloves gown mask and check the baby 3 years old, she told me to buy a bunch expensive crap. I did all that and i started to itch badly and my grandauther also. My sister told me mix 1 spoon cayene peper, 2 spoons oil any kind one spoon of sinamon 3 drops lemon, 1 spoon vinegar any kind. Put it on your hair scalp sleep with it. Next day get 3 spoons of mayounesse aplly it put a cap 30 minutes.Comb out the lice and dump them in a buket of hot water.Wash my hair and hers with wetever you have blow dry.Is all gone!!!!

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