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Frustrated mom

First id like to say ive tried EVERYTHING out there for head lice and NOTHING worked. Ive also tried ALOT of the home remeides with no luck. So After a long expensive battle with head lice on four children, I've found something that's cheap and easy. First I soak my children's hair in rubbing alcohol (I use wintergreen because the smell is not as strong) then I wrap their hair in a towel for 30 to 40 minutes. After that I comb their hair with a fine tooth comb (you can use a lice comb) or a dog comb ( the metal one) after that I make them shower and when their done I comb some more. When their hair is dry I blow dry it then spray tresemme no frizz shine spray on their hair.


Here a hint that I got from a pharmacist. Head & shoulders shampoo & conditioner will keep these nasty things far away! My 11 year old daughter has been lice free her whole life up until I quit my routine. Every other bottle we use is head & shoulders. I try to have her use it every other shower during school. She just got over her first experience with them. The nits (eggs) have to be removed once you have them. But once they hatch & your using head & shoulders the live ones either die off or run away, not sure which but it works! Oil on the hair works great to & DAWN dish soap gets the oil out great with the hottest water you can handle. Good luck!


for the past few months my 2 children have been on home bound( due to other health issues ) and have not been around any other children, then my son was cleared to go back to school, today when he came in he was scratching like a mad man so i sat him down and checked his hair i was livid to see that he had lice! i called the school and just barley caught the principal, told her what i found and all she said was to keep him home for the next 24 hours then he can return, i asked her what she was planning to do and she said nothing unless we see the kids scratching, i think this is funny because they didnt see when i my oldest daughter was almost being set on fire anyway, since he is a boy i did buzz his head to the scalp and i am currently treating the house, i checked my daughter and nothing but i will treat her with denerax/cocnut combo to be on the safe side


My nieces have had head lice multiple different times this past year, due to not properly treating them. They spent a few days with my family and we all got head lice as well from sleeping in the same bed as the girls. *They are 2 and 3* We discovered saturating your hair in vinegar for 30 minutes - 1 hour works great, and following up a week later. :)


mayo, dr scripts, otc rid, even bombing my house n they got it third yr in a row!!!!!!!! so today we are trying vaseline! but i was also thinking of denorex too!!! and hair dryer oh n i tried the whole shampoooing all furniture n washing n about 2mnths l8r we r here! UGHHHHH


My daughter and I discovered we had lice this past Wednesday. The treatments we used worked wonders. We did mayo on our heads for over 2 hours with shower caps, washed our hair out with coconut shampoo and conditioner. Then sprayed gold Listerine all over our heads and left on for 3 hours with a shower cap on our heads. Washed it out with coconut shampoo and conditioner again. Then went through my daughters hair with live comb. There were no more lice but did pull out a few nits. My mother went through my hair and found nothing at all. We sprayed some more Listerine in our hair overnight. Our heads were checked in the morning and there was absolutely nothing in our hair. I payed special attention to washing my slipped covers on my sofa, did 8 loads of laundry, vacuumed all the mattresses and sprayed the Listerine all over everything, including our pillows and matresses after cleaning those. I spent all day treating our heads and cleaning but it really worked. I will continue to check our heads and spray out heads for the next several days just for extra precaution. I hope this helps someone.


so ive been hanging out with my boyfriends baby sisters mom who has 3 kids and today i realized that they had head lice . i was totally freaking out because ive been spending so much time with them and my head has been itchy. so i told her to check my head and she said i dont have anything . but im still freaking out thinking to myself i know i have it. really disgusting i know ! so my boyfriend comes to get me and im in the car freaking out looking in the mirror at my hair and i find one on the side of my head i started screaming . my boyfriend thought it was a tick . um no it deffinatley was lice . so i tried some oil . i started researching some remedies on getting rid of head lice and i tried mixing my own concoction of tea tree oil and olive oil . now im just waiting on my results . my heads not itchy any more im dripping with oil im so greasy . i hope and pray this gets better !!



I was fed up with my itchy ness, so i just went in my bathroom and grabbed the bottle of hand sanitizer there and dumped half of it on my hair, then mixed that with irish spring soap. the soap works for fleas on dogs so why not lice i figured, soo i rubbed the sanitizer and soap into my hair let it sit for like 20 minutes then rinsed my hair... surprisingly it worked.... a lot of huge bugs rinsed out of my hair!! im grossed out by it but relieved.... dont think im going to do it again tho... sanitizer has a very strong smell!!


I have two girls. One seventeen and one nine. My seventeen year old had lice often when she was younger and time after time, I used nix and rid - they never worked. After learning about the harmful chemicals and permanent damage that could happen to my child, I tried something different. I put mayo all over head. I mean I REALLY put a ton of that stuff in. Put a shower cap on her and let her sleep in it over night. When she woke up, we washed her hair a few times and it was still really greasy so we washed it with dawn dishwashing liquid. We used a comb and pulled out the lice and nits (this took a few hours), then blow dried it at the hottest possible temperature everyday for two weeks. I am happy to say that she has been lice free for 8 years!! I think partially because she has blow dried her hair ever since. My nine year has it now :( so for a $3.00 jar of mayo and a little effort, she will be lice free in a day!

Hoping to KILL these BUGS!

Ok, so I have just discovered this website and (from what I've been reading0 the whole 'tea tree oil' thing is supposed to work wonders.
I've had lice for at least two months now and it SUCKS! I can't believe I've had it for so long but I have.
Any way, I was reading some of the remedies and comments about them and I founf=d that there are some people (actually, a lot of people) who have the same problem as me.
I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one on this horror ride and will definatly be trying the tree oil thing.

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