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I used to work with pharmacist who gave me a very simple remedy I have tried and worked great. Mix 1 part alcohol to 2 parts conditioner of your choice. Leave it in for 30 minutes then just wash and rinse. Make sure you wash all hair brushes, pillow cases, & everything else that has come in contact with your hair. Hope it helps.


We have 5 children and after spending several hundreds of dollars on head lice shampoos, we got this recipe from a friend who is also a nurse. After using this treatment one time every kid was able to return to school the next day (the school nurse did a very thorough check with a toothpick). 1/4 cup of each mayo, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, and Listerine mouthwash. Mix all ingredients well coat hair quickly and cover hair with shower cap. Leave on hair for a couple hours and comb out with nit comb. This worked the very first time EVERY bug combed out was DEAD!!

Taylor wolfe

O.M.G head lice is the worst!! what i use is a regular head lice shampoo then i put vinagar in my head then i put a bag over it .. do this for 30 minutes then take it out then rince and put condisoner in your hair :)


First off the lice industry must be a billion dollar business because I have bought every lice treatment available. Not a single one is effective enough to keep buying, you are just washing your money and a fraction of the problem down the drain. Something made me remember how my family would use avon skin so soft as a mosquito repellent during camping trips in south Florida. I haven't tried this yet, but have researched that most people swear by it. It is oily, but much better than anything in the fridge or in your cabinet. I had a helluva time degreasing a previous olive oil treatment.


ok, so i submitted a comment about this website a while back thinking: 'Wow, this is great stuff! I can get rid of my Lice withen a week!'
Turns out I was wrong!
I've had lice for over THREE MONTHS now! I can't wait, though, to try some of theses newer remedies I've found.
What I'm gonna do is:
STEP ONE: Put a bunch of Mayo on my head and leave it in for a couple of hours.
STEP TWO: rinse with DAWN handsoap and Suave coconuat conditionar.
STEP THREE: lather white vinigar, Listorine and Tea-tree oil in my hair; let sit for at least two hours.
STEP FOUR: rinse (again) with the DAWN handsoap and Suave coconuat conditionar.

Remember: I have not tried this yet; do not automatically think it works!
Wish me luck! :)


It's very simple. Tried and true. Mayo, splash of white distilled vinegar, tree tea oil...10 drops, neem oil 10 drops. Mix and apply to hair. Wrap with clear wrap to suffocate the enemy. Let it sit for 2 hours. Shampoo out and watch the critters die. Comb thoroughly to get rid of the eggs in small sections at a time. Hair is still greasy so the eggs remove easier. Repeat if necessary. It works!


Every time my daughter goes to her dad's house she gets lice, it is getting very irritating. Needless to say I've become somewhat a pro at getting rid of lice within a day. The first thing I do is get her clothes and bedding that she was wearing/ sleeping in, and wash and dry it. Then it goes into a plastic bag for a week. Vacuum the house and sanitize. She takes a shower and washes her hair with dish soap (it is powerful enough to release the glue that holds the nits) Dawn is the best, but regular dish soap works. Then she conditions so her hair is easy to comb through and I blow dry her hair for 10 minutes. Well after her hair has dried. (The extreme heat kills the lice and the babies inside the nits) by the end of the first day she has no more lice, but to be safe I repeat this process for 3 days. Works every time! Hope it helps.


I tried EVERYTHING to try to get lice out of my daughter's hair. I used RID that had the plastic lice combs. I First had to loosen it by taking little strands for back to front. It took a couple of hours. Than I tried the RID shampoo. I rubbed about half or 1/4 of it. I rubbed it in for 3 minutes and then I let it sit for 10-15 minutes. I washed it out and kept rinsing it for 5 minutes. I towel tried her hair and checked for the lice again. She only had 1 little bug crawling around. I picked it out and she was all good. The next day I had her take a shower and she felt much better ;D


My Daughter is an 8th grader and being an 8th grader pretty much means she doesnt care if she shares a pillow or a coat or even a hair brush or anything like that. She had come home from her friends house this morning saying her head had itched really bad. Well I had to be somewhere about an hour and a half later. I had no time to go to the store and get that shampoo for head lice. I remember my mom had always told me to put Hand Sanitizer in my hair whenever one of the kids had lice. So I took the hand sanitizer out of the bathroom cabnet and applied it for about 20 minutes, I was also aplplying some Irish Spring Soap. After awhile she told me it was soothing her itch. Well I let it sit there for about another 20 minutes and then applied some Aloe Vera. Then I had let it sit for about another 10 minutes. After that I rinsed her hair out for about 15 minutes. Then I checked in the sink and all the bugs had been washed out into the sink! It was gross but atleast we stopped it before the rest of the family got it.


Easy, inexpensive remedy that completely eliminated the lice after 3 treatments. Mix equal parts of 91% rubbing alcohol and white vinegar into a spray bottle. Add 1 drop of tea tree oil for every fluid ounce of mixture. Thoroughly wet hair with mixture and comb out with metal nit comb. Every few strokes rinse the comb in a container of water (to see what is coming out of the hair to track progress). Wash and condition hair afterwards with coconut based products. Treat every other day to break life cycle until lice are gone.

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