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When I was in sixth grade I got hair lice really bad. My baby sitter would put Dawn Soap in my hair and let it sit for an hour. Then I'd wash it out and blow dry with the hair dryer on hot. Worked like a charm.


we had been battling head lice on my 9 year old son for almost a month, no matter what specialized shampoo's we bought and used the little critters were still winning the war. I decided to check out a home rememdy and try it...i figured why not nothing we were buying seemed to work..this is what I did.... I soaked our sons hair with vinegar...I used over half a gallon....then I placed a swimming cap over his head for 2 hours (I also tucked some cotton pads just under the front to prevent vinegar from running onto his face). After 2 hours I rinsed his hair...I could not believe all the little critters I seen in the bottom of the bath tub!!! I then lathered his hair with Palmolive dish soap then added almost half a cup of babyoil...I then started to comb out his hair with lice comb...and wow wow wow, could not believe the number of nits coming out...i then rinsed his hair well and combed thru again...still pulling out nits and a few more lice...but they were dead!!!! after all this I shampooed his hair with teatree oil morning when he got up for school I re-checked his hair...NOTHING... was so happy!! I am checking his hair on a regular bases and still nothing... :) if we every have a battle with these little critters again...we are gonna win the war with this remedy


hi,useing an enzyme capsule[powder ,broken apart] add to a spray bottle with vinager [ 1 ounce vinager to 2 c water or just a couple gulps] water and a big sqirt of conditioner, spray on dry hair leave in 20 minutes then comb out useing a blue long toothed flea comb. comb in 4 directions;front to back,back to front then right to left and left to right.
you can add an enzyme to each of your shampoo and conditioner if you want extra can spray mattresses,combs,hat's will never use anything else after this to get rid of head lice once and for all!


After two failed attempts with lice shampoo I interpreted a combination of others sugestions, and the reaults were truly unreal!!! I started by laying my daughter down on the counter so her head was hanging over the kitchen sink. I saturated her hair with straight vinegar and put a plastic shopping bag over her hair pulled tightly and secured in the back with a hair tie. I let that sit on her hair for roughly two hours wile she played. I then laid her down again and throughly rinsed her hair. Once her hair was rinsed I lathered her up with Palmolive dish washing liquid. Rinsed then repeated. With her head still over the sink I squeezed the excess water and applied alot of baby oil, more than enough to.saturate the hair, rinsed it quickly so it was not so oily and towel dried, then immediatley comed through with a nit comb. I WAS IN SHOCK! After two months of battling with this and only ever finding two tiny bugs, I was so surprised to see more than 40
dead lice! It was like I was only combing thru her hair and the lice were sliding out with out me searching. Not only that but the eggs also. I just cant seem how after all this time i was missing them. The Vinegar killed the lice and the plastic bag was to keep the from running. The Palmolive dish liquid breaks up the glue that holds the hair and egg together. I swear by this and If she ever ends up with lice again.... I already know my solution, first times a charm!


I've tried everyone of these treatments at some point my 15yr old used to get head lice at least once a year SORRY! You must comb out every nit there is nothing that actually washes out the nits but I've found one thing that kills the bugs and loosens the nits its truely a miracle! phisoderm facial cleanser or the generic (cetaphil cleanser)leave on for at least an hour,rinse, and (the worst part)comb,comb,comb!


Ok. We are in holiday season in NZ right now, which is why I was so surprised to find 1 adult head lice in my 3 yrs olds hair today. I checked her hair and found a few nits. She gets them from time to time as she is at daycare. She also has a 10 yr old brother who gets them from time to time, especially when he goes and stays at mates homes. It is a normal pastime for them to get them and me to shell out big bucks getting rid of them. BUT, I gave this a go and now swear by it. I saturated vinegar (white) onto my daughters hair for 15 minutes. Then I washed her hair with dishwashing liquid (Palmolive), and finally added conditioner and put a nit comb through her very long hair. Found another 3, very dead adults and no live nits. Finally I used the hairdryer on her hair, and got her big 17 yr old sister to then straighten it. 2 hours in all and she isn't scratching anymore. Needless to say her blankets and pillow case are hanging up on the line. I came up with this remedy from a few of the remedies posted. So thanks to everyone on this site. Cheers


When I was a young girl and going to school every year I would come home with head lice or my sister would and we shared a room and we were always both infested with them.

A remedy my mom used all the time and It never hurt was lamp oil and vinegar.

What she would do because we were usually poor and the Ridx shampoo never worked especially if you have very thick hair was she would go to the family dollar pick up a gallon of vinegar and two bottles of lamp oil.

First we would have the vinegar in our hair and make sure it is very much soaked with it and wrap it in a towel for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Then we after it was rinsed out we would take lamp oil and put it in our hair for another hour and wrap in a towel. After it was done we would rinse it out and shampoo our hair.

It would always kill the hardest lice to get rid of in one treatment. The only thing you would have to do after that is wash bedding and such things.

I hope it helps for you like it always did for us.

Good Luck!


washed my head 2 hours ago with garlic and lemon paste for 20 min and then i washed it with venscone shampoo not feeling itchy any more after washing with shampoo i didnt used towel to dry my hair . instead i used fine comb to remove garlic pieces from my head and along came dead lice. hope u will find it effective.
garlic paste(2 cloves)
lemon juice 2 spoon


My mother used to rinse our hair with vinager every night when lice was going around school. We never got lice growing up. When my children were younger I did this thay got it once. So I also started to use a leave in conditioner after rinsing with vinager, when I found out lice don't like dirty hair. Thay have a hard time laying there eggs in it. I am not saying to leave kids hair dirty but the leave in conditioner does that for you I believed this is why my kids never got it again. Hope this works for you as well as it did for me God bless.


Working with children I have gotten head lice a couple times myself. I have found a cure of Mayo and listerne that works. I coverd my head with Mayo put a shower cap on an leave it for an hour. Then i rinse it out with Listerne. Then comb threw with the nit comb. Works well and my Hair was really soft when i got done !!

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