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In our household, the long battle against head lice and nits has ended with a single weapon... Nit-Nurse. We dialled their hotline and delivered the next day without hassle. It comes with a nit-comb. 100% money-back guarantee.

Donnie D

After battling for months using every product on the market I could find, and a bunch of the methods I found here did not complete the job. I was so frustrated having to deal with this every day, and washing my hair with harsh products twice a day was leading no where, and really hurting my head. A friend of mine asked me if I had used Calamine Lotion at all, and I said I didn't, but decided to give it a shot. To my surprise, finally after only a couple of day using Calamine Lotion I was winning the war, and knew I was headed to the end of that nasty road. My god these things are tough to get rid of, and ended up costing me hundreds of dollars washing clothes, linen, hair products, upholstery cleaners, and things like that.

Anyway, here's how I did it... Where ever I felt anything or something from the bugs, or had open sores from them, I applied Calamine Lotion to that area, and its surrounding areas. I coated my entire scalp with the lotion, and left on over night to make sure it was all dry. The following morning I washed my hair with Palmolive Dish Soap and repeated. Second day I continued to apply Calamine Lotion whenever I felt any tingling, or itching sensations to that area, and its surroundings. By the third day I was completely free from the bugs, and no longer felt tingling or itchy sensations. I'm so glad my friend sparked that idea to use Calamine Lotion. What it does is dry up everything, so therefore cutting off the bugs food and water supply, and possibly their air supply too! In conclusion, Calamine Lotion kills them dead, and works like a charm whether you comb your hair of the bugs or not, just apply Calamine lotion to any feelings or sensations of itchiness, and you will win the war.

I had a severe case of them because anything I used didn't work, and it got so bad they were latching on to my body all over the place. It is an absolutely disgusting bug, and Calamine Lotion is the easiest, and most gentle way to get real relief. Aaaah, finally the war is over, it's not raining bugs any more! I know what to use if I ever catch them again, and will save a ton of money.

Try it, you will not regret it, and you will be so relieved. I am!


Hello everyone my 2 in a half year old daughter got lice yes ughhh im so upset... so I found this web site and decided to try one, the one you put vinegar all over the hair until its all wet then put a bag on and tie it and leave it on for an1 hour or 2 then rinse it out with Palmolive then put conditioner and leave it on comb,comb,and you'll see all those nasty little bug dead o and for nitts or eggs you can put cooking oil odry hair
then you comb,and comb with a special lice comb and you'll see how many get stuck on the lice comb. And my last step that I gave a try and its removing the last
but not least is a slippery gel called MEDlice that my dad bought at ride aid works so good for both lice and eggs (nitts ) thanks hope this helps

Lice Hate!!!

I have lice (IT SUCKS) most of the people who live with me have long hair so it comes to the point where everyone of us have it..We have tried the OTC RID which did not work...So I found this website one morning;this helped ALOT.So I put some mayo in my hair,I let that sit there for about 30 minutes then after that I put vinegar;garlic paste;and lemon juice.My hair was dry when I did these steps. Put a plastic bag around your head tightly put it on but not so tightly where you will jerk your brains out trying to get it off.But keep that on for about 2 hrs. Then wash all the stuff you put out.When it gets all out comb it out with just a normal comb of yours get all the tangles out with that comb then get a tightly packed comb;get a little bowl that you wont be using fill that bowl with water(hot or cold) comb each section of the hair.But while you are doing that you must do a section at a time.When you are done with one section put the comb in the bowl of water then do that for out the rest of the hair.When you are done get some dish soap and rinse your hair out with that.Works like a charm!


the other day my daughter told me her head itched and when I looked I saw she had lice. Of course my first reaction was to freak because HELLO there are bugs in her hair... I tried the OTC RID but it doesn't seem to have done much. I did find some dead bugs but she has long THICK and Curly hair so now I am moving on and trying the listerine and vinegar road along with blow drying and straightening. I also did a OTC treatment on myself at the same time because we had been sharing a brush and naturally I am convinced there are little bugs crawlinhg all over me now. I will also do the home made remedy and I will post tomorrow how that works. But I have a question for all of you out there. In 2 days I have a hair appointment to get my hair dyed and was wondering if I should cancel or if this would still be ok. I don't have any nits that I can see and have only found 1 louse on me after obsessive searching(though I am certain there are more) also I have short hair (chin level at longest) that I blow dry and straighten everyday. Any thoughts would be helpful... and again I will try to follow up with how this works *fingers crossed* because I feel bad for my daughter who is also freaking out because there are tiny bug in her hair. (opps that may have been my fault but I did quickly reassure her that it was ok and very common and that 'Mommy had lice when I was about your age...')


This worked wonders for us. We tried rid/nix for months & couldn't get rid of it so I got on this site & found this. Leave denorex in for 5-10 min (kills the live bugs), rinse, put in suave coconut conditioner (leave in). Then someone needs to go through her hair thoroughly with a nix/rid metal comb (found at Walgreens or Walmart). We can buy just the comb at Walgreens. Then wipe all eggs/bugs onto a paper towel. Put paper towel in a plastic bag & tie & throw away. Then you need to blow dry her hair ALL the way until its not wet. Then flatiron. The combing is the most crucial part, especially for the eggs. We did this daily for 7 days last time & it was gone by day 3 or 4 but continued to do it to make sure. Hope this all helps. Cleaned, vacuumed, & lysoled the whole house. Also wash all bedding & clothing. This was the only thing that worked for my family.


Advantage.the topical flea killer for dogs & cats.I put a few drops of this product on my sons hair and within 5 minutes you could see the lice falling on to the back of his shirt.It killed the adults & nits.Keep the advantage in your hair for two weeks. reapply after washing hair.

I have won the war yay

So after like a year of having headlice on and off between daycare and school we have it gone for a month or two then back it seemed like a never ending war that I was losing nix and rid never worked ,finally about two weeks ago i found this site,DAY 1:: first: covered hair in mayo let sit for about an hour then I mixed:LEMON JUICE'GARLIC PASTE AND VINEGAR put it on my kids hair (having 5 kids 3 who need treatment) put it on dry hair i saturated the hair then covered with a plastic bag for a couple hours then i rinsed it of washed hair woth dish soap a couple times.
DAY 2 I covered the hair in olive oil and combed combed combed washed that out with dish soap then blow dried hair then i saturated the dry hair in pure vinegar put a bag on the heads and let sit about 5 hou7rs i washed out again with dish soap and combed the hair with a metal lice daughted has nice thick curly hair which they love so i went ahead and blow dried her and my hair straight.AT day 1 we had tons ion my kids hair tons by day three there is nothiong I mean nothing no eggs no lice they rinsed ou t dead on day one treatment. I am still continuing the combing daily to find nothing in a few days I will do the vinegar again aand the blow dryong again for a heat effect to dry anything out but i can say right now we are clear and happy i cannot belive they are gone for good now i will be buying pure coconut oil as precaution and putting a few drops in our regular shampoo and conditioner i through research know that they will die and hate the smell of the coconut oil and that will become a part of our rountine from now on.
one more thing i read on here sum, ridiculous stuff someone mentioned just shampoo but if your a parent fighting lice u will know that shampoo and conditioner is a dream it will never work I hope thbis helps some one.


After many attempts of using OTC treatments, I bought some hair coloring and told my girls that they could have whatever color of hair that they wanted. It worked.


Thanks to this website! After years of no lice my four year old daughter ( with waist length hair) finally got them from some friends children at a sleepover. Full panic mode from me resulted in finding this site. I dosed both our hair in cheap supermarket white vinegar ( about $2 for a litre) then left it on hair for about an hour covered in shower caps. watch out for the eyes as this can sting. I then rinsed out the vinegar and used palmolive dish liquid, then applied baby oil, then washed this out with palmolive dish liguid again. After this I liberally coated our hair in any cheap hair conditioner and combed out with lice combs. I got out about 40 dead lice!!! This method definitely works. I then blow dried our hair with a hot drier and straightened with a hot iron as apparently this kills the nits with the heat. Our hair is now lice and nit free, we will repeat this again in another day or two. NO NEED for expensive and dangerous lice chemicals. Good luck. Hope this helps someone out. :)

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