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There have been a number of problems with this at our school and after every reported incident I checked my kids out. Luckily they never got them; however, at the very end of the school year one of them did. I did a combination of some of these ideas. She is older so I used dog flee and tick remover (which after a lot of research I found out it would be ok. I left it on for about 5 minutes or so and wrapped her hair in a plastic bag since I didn't have shower caps. When it was time to get out I rinsed her hair thoroughly and then washed it again in Dawn dish soap followed by conditioner. I blow dried her hair and then used a straightening iron. No lice and any nits left were easy to pull off since they were fried. We have a farm so I used our barn spray on the rugs and couches. I had the kids out of the house until it all cleared and vacummed later. That or bug bombs will clear them out of the house.


My 3 daughters have had head lice about 3 times this past school year..and a quick fix is dishwashing liquid! (At least till u get Rx or over the counter meds). Just mix about 1/3 cup of dish liquid into about a cup or 2 cup of water (depending on length of hair) apply to dry hair lather up really good,let it set for about 30 min...rinse and condition....and your all done! Works wonders!

Sharon Finn

My granddaughter was sent home from school yesterday with head lice. I got on the home remedy for lice treatment and made the shampoo submitted by Sandy 7.4.2010. Medium infestation recipe. 2oz tea tree oil, dawn dishwashing soap and 4oz white vinegar. I used this and it smelled very strong, but went ahead anyway. As i started washing her hair, she began to scream of burning and the fumes began to fill the room. She screamed and jumped uncontrollably. I rinsed her hair and rewashed with her reg shampoo and she continued to scream running through the house. Her skin was turning bright red and my husband and I realized it was indeed burning. She was screaming she was on fire!!! We washed her, put lotion on her skin, solorcain, and nothing would stop it. She was screaming Why did you do this to me Nana!!! We were about to take her to the hospital when we got our aloa plant and applied that. It began to sooth her skin and she stopped crying. I will never forget it. Our whole house smelled of the toxic fumes. My eyes and throat burned as did everyones in the house!When inspecting the bottle of tea tree oil, with a magnifying glass, it said, do not use on animal or children, flammible. I am writin this because I noticed alot of the remedies have tea tree oil in them..... STOP using this it is very dangerous. I should of used just the vinegar or nix shampoo. I don't know if my 5yr old grandaughters screams will ever leave my memory!!!!

lice freak :p

My family all had lice about a month ago well we got rid of it with OTC RID. But it keeps coming back. So we tried a bunch a different things!Everybody said put mayo in your hair which makes me barf,I was NOT putting mayo in my hair.. So,this works like a charm: OTC RID only works if you leave it in overnight. So put it this way I put otc rid in all my family heads then put a cheap shower cap over each of our heads while we had the shower caps on our heads I sprayed everything that could not be washed.. I stripped the kids blankets and my blankets and everything. But I can give you advice do not wash everything and waste your time just stick it in the dryer (lice hate heat). In the morning wash it out then use your dishsoap as conditioner when you wash the OTC RID out.
* Never bring a friend home that is scarting at their head.*
Hope this works!! :)


All remedies have already been helpful. but i wanted to share something that hasn't been posted and thats how to be sure you do have head i worry many may not be sure. looking through scalp is affective, but if your alone and you want to know without the humiliation of asking a friend, take a mirror and hang your head over a LARGE mirror and shake your hair over the mirror, you'll find this too is very affective. I was able to do this and sadly with positve results.

i'll now be trying remedies posted here to cure it. wish me luck!!

Mary Jane

Hello Folks, Just to confirm what others are saying here. I thought I had another skin problem until I saw
a bug come from my itching and dicovered it was LICE !!!! ICK

I never in my almost 60 years had lice
Didnt have the money for OTC meds so
I went looking for alternative treatments as this problem was getting much much worse with very bad headaches and pain due to the on going scratching of my scalp

I tried the vinager and used my brush
to comb it in. Within seconds many many DEAD lice came out of my hair.
They continue to come out of my hair
99% of them dead. I also had success
with the mayo and lemon juice after I used the vinegar. But the vinager the
very best results yet.

I intend to keep using the vinager until all bugs are out and all itching
has gone. Just waiting for the scalp in places to heal. Thanks to others for suggesting this.


My daughter was scratching her head one day so I looked and there was lice in her hair. I was totally broke until the next week but did not want to wait to do something about the problem. We were at a friends house and I told her about the problem even though I was totally embarrassed to. She told me to use some rubbing alcohol keep a shower cap on her head for an hour then rinse shampoo and then use conditioner leave and use the special lice comb if possible if not then a fine toothed comb will work then rinse conditioner out. Blowdry then go through hair yo see if you still see the nits or egg. This is not recommended for young children. When using on adults and older children have the person use a hand towel folded several times and put on edge of bath tub then place eyes on towel and hold the sides tightly on temples to avoid getting in eyes.and to slightly cover nose and mouth so the smell of alcohol isn't overwhelming. Also only use 50%- 70% rubbing alcohol. The 90% is way too strong. This worked the best for my daughter. Along with vacuuming, washing everything and spraying rubbing alcohol on mattresses and furniture, car seats and soaking the hair brushes and combs and any hair accessories in alcohol we have not had a problem since.


Never having to deal with the dreaded lice bugs before, until April 19th when I got the call from the school nurse, telling me not one, but my two youngest kids (6 and 7 yrs old) had lice and to come get them. I totally freaked out needless to say! I got them and went straight to Walmart and bought 6 boxes of Nix (good lord that stuff is expensive!) I got home and immediately started treating the children. All the while, trying to figure out where they got it from, as apparently no one in their classes had it and we had not been anywhere they could have contact with other children in the past several weeks. Then is dawned on me. On Easter weekend we had taken the kids to the local park for an Easter egg hunt and they had 2 of those large inflatable bounce houses, that were of course packed with kids and of course my two little ones were in there. Given the time frame and the size of the lice- yep, the bounce houses! All that weekend I was a washing and stuffed animal and toy bagging fool. Did 2 treatments on my son and he seemed to be clear, but last week my daughter came to me saying her head was itching. I took outside and started looking in her hair and I saw some sand, (her and brother had a sand fight the day before) but I also saw what looked like nits. I didn’t take a chance, went straight back and got more Nix. It says leave on 10 mins, but I left it on more like 20-30 mins. and then washed her hair. When I took her back outside to comb her hair and look for nits. I combed out 5 adult lice that were still alive! I couldn’t believe it! Luckily we had an appt with our pediatrician that day for check ups and I told her what was going on with the lice and that the over the counter stuff was not working. 3rd round! She told me to google Cetaphil for lice treatment. I did so and bought 2- 16 oz bottles of Cetaphil, 2 plastic hair bottles, plastic hair covers, a metal lice comb, Suave coconut hair conditioner, tea tree oil and tea tree oil shampoo. I also hadn’t really had my head examined either, but my husband looked this past Friday and he said he saw a bug in my head and of course I freaked out! Stripped everything off and began to cover my head with the Cetaphil and I left it on both my daughter for 12 hours. Washed it off, it washes out really easy. Washed hair with tea tree shampoo, then I used a white vinegar rinse in the shower and slathered on coconut conditioner and used the lice comb in the shower and combed, combed, combed. Rinse really good and then add more coconut conditioner. So far looks like no live lice. I am sitting here now with coconut oil hair dressing on my head, as I am super paranoid about still have bugs in my hair. I also bought the Robi-comb and I have to say it seems to work great. I have had it go off a few times, but not sure if its zapping lice bugs or maybe because I have coconut conditioner and moose in my hair. But, so far only two to three beeps coming from my hair and daughters hair. My plan is to treat with Cetaphil every Friday for a month and continue daily use of the robi comb and hopefully they will be gone. Oh and no more bounce houses for us!


My two daughters just had lice. My pediatrician told me two ways to get it out. One, get Kraft mayo - the kind with olive oil in it. Saturate the scalp and hair, then get a cheap sleeping cap from the drugstore. Leave it on overnight and wash out in the morning. It suffocates the lice. My youngest daughter is 2 and had visable lice, I used it on her and it worked like a charm. I also did the same for my husband and myself just in case! -It's also a great moisturizer. The second treatment my pediatrician recommended is using Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. Go to to get the full instructions. (I did this treatment) I also did a backup. There is a new treatment by Rx only -Natroba. It is pretty expensive but my dr gave me a $35 mail in rebate for it. This is a topical gel you apply to hair, let sit 10 minutes, and rinse out. It kills all lice and nits with no coming (I combed anyways just in case) No more lice! This was by far the easiest and quickest way to get rid of them.


THe only treatment I have seen that works for us is: Wash your hair with Prell Shampoo and then put Original Listerine on your head and cover with a shower cap and sleep with it. Wake up and wash again with Prell. They were all dead. We had been fighting them for months until I got this remedy. The OTC stuff does not work.

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