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Mommy's Girl

Growing up I had a minor problem with lice. 10 years or so ago over the counter treatments worked. Now a days it seems like there is no help. Even doctor visit and prescription seems to be a waste of time. Until recently my daughter caught lice. What terrible little monsters (lice are). After trying just about everything I finally went to my mother. Mom's know best BTW! She gave me a little hint and now I'm going to share it with you.. It works like a charm for most no matter how thickness of hair.
MOMS Cheap Lice Treatment:
1st: You'll need a few bottles of rubbing alcohol(enough to completely wet hair).
2nd: Shower caps (or a plastic bag).
3rd: Fine combs
4th: Dandruff shampoo (along with some conditioner).
5th: Pink Hair Lotion
NOW your ready to get rid of those (little monsters).
The treatment: Brush hair to get out tangles, comb the hair while dry to get out falling hair and to make hair really fine and what lice can fall out before ahead of time, separate hair into 2 sides (almost like pig tail for longer hair). Wet one side with alcohol fully and comb it threw hair make sure to do same with out side right after (You'll see the lice start to already fall out).
Put the hair up in a bun if you can without getting tangles, place a bag over the hair leaven less hair showing with bag tight as can be (shower caps work better), let it sit in for about 10-20 mins longer and thicker the hair the better if left in longer (but not too long). After the wait bend over the tub and shake out hair most as possible, even comb the hair with a fine comb and keep shaking here and there (There will be tons more falling out). Finally you'll want to wash hair with dandruff shampoo followed by conditioner, when drying hair with towel make sure to only use one side drying most of extra water out, comb hair threw few more times to be extra sure. Now your almost done just add the pink hair lotion to the hair the (more the better but not to much. Let hair air dry. Now your done that's it. Tip that I find. (USING THE PINK LOTION EVERY TIME YOU GET OUT BATH OR SHOWER THE LESS CHANCE YOU HAVE OF GETTING LICE AGAIN THEY HATE OILY HAIR!) It not hard and its not expensive it actually quite cheap way to get rid of lice (Don't worry to much about the eggs once their white their dead and end up falling out them selves but you can easily comb them out.) I hope this works for you as much as it works for my family after all this time and I wish you the best of luck!

Concerned Mom

I went to pick my kids up from visiting with family. And to my dismay they had lice.UGH so I did what most parents to I freaked out. I have 2 girls with long thick hair. How am I gonna get rid of this I ask myself. So, I calmly took them both outside and one by one picked every not and bug I saw out of their heads. I contacted their pediatrician and he prescribed them a medicine called Malathion. Treated them both. You have to leave it on their head for 8-12 hrs. And then use their regular shampoo. Comb through the hair with a not comb and get any bugs or its that are left behind. The pine tree oil allows the its to aide right off the hair. It works wonders.1 treatment and they were gone. No need for a second treatment. I was astonished. And am now 1 happy mother.


After a few years of dealing with head lice on my daughter, I finally switched doctors and plead with her new doctor for a solution besides rid and nix for my daughters head lice problem and he prescribed me Ulesfia. He said it was a new product that didn't have a bad odor and was said to work well. I was skeptical but was willing to give it a shot. I used the medicine as directed. I grab one of those little suckers and poured a dab on it and to my surprise it started to die on contact. So I let the medicine set in her hair until it was time to rinse off and the bugs just started faking off as I was rinsing her hair. I was do relieved that this had actually worked. I also notice as I was combing out her hair that the medicine actually killed the eggs as well. I was so happy with the results of Ulesfia and thought I'd put it on this site. It's been about 6 months since I treated her hair and have yet to see any lice. I hope those of you struggling with this same problem I did really consider using this product.


Hair dye (even the cheap brand that only costs $1) followed by (i use) herbal grow hair grease ($1 a jar at Family Dollar or Dollar General). The ammonia in the hair dye kills the eggs and bugs. Don't condition your hair after you rinse the dye out,,,,don't even wash the hair. just rinse the dye. Add a generous amount of herbal grow grease the bugs and nits will not have anything to latch on to because the scalp and hair is saturated in a lubricant that doesn't leave friction for anything to latch (grasp) onto......and the grease (Softee Herbal Grow, green jar) leaves a pleasant smell and is very healthy for your hair.


Stop EVERYTHING and go buy a Robi-Comb!!

At least 7 YEARS, on and off, I've battled these blood suckers with my 3 children. Tried every remedy from store bought lice med (poison), mayo, tea tree oil(worked fairly well temporarily) name it, we tried it!!

Read a post about the Robi-Comb and thought I'd try it. (Walgreens) It is a battery powered comb that literally SHOCKS those buggers to DEATH!!

As you comb through the hair, you will hear a buzzing sound when it shocks the lice. Use the little brush to brush them into a bowl of water (this will drown them in case they are not fully dead). I used this every few days until no more were detected. Follow up in a week just to make sure no more lice eggs hatched.

Not the cheapest thing on the market...I think I paid around 20 dollars for it, BUT, money well spent. 2 years now and it still works great and NO LICE!! I still check them now and then, NO LICE!!

I did not even have to do all the bedding treatment....bagging up bedding, washing in hot water and hot dryer...all that was unnecessary with the Robi-Comb!!

Buy it, use it as directed and YOU WILL BE LICE FREE!!!! LOVE IT!!


We warmed up cooking oil and applied it to the kids hair. We let it set a few minutes. The lice starting going nuts. We took lice combs and comb them out.


We use mayo and shower caps! Put the mayo on dry hair very thick and make sure you get all the way to the scalp! Place the shower cap on their head. It must be in place for at least 8 hours! i usually leave it on for 12. Its crazy but the bugs actually suffocate! They fall out when you remove the shower cap! and the best part is.... the mayonaise actually loosens the nits and are so much easier to remove! Wash the hair with dawn dish soap once then comb thru the hair. Then it will have to be washed 2 or 3 more times to get the greasiness out of the hair! I have also learned that garbage bags over the pillows with duck tape to close it up like a pillow case will suffocate any live louse and keep the bags on for a month before removing to be sure that everything is dead works! And i bought plastic mattress covers for their beds!!! i also bag up every toy that has fur or hair and leave them bagged up for at least a month! I don't feel 2 weeks is long enough! And after all lice is gone we started using coconut shampoo and conditioner and we have had no issues since!


My daughter was sent home frm school because she had lice so the first thing i did was google home remedies and i got this page. I took everyones advice. I grabbed vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and baby oil. I mixed it all together and put it in her hair. Tied it up and wrapped her hair tightly in a shower cap. Let it sit for an hour. Then i brushed it outside in the sun. All the lice was dead as they came out. For the eggs i used salt water and brushed it out. Then i put her in the tub and put alot of conditioner and brushed again. Then i blow dried her hair and then straighten it with the flat iron to burn the eggs. This worked very well but u have to repeat it over and over for 2 weeks.


It's true guys...screw expensive poisons like rid and nix... First soak head in white vinegar for about an hour (cover head after thoroughly wet), then rinse out and watch them fall out. Then shampoo with dawn dish soap (helps to get rid if smell and loosen nits), then rinse again. Finally, lather in a healthy normal amount of cheap conditioner (suave coconut was great), and then comb with the conditioner still in hair (helps the combing go smoother and the dead lice get stuck in the lather that you comb out). Finally rinse out leftover conditioner and your head should be lice free.(but you DO have to use a nit comb to increase the chances of completely being rid if them for good.) Too make sure they aren't coming back repeat in one week...... As for furniture...I do not know.


My kids have had them every school year for the last 10 years. Everytime we would use the over the counter Rid or Nix and it would appear to work for a while. I asked my pediatrician the last time what their suggestion is and they said to leave any over the counter treatment on for 3 hours. I was amazed because it says on the box not to exceed 10 min. She told me that when you use Ovide you want to be careful not to leave it but the OTC stuff is not strong enough to harm you for that period. Ever since whenever I hear someone talk, I tell them Leave it for 3 Hours!

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