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Mayonaise works everytime. Soak your head in Mayonaise dawn and Denorex shampoo saran wrap your hair or put a cap on leave on for about an hr longer for thick hair. Rinse hair out then rerinse with vinegar condition well.


My daughter has had trouble with nits for a very long time we tried everything did the combing every night even went to the extent of shaving her head at the age of 8 she was ok with this as she was consistanly itching and was sick of it but they kept coming back. Anyhow Best Foods mayonaise work a treat put it in her hair section by section laft in for 2 hours washed out combed with fine tooth comb checked and found only about 3 eggs which were dead and easy to pull out with tips of fingers repeated next day and nothing she has stopped scratching


kerosene put it n the hair for about 1 hr wash it outdoors of course kills lice and eggs first time u dont even have to comb thru hair the eggs will fall off with in days wear old clothes and stay outside the entire process


well after using nix/rid it dint do much so we used viniger,musterd and mayo it worked for us


I JUST started reading your list of advice on head lice, my daughter came back, I kid you not, from the hospital, with a big ol' head of lice. She stayed a few days, and bam, there the lil' boogers are! My youngest doesn't have anything, nits, nothing. So I read in one of your paragraphs about the lady who said she used dog shampoo:( I thought...well that can't be good, but we've tried everything for days. After researching for ten mins. I decided to use it. Had her up on her tip toes upside down in the bathtub so that no water could run in her eyes, and scrubbed her head with the dogs shampoo. Then wrapped her head in a bag for five mins. I didn't want to go too long and it burn her head. SO only five. Then started combing through...OMGOSH, they fell out like crazy, everywhere, I kid you not. Deader then a door knob!!! I found one somewhat alive, but the rest dead. And the knits....well I can't explain it, they didn't exactly slide off the hair folicle, they just turned to must and I kinda used a paper towl to pull the mush off her hair. Then I rinsed again, then put germ x in for five mins. for a 'just in case'...she said none of this burnt, and I went a head and blow dried and hot ironed so I could go through everything piece by piece...NOT ONE KNIT OR LICE BUG!! Thank you to the lady who told us about the dog shampoo, it sounds terrible, but in comparision, they dog shampoo had LESS active ingredents then all the other lice stuff combined! AND WORKS!! Happy picking folks:)


Ok when I was a kid I read in a book how to remove headlice. You use half cup white vinegar and half cup palmolive dish soap mix together and apply to head overnite with a cap on ur head. Then rinse with suave coconut conditioner. Comb the nits out with medal comb. It really works


This will sound strange, but back in '69' when I was 10 years old, my siblings and I came back from a Mexican vacation with head lice. My mexican grandmother suggested my mom use kerosine. For obvious reasons, extreme care had to be taken with this rememdy. My mom poured a small amount of kerosine in a glass dish and gently combed it into our hair. This was all done outdoors and away from anything that could cause combustion. After a few minutes, we showered the kerosine out of our hair. This was back in the day, but it took just one shot to get rid of the problem.


So, I've had head lice for a little over six months now. It's horrible and it's embarrassing. I tried all the OTC stuff and it never works. The problem is that the lice build up an immunity to the drug and the eggs that are laid are born with the immunity, too. Natural home remedies are always the best. I mean, who likes putting chemicals in their hair? Not me. So, this is what I have for y'all:

-Strip your bed sheets off and put on new ones. Steam the infected ones, or wash it in hot water. If you don't have a steamer, I suggest you get one! Steam every surface your head touches. Afterwards, change your pillowcase every few days and keep re-steaming.

-Gather up and combs, brushes, hair clips, ect. and stick them into a pot of boiling water.

-If you have a child, steam their toys.

-If you just got lice, I recommend trying the OTC treatments first. Some have it worse than others and one treatment is all they need. Plus, it usually comes with the comb.

-It doesn't matter how many treatments you do, if you don't comb out the lice and their eggs, the treatments will not work. Always comb them out! What I did was when I was just on the computer or watching television, anytime I got an itch, I'd start combing.

-Okay, here is the 'recipe' for my home remedy treatment. Brush out any tangles in your hair. Sit on a white towel (so you can see any lice that may have fallen out) and comb out as much lice and eggs as you can. Get in the shower and wash your hair with Dawn dish soap. Keep it in for as long as you can. Rinse it with the hottest water you can handle. Pour in a combination of any mouthwash with alcohol, and hand sanitizer. If you have any open sores on your scalp, it will burn a little bit. Do not rinse this out. Wrap your hair up in a plastic cap and keep it on for a minimum of two hours. The longer, the better! Afterwards, straighten your hair. The heat from the straightener will pop the nits and kill some of the lice. Hair dryers do not deliver the same amount of heat.

Depending on how bad the infestation is, it could take a few days, or a few weeks to kill them all. Just keep adding the mixture of mouthwash and hand sanitizer and keep combing!


This might sound very strange because people say it makes it worse, but for me it worked! I applied conditioner on dry hair EVERYWHERE on the scalp, i then left it for 2-3 minutes and washed it off, i then took a fine toothed comb and thoroughly combed it everyone i combed out was now dead!


Ok. Back in October of last year, for the first time ever, I got lice. Yes, it did really suck because (and I tried EVERY kind of perscription lice killer) I had it for over THREE MONTHS!
Finally, I was free. However, today my friend's mom found some in my hair! I was devastated! But, thankfully, there are no live ones. There's just the eggs. Plus, when I had lice before, I tried a home remedy off this site and you know what? It worked! I only had to use it twice too!
Here's what you do:
FIRST: Unless you just found it today and you havn't had it for a while, bag it. All stuffed animals, pillows, accories, etc. (ON/NEAR BED) should be bagged. Comferter and sheets [along with pillows and cases] should be thoroughly washed (in HOT water) and dryed. Sleep with only ONE pillow and just a good blanket so there isn't much to wash (yes, every day it should be washed until it is all gone).
SECOND: Wash your hair EXTRA GOOD in scalding hot (or as hot as you can handle) water with Dawn Dish soap, Head and Shoulders SHAMPOO (any kind will do but NO conditioner). Suave Coconuat Shampoo works too I've heard, but I've just been using what I have in the house which is Head and Shoulders. Both work so it doesn't matter. Also if you have any extra lice shampoos from if you've had it before, use those too.
Remember to wash thoroughly and in HOT water.
THIRD: Apply a mixture of Mayo, Viniger [any kind will do], Tea Tree Oil, Listerene and Hospital Streangth Hand Sanitizer.
By the way, all the products I have named can be found in local drugstores [except some lice shampoos, but don't worry about those].
FOURTH: Place that cocoction into a spray bottle and lather hair with it. Once it's good and soaked, start brushing through with a FINE-TOOTHED COMB to get all the lice and nits out. Do this carfully and wicked thoroughly. It will take a while. Afterwards, place hair in a shower cap and let sit over night. Repeat step Two washing wise and check frequently throughout the week. After two weeks, repeat this process just for good measure. You should then be lice free! :)
Lets review, shall we?
Bag and Wash stuff. Get Dawn, Head and Shoulders/Suave, Tea Tree Oil, Mayo, Viniger, Listerene, and Handsanitizer.
Believe me, I tried everything after I got it the first time. Follow my steps and you will be a happy lice-free individual, my friend. :)
Best of luck to you all!

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