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tea trea oil mixed with shampoo usually few day eucaluptus oil straight to the hair and scalp leave on 30 minutes .shampoo out 3-4 times still not gonna get the eucalyptus smell out but most and its not a bad smell.alternate 1 day tea tree one day eucalyptus for 2 weeks.all lice should be gone providing u wash all ur pilow cases and bed sheets i would suggest daily if too much for you then at least 3 times a week and vacuum everywhere at least once or twice a week or pointless get used to critters eating your scalp.


LICE IS THE MOST ANNOYING THINGBBUT I THINKNINHAVE FOUND AN EASY CURE! Ok so first as soon as you find out you have lice your going to want to get a lice comb and take out all knots. Then rub conditioner all through your hair wait 5 minutes then comb your but make sure you wipe what comes out on toilet paper. After add COCONUT OIL! And then comb through again wrap glad wrap so your hair is tight in. Then recomb. Then put more coconut oil and wrewrap with glad wrap and sleep next day comb your hair out and blow dry for the next 10days keep combing with conditioner and picking nits good luck!


Ok so here I am at work. My head had been itching for a a day or so and I couldn't figure out why. At first I thought it was where I had been working and starting sweating. I was sitting at my desk and so I took a piece of copy paper and vigorously scratched my head.....the results were not what I wanted, I have no idea where these buggers are coming from. I got home from work late and decided to google home remedies. After reading some of the things listed I started looking for some of these items in my house. I didn't have alcohol (except for the kind you drink), fresh out of tea tree oil which I use on my dogs, but I ran across some nail polish remover, yes nail polish remover. It's about 12:30 at night so I began to pour the remover on my hair and comb with a nit comb. Oh my goodness, I would have never dreamed that would've come out of my hair! I wouldn't suggest using it on children because it did get a little warm especially when I began to rinse it with hot water, I had touse very cool water to rinse. I should've followed with anti itch dandruff shampoo, buti used my regular shampoo. I haven't seen any more of those nasty things! My husband came to bed and said 'what in the world are you doing'. I told him and his reply was ' what if your hair falls out'? I told him I'd be rid of those things for sure then and I'd go get me a wig, not to worry I still have the same amount of hair I had when I went to sleep.


First off, I want to say I only wish this on my enemies.Head/body lice is really like a punishment and you have no peace of mind.With that being said, I caught head lice from a technician that came into my home.I remember him itching and didn't think anything of it at the time.The minute I noticed the lice I went into terminate mode.The first thing I tried was washing my hair with my favorite shampoo. Once I realized that was a failure, I reached for a peppermint soap(dr bonners) and washed my hair and sprayed my mattress and desk chair with it.The dr bonners did kill lice, but it didn't kill all of them.Then I bought RID(just the shampoo). It really didn't work for me.I liked the comb more than the shampoo.Anyways, after combing my hair with the RID comb, I still felt lice in my hair.It was rather frustrating.Out of pure anger and distress, I reached for a hair product that is 90% petroleum jelly.I literally covered every inch of my hair with it including my hair line(I mainly focused on the roots).After doing so, I felt a stampede of little critters going down my neck(I know it's not the most pleasant thought).They really hate the smoothering.The petroleum jelly prevents them from grasping onto the hair root.I also made sure to put the petroleum jelly/hair product on my eyelashes, eyebrows and behind my ears.I think you should keep the petrolum jelly in your hair for at least 3 days and it is best to apply high heat to your hair with a blow dryer while the petroleum jelly is still in your hair. The heat will kill or at least damage the lice and eggs. Either way you are better off.Once they are damaged, they will die soon after.Once you wash it out, you will get rid of all dead lice and any remaining eggs. I would advise you to blow dry your hair for the next 4-5 days to ensure all critters are dead.I decided to treat my body as well.I felt the little critters on my back and waist.I grabbed a shampoo with tea tree oil and covered everywhere from the neck down.I then put on my clothes and let the product sit on my body for as long as possible.I actually saw a lot of dead lice on furniture I would lean on.Also, remember to wash sheets, towels, clothes , sofas(upholstery) and clean your car out to prevent reinfestitaion.I aslo heard the LiceMD is really good.


After spending a small fortune on OTC products such as Nix and Rid, and after pulling out nits night after night and still watching my daughter scratch, I got desperate. I had nightmares of lice infesting the whole house and all the bedding and clothes. So I read all the home remedies and after being as confused and uncertain after the readings as before I chose to do the most aggressive and fastest remedy without having to invest in another small fortune. We bought a gallon of kerosene, took our daughter in the back yard, sat her on a chair and began pouring it over every inch of her hair and scalp. After about 5 minutes she was wailing, and performing and yelling that her skin burned. We took her inside, rinsed it off and then covered her hair in Dawn dishwashing liquid. The smell was so strong from the kerosene and it was sort of oily as well so after getting a great lather we washed it well and then covered her hair in conditioner. Well the hollering went on so loudly and for so long we rinsed that off and she still was complaining about the burning. We filled up the tuba and she lay down in COLD water to finish rinsing and cooling off her burning head. The result: a clean and nit free scalp. That was three hours ago and have not seen her scratch once. Hallelujah for kerosene! But she made us promise to never put that on her again.


I have two girls in elemetary school and they both got lice. We tried vinager, mayo, tea tree oil, some all natural products from the local health food store and RID. Got the bed spray, metal nit comb, washed bedding, took all there stuffed animals away, put sheets in dryer every day for 30 minutes, vacumed matresses and was very diligent in our efforts to get rid of lice. All the time and money, not to mention putting chemicals on your kids heads and all you need is a pair of clippers. Shaved there heads and lice were gone. Other parents followed suite and it wasn't bad fo my girls. Cheap, safe, fast and %100 effective.


I picked up head lice from my stepdaughter when I used her hair brush. I tried EVERYTHING - vinegar rinse, tea tree oil, rosemary oil, OTC products that smelled and burned my scalp. I needed to get my hair colored and there was no way I was going to go to a salon with head lice. So I bought an OTC box of hair color and that actually killed all the lice. I combed them out with a nit comb after I colored my hair and showered and dead lice and eggs were just falling out. That was 4 weeks ago and to my knowledge they are gone FINALLY. I haven't been itching and have been inspecting my hair and haven't seen any more eggs. I know this is not an option for children but just wanted to share for any adults that may pick up lice from their child.


Lowana Veal did a study on the effectiveness of essential oils on killing lice eggs and adults. (also check neem oil - not used in this study, but thought to disrupt the reproductive capacity of lice)

here is the relevant info from her study:
The lice were dipped in the appropriate solution, at a concentration of 2 drops EO to 10 mls solvent, blotted dry, and left overnight in an incubator. Then they were shampooed with a normal shampoo, and then a rinse mixture of 2 drops essential oil to 100 mls of vinegar/ water (50:50) was poured over them. The same procedure was carried out on lice eggs, on strips of gauze.

The blended oils that worked best were a 50:50 mixture of tea tree and cinnamon leaf (not cinnamon bark), which killed all the lice and 96% of the eggs; and peppermint and nutmeg at a 30:70 ratio, which killed 82% of eggs and all the adults. The solvent in these cases was 40% alcohol. A rosemary/red thyme mixture was also tried, but didn't work well. Also, without the rinse the oils were hopeless against the eggs.


You should add 10-12 drops of tea tree oil to your bottles of shampoo and conditioner for starters.

The doctor prescribed my children a oral medication called Stromectol. You take a certain amount of pills on the first day and then 8 days later then you take the remainder. The amount of pills is based on weight. they really worked well.


Hey all try pereynal ( think that's the spelling) foam. You can pick it up from Coles for $7. If you look at the life cycle of lice they take a nit takes 7-10 days to hatch. Once you have first identified that you have head lice. Use the product that night following the instructions. This will eliminate all adult and new born lice. All that is left in the hair is the eggs. The first application of any product is not going to kill the eggs. It takes a hatched nit around 7-8 days to become an adult so if new nits hatch after the treatment they could already be up to the 10th day and hatch not long after treatment. This means by the time your getting around to the second treatment after 7 days these previous left over or missed eggs are now adults who have laid there own eggs.. And the problem starts over! The treatment I suggested is not as strong and has a nice smell compared to kp24 etc if you use it every 3 times over the ten days, even 4 times over 12 days just to be completely safe, you completely wipe out te life cycle. No more adults were able to develop and lay eggs and eggs that have hatched have been killed within two days of hatching. I highly recommend this product it is easy. You get a lot as it is a gel that turns to a foam and got $7 compared to other products besides home remedies its pretty cheap. Hope this helps

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