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so my niece has been having a HUGE issue with lice for over 6months we tried everything and they would not go away. my co worker told me about how she got rid of her daughters lice and i tried it out to my surprise lice was gone!!

what you need:
baby oil
and laundry detergent

1. pour baby oil on dry hair to grease ir up. slowly start combing through hair. lice and eggs should start falling out.

2. wash out hair in sink with laundry detergent and really hot water!!

3. put vinager in hair place bag in hair and leave it overnight.

shower next morning with regular shampoo and conditionar
repeat for 3 days and it should akll be gone!!!
dont forget to wash everything!;)


Liceeee Omgg ! Okaye well Im at school & Guess what i find a bug it was gross ! so i went home & this is what did i got
-plastic bag
-dawn dish soap
-dog shampoo
-Baby oil (to moisterize my hair)
-hand sanitizer
Mix all this together & section your hair in 4 And leave in for 45 min. This really works ! Plus you have to dry all your blankets & sheets & put all clothes in bags over night. Well hope this helps(:

jennifer mays

so my best friend when i was about 12 had been itching her head so i looked...... and i saw the biggest lice bugs in my life! i told her im going home and she started crying so like a good friend i did what i could:) i took everything off her bed sprayed lysol everywhere took her to the bathroom washed her head with very hot water u could see a lot of steam and used a whole lot of conditioner no specific kind. and no joke they came right out just rinsed right out of her hair!


After reading abit about the different remedies to rid head lice. I looked around to see what i could come up with. My head has been sore and itchy for awhile and kept getting worse. Noticed it was lice and had to do something. I however cant afford the expense kits. Thats what got me reading into home remedies. Here is what I did step by step.
In a squirt bottle I combined sunlight dishsoap, tea tree cleanser, and a touch of shampoo.
Lathered my hair throughly and wrapped it in plastic wrap. Waited an hour then washed everything out. When i started to brush out my hair all the lice came with it. It feels so good to be relieved of the tired sore mess of head lice.
This really did work for me. I would suggest it always to everyone now.


Okay, head lice is the WORST. After trying tons of harsh chemical products, I decided to start the hime remedies.
This one works the BEST!!!!!! My head lice was gone!!!!
Start by buying coconut scented shampoo or conditioner. I bought Herbal Essences Hello Hydration (coconut). But this step is optional.
Then, add tee tree oil to your shampoo or conditioner.
Now here's the remedy:
Mix mayonnaise with olive oil and apply all over dry hair, from root to tip. Cover with a shower cap and leave on for 30 minutes or more. Then, rinse your hair with as hot as you could handle water. Once product is completely rinsed, shampoo with the tee tree oil/ coconut shampoo and then condition. Finally, rinse out the conditioner with pure white vinigar and do one final rinse with freezing cold water. (Or as cold as you could handel.) Comb through your hair with a nit comb and the lice will be GONE.

Brooklyn Girl

I realized I had lice earlier this week as I was waiting for a subway train. I scratched behind my ear and sure enough, what looked like a big flea was caught between my finger nail. I felt like an idiot for not realizing it sooner. I thought I had dry scalp for the past 2 weeks and just kept obsessively washing my hair...Anyway, after spending about $70, on otc RID I realized there was probably a safer way to take care of it at home, especially since I can't afford to he out of work for a week until the RID treatment was done. I decided to treat it like fleas on my cat. I also read some good stuff on this site just in case my plan didn't work out. I have long, thick curly hair that I've been growing out for 3 years already. No way I was cutting it. So, I took a bottle of baby oil, I had used some so it was about 3/4 full, mixed in about a 4 oz bottle of tea tree oil, smothered my head in it and put on a shower cap for 2 hours. It helped soothe my scalp too which was all sore and irritated from the scratching. Lice sucks for those of us with dry,sensitive skin!! Which brings me to my next point. IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO DAWN USE PALMOLIVE. I am allergic to Dawn so I lathed up my head with Palmolive dish soap, any scent is fine, DO NOT RINSE, left it in for 3 hours with a shower cap. Don't forget ears and neck as well. I figured the soap and oil would suffocate the lice as they do fleas. Rinse with the hottest water you can stand. Get ready for what comes next though. It was raining dead live from my head. I nearly wretched. Even the nits came off with just a big comb going through. It's nasty as hell but my scalp was squeaky clean. I still had my mom help by going through it twice with a lice comb, she found very few nits and pulled them out. Then I blow dried my hair as hot as I could stand it to kill the rest the rubbed coconut oil on my scalp. Two days later and I'm lice free!! I'm getting my money back from the RID too!!


This is a remedy and preventative for parasites that I use on my horses , sheep , pigs , dog and cat . But I have found that it works great as a treatment for head lice on people too : 100ml of coconut oil , 100ml of cider vinegar and a couple of finely crushed cloves of garlic . Leave to steep for an hour or so then sieve out any pieces of garlic . Use the liquid to soak the hair and wrap in cling film leave for as long as poss ( overnight ) then wash out repeat the process in a weeks time . Amounts can obviously be adjusted depending on how much you need .


I have 3 girls, so needless to say every year when school would start they would come home with head lice within a week. My mother told me to use a shampoo and condition that has coconut as the fragrance. I have used Suave coconut shampoo and condition on them for 2 years now and they have not had head lice at all.
I also have a friend that does the same thing with her kids and it has worked for them. Guess the lice don't like the smell....don't know just know it works!


I moved in with a friend for a few months until the house i was getting ready to rent was finished remodling my friend always had thin and very fine hair so she was very prone to getting sunburn on her scalp which lead to peeling and itchyness i didnt think twice about her excessive itchyness until i started to massively itch myself i started to look through my hair one day and nearly died when i found you name it lice!!!! I was irate because i have super thick long hair i knew it was going to be a battle to get rid of them and coming from a large family i know when one has it somebody else must have it to so i told the house pack up your bedding toys anything that could possibly transfer them and lets get this treated everybody got rid of them within two weeks using OTC RID. well i wasnt that lucky i tried RID,NIX any otc stuff to get rid of them nothing worked! So i went to home remedies and tried everything tea tree oil kerosen lamp oil mayo dish soap you name it i was sticking it in my hair by the third month my scalp was so damaged and my hair was falling out i didnt leave the house any more nothing got rid of them i was five and a half months pregnant and on bed rest which made this even more difficult to battle so i finally broke down and went to see my regular doctor he looked at my scalp and said if you waited any longer to see me im sure you would have lost all of your hair and hes never in his career ever seen a case this bad this made me cry cause i had such pride in my hair so he did a strange thing a took one of the little pests and said he wanted to take it to a bug guy a little creepy i thought but oh well he gave me prescription strength oral meds to kill them ughhhhhhh still DIDNT WORK!!!!! I thought i was going to have to lose all my hair before this would be over when i called him and told him it didnt work he said he was glad i called because he had some news for me the reason i couldnt get rid if them with the rid or nix was because it was a rare immune species of lice!!!!! I thought i had died when he told me that when i finally regained my composure i asked him how the hell do i get rid of them then he said find a home remedy that works for you. sooooooo i landed here and after reading for hours how and what to use the last thing i tried if that didnt work i was shaving my head bald. I used dawn dish soap and denorex the anti dandruff two in one shampoo and conditioner and coconut conditioner. let me tell you if the lice didnt like anything else i was using im sure as hell they didnt like the denorex and it stopped the itching as well and helped heal my scalp. So just pour dawn dish soap the original on dry hair soak it and saturate your hair in the dawn dish soap leave sit on your hair for and hour or two with a shower cap rinse your hair then wash with the denorex and rinse that out then condition with the coconut conditioner then blow dry your hair piece by piece combing with a metal nit comb to check for any live or dead and nits do this everyday for two and a half weeks and wash bedding and clothing worn everyday that pesky problem will be gone by the third week.

Erica White

After Coming home from visitation at her fathers house, my 5 yr old daughter had head lice! I treated her and told her father that he needed to treat the area she slept in! well low and behold the next time she came back from his house she had it AGAIN!!!!!! extremely frustrated and after reading 6 pages of remedies on this site, I have developed my own! It's simple and cost roughly $2 and about 4 hours of your time!
Take vaseline and rub along the hairline all the way from the forehead to the nap of the neck and back up the other side closing off any path of escape. then take regular vegetable oil (room temperature), saturate the hair from root to tip using a regular comb. make sure that the hair is completely covered and that the scalp is soaked also! ball hair up or us a small clip to hold it in place wrap the entire area with saran wrap (plastic wrap) and leave it on for about 3 hours. leave the ears uncovered though. after the 3 hours, remove the plastic wrap and take green apple scented palmolive ultra dish washing liquid, using the same steps as before starting at the root gently work the detergent into the hair without creating a lather when this process is finished comb through hair again with a regular small comb and rinse with the hottest water you can stand! not only does it suffocate the lice, it also loosens the eggs (Nits) from the hair and allows them to just wash away with no combing. It also conditions your hair in the process, its like getting a hot oil treatment without the hot! repeat the process every 3 days for the next 12 days. and you will be lice free! that is if you treat your house as well by washing all bedding, and spraying all furniture! anywhere your head has touched! As a single mother of 3 kids, and with super long, THICK, NATURAL CURLY HAIR! The idea of using one of those Nitt combs horrified me! this is perfect! AND IT WORKS! AND ITS CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!!!!!! GOD BLESS -Erica

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