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OK ... so after reading on here all the different home remedies to treat head lice ... I decided to try something that was a combination ... my daughter and son had contracted head lice ... first, I combed through my daughter's hair with a metal lice comb ... then I saturated with a mix of 50/50 water and vinegar ... combed again ... blow dried it ... then I used Lice Freee Spray (which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!) ... combed again ... and washed with coconut shampoo ... I added a couple drops of tea tree oil to the shampoo before washing her hair ... not to the bottle, just to what I had in my hand ... conditioned with coconut conditioner ... combed again ... and the last combing had just a few nits ... Really hoping we have it beat this time ...


Ok so my step daughter gets lice like no other. I do not know why. She is prone to getting all kinds of stuff mosquito bites, lice, ance...ect. We have tried everything for her lice problem. Nothing worked...tried lice treatment things bought in store and online most these home rememdies on here. Finally we just got her hair cut short and treated it again and it worked. Well when she turned 8 we figured she was old enough to get her hair dyed. IT WORKED! When she was 8 all her hair was back and long and when she got it again we died her hair and it worked!! It is get to be a 'cool' parent by letting them act like a big person by dying their hair and treating lice at the same time.


first off let me start by saying this is an excellent website. About a month ago I got a haircut and the lady who cut my hair did not blowdry hair after she had cut it and after that day my head got really itchy. At first I thought nothing of it but eventually I got so annoyed by scratching that I asked my mom to check my head. She found NITS, no living lice, just nits. That day she tried to kill as many as she could but didn't get them all and eventually the lice hatched and i was left with walking parasites on my head! A week ago on this website I read about the olive oil treatment and decided to try it. My mom put the oil in my head and made sure it was fully covered before the shower cap went on. I left the oil on overnight and the next morning my mom checked my head again. This time she found mostly dead lice, except one that she found that was living. After I showered and shampooed with suave coconut shampoo I blow dried my hair. After blow drying I wiped the back of my neck to find 3 dead lice! Blow drying works! So for the next few days I would blow dry my hair. I decided to repeat the treatment a week later just in case any lice were left living and before my mom put the oil in my hair she checked my head for lice again. This time she found nothing but dead nits. So moral of the story.. Olive oil and blow drying is a great combination to get rid of lice cause now i am lice free. But I would love to know how to soothe the lice bite bumps, because mine are very annoying and i always want to scratch them but they hurt.thanks for reading.


Make a very strong solution of salt dissolved in really hot water in a large white bowl or dish pan. Soak your head for about 5 minutes, pouring the solution through your hair to get completely soaked. You can see the lice in the water. Wash your hair with dawn dish liquid, rinse with a 1/2 white vinegar 1/2 water mixture and pour through the hair. Apply conditioner and leave it in. Put on a shower cap or use plastic wrap and leave on at least an hour. Comb through your hair with a lice comb cleaning it out often with an old tooth brush, placing the material on to a white paper towel or tissues. After you have combed every inch of your hair, wash with your regular shampoo with a few drops of oil of peppermint added. Condition as usual and and towel dry. Comb out with a wide toothed comb and dry with a hair dryer set on hot. Repeat in 7 days.

Be sure to wash your bed linens and sweep your furniture and floors. Wash your laundry in the hottest water possible and dry in a dryer. After the load has dried, reset the dryer and repeat the drying cycle. Spray back packs with rubbing alcohol and let them air dry. I suggest that you check for lice every 3 days as long as anyone in the family goes to day care, school, church, camp, or another home.

josie garcia

alcohol will definitely kill lies my adoted daughter is bi racial she spent a week with a girl whom had lies imagine bottle after bottle of lice shampoo my mom said try alcohol lie her head back and use something white and comb her haie aith a fine tooth comb lo and behold it worked


FYI I just left work because I caught lice from one of my kids, I came onto this site to find remedies. I bought some Nix but decided I wanted to try a home remedy first. I had baby oil on hand so I flipped my head over the sink and began pouring the oil on my head starting from the back. When I reached the top of my head I noticed something fell out if my hair and into the sink. It was a huge lice lying on it's back. I continued to finish and wrapped my head in a bag. I decided to put the bugger on a paper towel in a plastic zip lock bag to show my boyfriend because he probably wouldn't believe how big the thing was unless I showed him. After I finished wrapping my head in the bag I decided to read more on this site, it has been two hours since I've put that lice in the bag. I went to use the restroom and while I was washing my hands I looked down at the bag and I swear I saw it moving. I took a closer look and realized it was still alive!!! So baby oil will definitely immobilize them for a bit so be aware!! I will be washing my hair in Dawn dishwashing soap and following it with coconut Suave conditioner and comb religiously. I will also whip out my CHI flat iron in hopes of burning the nits And just grease my hair for days. I will post results!!

V. cap

First, let me say THANK YOU!!!! I just found out today that my 2 daughters, 2 & 10 had lice. Eeeeww Eeeeww!!!!!! I used Nix on both of them but ran out for myself, and I am Not leaving my house like this!!! So I tried one of the remedies, but with my own little twist.

Here's the list :
Baby oil gel
Head and shoulders dry scalp shampoo
Tea tree conditioner
Lice prevention shampoo with citronella oil and lemongrass oil
Mix it all in a baggie and cut an end like for a pastry bag. I soaked my hair (which is waist length and curly) . Covered it with a shower cap for an hour. Took it off, brushed it out and rinsed with HOT water. Washed it with Palmolive xoxy dish soap. Rinse again.

I then went through it with a nit comb for long hair. Darn things were falling out dead, and the nits just slid off the hair shaft!!! Plus my dry scalp now feels great! I'm doing the girls tomorrow as a prevention. Also did the whole house. But this really works!! Thanks again for the wonderful tips!!!


I as a teen strugle always whit. Lice and I don't want to tell everyone so I mix up a big boul whit everything I could find whit garlic fress dried etc and I mix cooking oil mayanice ,lemon juice dog shampee green tee stuffing (stuff inside the bag and a lot of conditioner mix it up and put al your hair coated leave for a 30 min and rince whit hot lemon watter and wash whit dish saop


Ok, so after battling Head Lice for a YEAR with my 5 daughters I finally found something that worked. I had spent 100's of dollars on the medicated stuff it NEVER worked with them on top of doing all the things in the house that needed to be done. I read thru this forum and used some things that were mentioned a few times. You will need:

A jar of petroleum jelly
baby oil
Dawn liquid dish soap
Shower caps
Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner

Right before bedtime I slathered the petroleum jelly in each kids hair I mean thick, covered their heads with the shower caps(secured the backs with a hair tie)

In the morning I removed the caps ( I could see dead lice, and nits in the cap) I added the baby oil and worked it thru

I combed thru their hair and omg was so impressed that it worked, everything came out of the hair so easy

Then I lathered there heads with the Dawn soap ( it helps break down the oils)

then washed with the shampoo and conditioner.

You may have to shampoo the hair a few times to get all the oil out especially if it is thick hair.
I hope this helps someone!!!!


So, Here's what you need:
Lemon juice
Eucalyptus oil (you should find it in the chemist)
Crushed aspirin/panadol (believe it or not, it actually paralyses the lice!)
A friend to help

1. Squeeze lemons and add to a regular bowl
2. Add three drops of the Euc oil
3. Crush the asp or pan very finely, and add
4. Stir.
5. Ask an assistant to wear gloves for this part, ok so ask an assistant to cover your hair with the liquid, sit there for a few minutes and rub it in good.
6. Wash it all out! Make sure you get in there good, you don't want lumps of aspirin in your hair, lol.
7. Dry your hair and Voila! In a few days nits will start falling out like rain!

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