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72 Home Remedies for Hair Care


If you use hairspray and you find little white things in your hair wash your hair with your regular shampoo but also use baking gets everthing out including dirt and such !


For dry hair, rub in warm olive oil into hair and scalp and leave on for 30 minutes, then shampoo and rinse out. This work great.


For stronger, healthier,shinier and of course oily hair make a paste of one yolk and plum brandy about 60ml of brandy, if you have long hair double the yolk and brandy. Apply it onto your hair and keep it for 10 min. and wash your hair as you usually do.


in order to get blonder or lighter hair streaks without highlights go to the beach or out in the sun and put lemon juice in ur hair it may smell bad but it really works or even beer.


Soft Shiney Hair

Just take real mayonaise, enough to coat hair, and work into hair and scalp. Leave on for about 20 minutes then rinse and/or wash & style as usual. Do about once a month or as often as needed. This works wonders making soft and shiney hair.


After shampooing and conditioning, pour i cup of white vinegar on your hair and rinse with cool water. The smell will go away when you rinse, and your hair will be shinny.


For Shiny and healthy hair...
do you know how they say that cold water is great for the hair and helps make it shinier well for this home remedy you are going to start with :

1: Microwave for 20 sec: 3 capsule of vitamine E, 2 tbp of mayonaise and 1/2 a cup of olive

2: put the mixture in the mixer at high speed for like 10 sec

3: Pass some ice on your hair( you know how they say cold water is better fo your hair and it makes it shiny do you know any colder water then ice lol)

4: apply 30 min before shower, when in shower star with runing water for a while and then do about 2 shampoo massage the shampoo until it makes a lot of mousse

do this i'd says 2 a month and your hair is going to be great


For shinny hair, remove the outer layers from one leaf of aloevera plant blend in blender with small amount of water. Let sit for approx 30 minutes. Comb through hair, put a plastic cap on for about 30/45 minutes (the longer the better) Wash hair.


If you want to give your hair protein mix avacados and mayonaisse. Then wash thouroughly and condition as usually.


This i straight from a stylist, just random things you can do to help your hair.

If you wear ponytails, dont use any small bands or anything with metal or you will notice the hair breaking where the band sits. I have pulled out too many rubber band or hair bands to see a ring of breakage there. Use cloth ties or dont wear it up all the time.

To prevent bleached hair from turning green in the pool, wet the hair with clean water first or put condition in the hair so that it soaks up something else first befor it hits the pool water

If you dont want to pay for expensive brand shampoos at your salon, stick to Dove products, they dont strip color as bad i find

Dont wash your hair every single day, you can rinse it with warm water, but only shampoo every other day or every third day.

Try to stay away from products with Alchohol, it will dry your hair.

Try to use products with sunblock or wear a hat outside, it will protect your hair from damage.

Ever notice one side of your head seems to grow hair faster? Its posible thats the side you sleep on most..stimulating the scalp causes good blood flow wich help the hair to grow.

Be easy on wet hair, it stretches more when wet and could cause breakage or brittle hair. Use a large tooth comb or brush, not a briste brush untill it is dry

And befor you even say it, I know I cant spell or type well, and what works for one wont always work for another, but in most cases this is good advice.

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