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Hi, I cut my hair short about a year ago do too really thin scraggly ends and im trying to grow it back out and what i find helps is staying away from heat and letting your hair's natural oils help it. if you wash your hair to often it will get really dry. if you put olive oil in it or anything keep it on the ends and away from the roots because it will only make it greasy and clog the roots so your hair wont grow. i also suggest using a deep conditioner atleast once a week. Eggs also help it grow, but only the whites of the eggs not the yolk. also get rid of all split ends and get a trim 4-8 weeks. keep your body healty because growing your hair comes from inside your body. take prenatal vitamins or just regular viatamins three times a day. and patience is key. give your hair time to grow! hope this helps thanks!!(:


I apply olive oil to my hair once every month to make it shinier, softer and healthier. All you need is a small cup of olive oil. Use your hands to rub it in the ends and the mid length of your hair, allow between and 2 hours and then wash out (only shampoo it once, you may also put conditioner on if you wish). Then wait for it to naturally dry. It works for me, hope it does for you too :)

brittnay peyton

look this works take one shot of vodka, not my mouth but put it in a cup mixed with a decent brand of hair conditioner and lastly a few drops of your favorit oil, the oil part is just for a gtood case your wondering the vodka will tighten your poors and in result give your hair some body.


Iron and vitamin b12 supplements in a tonic liquid format have given my hair a lot of shine ,encouraged growth and body plus it has reduced shedding a lot.
I don 't have heavy periods but I do not eat a lot of red meat so I guess I was slightly deficient in these nutrients.

nayrize moore

Mayonnaise and egg with oil mix the ingredients up put on your hair with a hair cover go and sleep wake up and rince. U would have great shinning hair and moisturerised as will.


okay,this is very useful because it makes your hair shine and nourished.

take a bowl add some youghurt according to how much you need and squeeze out a lemon into it and then mix well.

after putting it on tie your hair up with a plastic bag and wait for about 45-50 mins or so(best is 1 hour) and wash it with shampoo.

then wash it with very cold water


If you want your hair to grow extra fast, put oil in it every night for a week. OR, once of week as often as you please. Apply ONLY to scalp! You can use olive oil (what I prefer) or caster oil, remember, only apply to scalp. leave on over night or for at least 2 hours.

Also, you can try honey and aloe vera. Mix the two in a bowl, apply to scalp, leave on for 30 minutes, wash and condition.

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Just using plain old mayonnaise works for moisturizing your hair. It has oil and egg yolks in it. You only need to leave it on for 30 minutes and you only need to do it once a week. Beware, though, it stinks until you wash it out!


This is a great home remedy to keep your hair health...

1) break a medium size egg to a bowl..

2) put some olive oil or king coconut oil ( king coconut iss better if u can find )

3) mix it well..

4) Then apply it on your hair (whole hair including scalp and tip end..

5) then stay for 30 mins.. Wash with fregnance shampoo,. If u feel like still there's a smell put some shampoo again and wash twice.. Then apply some fragrance collogne.. ( not too much since it's not that much good )

6) do like this atleast once a week :)

This remedy made my hair healthy, shiney, longer... I GURANTEE U :) enjoy :)

Plz vote n comment if u found this helpful :)

Natalie Darling Murray

my aunt told me a home remedie her friend use to do this and then i started it works pretty good... k well

spread olive oil all over your hair then put a plastic bag over your hair (tip: tie you hair with the bag on so you do suffacte yourself)

k well then you leave it over night and your hair is really soft and it stops frizz ..... wash & condition your hair in the morning and enjoy your hair

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