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26 Home Remedies for Gout


What work for me, and has kept me gout free without any medications:

1) eat as many berries when feeling like an attack is coming, that includes Cherries, Strawberries (usually cheaper and more common) and blueberries

2) Drink a lot of water, specially in a day in which you ate a rich food to compensate and clean your system

3) Add basic spices to your diet such as oregano

4) Potassium citrate does wonders to reduce acidity in the body. You can find it in any vitamin store. Take one a day with meals. But just take it on and off for no more than a period of two weeks

5) Apple Cider Vinegar is also excellent
to balance the body, but it is very strong so either eat it with meals or dilute it with water. Also here do not take it all the time but on and off

6) Lime juice is also great if you can add it to your diet (raw, not cook)

These items have really help me to keep my gout on check. It is always good to have some meds as a backup just in case but I got my first gout attack about 5 years ago, and the meds do not cure the problem. But after trying the 6 points I just mentioned a couple of years ago or so I have had my gout under control ( I have not used any meds since then). I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me
god bless


To prevent gout, eat 5 to 10 cherries a day, or eat 10 to 15 cherries to help get over an attack already in progress.


I have tried 1-3 cups of celery root tea (1-2 teaspoons per cup...filter through paper towel into cup). After approx. 3 hours..........RELIEF was there. Able to walk upright again. Alternation of cherry juice and celery root tea also helped. If you feel like it, make some celery root soup. Dice celery root, add stalks, s & p to taste. Boil unti soft. ENJOY


Take safflower in capsule form to aid the healing process.


Drink cherry juice for relief from symptoms.


Apply elm leaf tea to affected area for pain and inflammation.

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