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60 Home Remedies for Gas


yellow mustard - has tumeric (like the Indian curry). wash it down with hot water.


I always take a walk or excercise and that get things moving. If I can't then I sit with my legs crossed and rock back and forth. Usually works very well.


For Gas read the back of the baking soda box for a sour stomach and gas.. Simply mix baking soda with water and drink. Works immediately


Believe it or not, lie on your back with your feet elevated at a 90 degree angle. I'm allergic to almost everything I eat (most likely gluten/dairy however I'm not good about checking labels) and experience uncomfortable gas and bloating often. I like to avoid medicating myself whenever possible, and after having spent half of a night in pain I was desperate, so I propped my feet up on a wall at about 90 degree angle and was shocked at the relief I felt. You can also press your knees into your chest for 10 seconds and return your knees to the 90 degree angle as this gets the gas moving. You'll be surprised at how well this works!

Roni V.

Eating burnt toast helps. It is an active charcoal which can help eliminate gas.


Peppermint Scnapps (I use Decuyper brand)...chilled.


Try having sex. I seem to have gas sneak its way out every time. My poor husband!


My experience has been that Metamucil, three teaspoons a day, greatly reduces passing gas.


drink chamomile tea, it helps a lot!


A tea with 1 of the 3 ingredients being Slippery Elm works well for relief. (ie; A combination of Spearmint Leaf, Rasberry Leaf and Slippery Elm would do great as mint also aids in tummy aches) This was suggested when I had an acidic tummy and worked excellent. (You'll need a filter for the Slippery Elm as it's in powder form, like a coffee filter to hold all 3 ingredients in a pot of water.) It's very good! A substitute of lemon instead of the Rasberry may even further the potential along with it being a hot liquid to ingest and get things going.

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