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60 Home Remedies for Gas


Take a vitamin capsule and empty the content.
Fill the capsule with turmeric.
Take with water.
This really worked for me


For the record, I tried the old style remedy of baking soda (1tsp to 6 oz of water) and I felt relief right away! Can't get any more simple and it's also almost free!


After having severe abdominal pain with were of a result of I gas,hot milk was the norm to remove these pains, however if it does work it is recommended to rest for a while, walk or apply pressure to the area, after 3 hours of pain, all it needed was the application of pressure to the navel :)


A spoon of mustard works everytime.


try doing the shoulder stand. i did this for about 30 before the pain started to disappear. i did this for a total of five minutes and the pain was gone when i stood up. yoga is supposed to be soothing and massages your internal organs. the massaging of the internal organs help get all the built up gas inside you. Hope this Helps!


A glass of beer! Learned this one in Africa after I drank some slightly old milk. I was amazed at the effectiveness.


Sit in a cris cross position with your hands extended flat on the floor and be sure you are pressing your tummy to your legs. Keep your head down. You might have to sit in this position a while


Don't use baking soda as it corrodes the lining of your stomach. My uncle used that stuff for years and stopped when his dr told his this.


Eat Sugar cane or drink sugar cane juice (have a cup or two and you should start feeling a difference. If not try pepto bismol.


Whenever you have especially bad gas or gas that just won't seem to pass try this tip I got from a Naturopath.

Move your body into a position which puts your butt above your head. The gas is already in that area and gas prefers to rise - one of the reasons its so hard to get rid of trapped gas.

Try laying on your bed, then sliding down so that your head chest and part of your belly hang down off the bed. This will make it easier for the gas to pass by having gravity and compression work in your favour instead of against.

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