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yukon tigress

I'm here to share a home remedy my mom shared with me. For high fevers, she would cut up raw potatoes into circles (like potato chips) and soak them in vinegar. Then she'd place them all over my forehead (avoid the eyes). With rest and these on my forehead, all the heat went to the raw potatoes and they would dry out and curl up. (Do not eat these). Repeat as many times until the fever goes down. :)


so I couldn't take tylonal due to being on a bunch of antibiotics and other medications for a cold I have and I was running a high temp over 101 I remembered a story of how back in the old days they would put ice in a bathtub and strip the fevered person and cover them with ice not having that much ice I tried cold first I closed the heat vent in my room got a cold washcloth and then put a fan next to me on medium speed and layed down the trick is to get very cold you can use a light blanket but if you get warm you need to turn up your fan or not use a blanket keep using a washcloth on your face and body as you are laying next to the fan (or if it is cold outside you can always go outside for a while)my temperature went from 101.9 to 99.5 in 2 hours! just get very cold not freezing but cold you can use ice in a cold tub but the fan trick works as well I think ice in a tub would work faster. Don't try heating yourself this will increase your temperature and should only be sued if you have a low temperature not a fever I learned that the hard way -good luck :)


This is an old Chinese remedy that my mother used to do on me and anyone who was sick (whether it was fever, headache, flu, etc.) and it does wonders.

First you boil an egg or two until it's done, and you take the shell off (quickly, because the heat will escape. You need a hot egg for this to work, not a warm one), stick a coin in it (we always used a coin made of real silver, I think), and wrap it in a cloth.

Then rub that rigorously over the forehead, chest, stomach, and back (this will burn, because the egg is really hot) until the egg becomes warm. When you take the silver coin out, it should have become dark (my mother said this was because the egg 'captured' the sickness from the body).

Repeat one or two more times, and you should feel better instantly. It always worked for me.


I love how so many postings in here start with: 'I know it sounds crazy but....'

So here's mine...

Vinegar socks.

The danger here is that this method will bring down a very high temperature VERY quickly...

It's simple.... take a pair of socks, soak them (I mean SOAK them... like in a sink) in regular white vinegar, then put them your feet (or better said... on the feet of the person with the fever).

Be sure to monitor the temperature WHILE the socks are on. It will drop in seconds.

P.s. You may want to have an old towel at the foot of the bed, under the feet with the vinegar socks... it get's a little smelly...


No lie!!!! if you cut up an onion and put like two rings on your foot then put socks on, it will cure a fever! It works when the onion turns brown it means your fever is gone! if this doesn't work try again by the second time it will work! (works best with clean feet!)


Came across your site and thought i'd submit something.

I know of an exceptionally effective natural remedy for healing burns and lowering a fever: egg whites.

Egg whites are by far the best method to lower a high temperature within MINUTES! When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I had acquired a fever so high that I started to hallucinate. My mother was in a panic, she feared brain damage if something didn't lower the fever and FAST. My grandma told her to soak 2 cloths or hankerchiefs in egg whites and put on the soles of the feet (cover with socks). The egg whites instantaneously start to draw the temperature DOWN from the brain (where it is dangerous) to the feet (where it can do no damage). After that incident my mom used this method successfully every time I had high temp.
The egg whites are also a miracle cure for burns, even severe ones. Soak or coat affected area in egg white. While the egg white is still wet you will feel no pain from the burn. As soon as it dries up the pain comes back so reapplication is necessary. This method not only aleviates the pain it actually heals and prevents scarring from the burn.

I submited this remedy to and there has been a lot of positive feed back:

I would like to let more people know about the miraculous effectiveness of treating fevers and burns with egg whites so please post this on your site if you deem fit.

Best regards,
Ani from Ontario, Canada


Go to bed around 10pm and sleep until 6am because between the hours of 10pm and 2am is when your body fights disease.


To reduce fever dry roast 2-3 teaspoons of fenugreek (methi seeds)till it becomes brown.Powder the roasted seeds and boil the powder in half glass of water.Strain the water,add a drop of ghee and drink.Temperature immediately educes.


To bring a fever down:

Take a room temprature bath...

Tylenol also works..

For children if the room temp bath is not working,
Take childrens tylenol, then a few hours later when its time to give meds again do childrens motron, go back and forth between the two..


Eat lots of yogurt before pollen season.
Also-eat honey from your area (local region) daily.

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