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36 Home Remedies for Facial Care


Facial Care:

Wash your face with warm water. Crush up some Aspirin mix with water until it becomes paste. Apply it on your face and leave overnight. I have bad acne and this has helped. IT also leaves your face nice, silky and smoothe when you wake up.


Make some rice powder by soaking rice in water for 2 months,then drying it.after that,mould the paste into round balls and keep.each time,dissolve 2-3 balls with water and apply onto face for 1 works wonders for your skin!


Take a few basil leaves (aka tulsi)add very little water and grind to a paste. Filter the paste to get the juice alone. Sqeeze the paste till all the juice comes. Use on face twice daily for about 15 mins. U can also add milk or yoghurt or turmeric powder or gram flour or tomato juice to the solution.


Apply aloe vera to clean facial skin for general health.


Use unscented facial soaps and products, especially those with aloe vera.


Create a facial mask from chamomile tea, honey, oatmeal, plain yogurt, pureed strawberries, sunflower seed oil and water, or wheat germ oil. Leave the facial on for twenty minutes and rinse clean.

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