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36 Home Remedies for Facial Care


Tips for Tan:

Steam your face.

Apply potato.

Apply lemon with water.

Apply multanimetti.

Finally apply papaya to make your skin shine.

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it is created by Er.Sachin Umakant Jayashree Kadam,mumbai

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@ clean face with cold water before going bed

@ avoid soap and facing cream.

@ eat fresh fruits.

@ wake up at morning as 6 o clock and sleep at 10 o clock.

@ more drink water.

@ obey your doctor.


This is a remedy I would do to clear up acne,warts and etc.
First, Take a lemon and cut it in half
then get honey (clover honey preferred) and pour it into a bowl. sprinkle some sugar into the bowl with the honey. squeeze the lemon juice in the bowl. then, get olive oil or coconut oil and put it into the bowl. stir. and once it is silky, take a brush or your hand and rub it onto your face.wait three minutes. then pat off with a clean towel, then wash the left-over remedy with cold water.


For a pimples free and glowing face apply tomato juice


I decided that i wanted to do some home remedies so i did some research and found that honey and sugar on your face, massaged really well and left on for around 3 min, works great. I then put toothpaste on my nose as i had some blackheads on it, this works well too. beware that the mint makes your eyes water and burns a little bit, but is worth it. my face is incredibly soft now. after i did that i found some moisturizer and massaged that into my face. MY SKINS SO SOFT!!! oh and then i thought what if i used this as a body wash so i made a large mixture of it and scrubed it all over my body, especially my legs. my bodys sooooo soft now :) try it you wont regret it.


I made this remedy on my own a while ago(:
Im in my late teens, and my acne is very stubborn and quite bad. Im sure alot of people can relate to how much it sucks in your teens and you have acne! But this will work for any age :)
After scrubbing my face with lemon juice and sugar mixed (optional. I just do this to open my pours and scrub off dead skin cells) i wash the lemon juice and sugar off and dab my face with a wash rag. I wait a few . I then cut up some cucumbers and throw them in a blender mixed with 2 eggs and lemon juice. I blend it up till its a paste. I apply it to my face and leave it over night. The next morning i rinse it off and tada!! Super soft fresh feeling skin :)


Apply Honey and sugar on your face rub it in for 2 or 3 min take a hot cloth and wipe off your face and Ta-da! You will have smooth clear skin and for extra you get smooth lips and hands


Every night before you go to bed, cleanse your face as you normally would. Then take an egg white and whisk it until it becomes frothy. Then add half of the juice of a lemon. Apply mixture w/ a cotton ball, allow to dry then go to sleep.. then in the a.m wash your face. Do this every night, and u will see how your skin glows!!! Even if you suffer from acne this mask is fabulous..

smooth face

to make your face soft you can cut red or back grape i half and rub them on your face after couple minutes rub it off with warm water

luna lauren

Well I wash my face with a drop of shampoo mixed with maize meal (good exfoliant) then rinse off with warm water, I then use a q tip to appy lemon juice directly on the affected area and rub toothpaste on top. Leave for an hour or more then rinse again with warm water. Do not sleep with it on.

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