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I have a remedie that really works!!!!
So first you should wash your face and get all the oils from the day (for softer skin you can use equate daily moisturizer)
Anyways after you wash your face you apply toothpaste to you zit. Let sit overnight (you will see improvements the next day)!!!! Keep doing this every night your zit should be gone in about a week!!!!
Well anyways hope this works for you it did wonders for me!!!!!!!!!

Yellow (or) a random capshunr

Hey every one! Ok so I have read that cutting ALL diary products out of your life will cure acne. But I can't do that. I love dairy so that isn't gonna work. (Chocolate is included in this category! :-0) So I did a little more research and found that lemon juice works. So I tried it. IT TOTALLY WORKED!!! My acne is really clearing. So what you do is squish all the juice out of a lemon. If you have a sponge paint brush apply it (the lemon juice) with that. If you don't use a cotton ball. Do this at night after washing your face. I put some moisturizer on after. THIS WILL MAKE YOUR FACE FEEL FUNNY AND IT WILL HURT for about ten seconds. Do this before you go to bed. You might have to do it a week or so to get results. If you have sensitive skin you might want to dilute it with water. It will work if you are consistent.
Thank you!
I really hope this helps someone!
PLEASE comment below and tell me how it goes.
Get my attention with the nickname 'a random capshunr' or 'yellow'
I will try to help you more if you post your comments asking me by the nicknames.
Thanks! :-)


I have several suggestions that have helped me. The number one thing is lemon juice. I have had bad breakouts since I was 12 (I'm 15 now). My parents, at one point, were paying $500 a month for treatment at the dermatologist. After several very intensive treatments, my acne went away almost completely. However, a year later it came back, but I didn't want to have to go back to the doctors, so I found experimented with many different things until I found lemon juice. Use this as your nighttime routine. Squeeze the juice of a fresh lemon (do not use the pre-squeezed lemon juice) into a clean bowl. You will either want to use half of the lemon or the whole lemon depending on the area of the break out. Before applying lemon juice with a paper towel or cotton balls, gently moisten the areas with warm water and let dry for about 15 seconds. Apply a generous amount to the areas that are breaking out. If you have highly sensitive skin, you should wash it off after 15-30 minutes, but I leave it on after night. In the morning, gently wash off the lemon juice with warm water. Do not use any sort of face wash unless it is 100% natural. I saw results within one night and all of my acne was gone within a week (coming from someone who suffered terribly with acne). Another positive with the lemon juice is that if you have any acne scars, lemon juice does, over time, lighten the scars. Do not wash your face or body with any sort of acne removal wash through out the day, but apply tea tree oil to any large pimples or stubborn areas.
This has worked wonders for me and I hope this helps you! :)


Coconut oil is a incredible. Melt about two teaspoons in a bowl and then add about five drops of eucalyptus oil and stir it up. It should smell a little strong. Put it one the effected area. I came across this when I put some on my nose for congestion overnight. When I woke up in the morning my acne was practically gone!! This works magic. Coconut oil is amazing for almost any thing.
I hope this helps someone!
Bonus. This helps with chest congestion too. Rub it on your chest before you go to bed.


Hey. .u would hav a 1lakh times of all repeated advices lik apply neem leaf paste, sandal, curd lemon etc etc etc. .but te true fact is acne arises due to harmone changes. Just taking proper care of ur skin. Wash ur face regularly after ur outing n before sleeping, drink eat healthy foods. .sleep well take proper rest, stay calm n happie tats more than enough


Best way to fix acne ever!!! Make a paste using baking soda and warm water. Use a paint brush to spread the paste over your face. Let it sit until its completely dry. Then use the paint brush to rub vinegar over the dried paste. Cold vinegar works best. It will scrub away all zits! Rinse your face with water after. Your skin will be so soft. Dap dry :)


Hi everyone!!

Just follow these.... very simple..

Take lemon nd dilute it....
Apply it on ur acne affected areas by using cotton balls....
Leave it for the whole night...
It may cause irritation while applying...
Why bcoz it cures the affected areas...
It's the best one I would prefer...

Also apply sandal wood nd multani mitti meanwhile....

U can see awesome results!

It really works!!


Go all Natural and stay away from any store bought chemicals unless they are from the health food store. I used to wash my face religiously with Cetaphil cleanser and then moisturize just as much with Cerave moisturizer, thinking it was helping my skin heal but then I came across this forum about using raw honey every night as a cleanser, I decided to give it a try. Once all my acne was almost healed, I switched over to water only face washing. Its been a couple weeks now and wow what a difference. Everynight I take a round cotton applicator and get it wet with water, then apply all over my face and let my face air dry. Next I dab Tea Tree Oil all over my face and Sulfur spot treatment on any noticeable pimples. I also use Aubrey Organics wrinkle serum on some of my hot spots. I do not use anything on my face in the morning, just some water drops from the shower. Im not currently using any moisturizer at this time until my skin retains its natural balance again and once it does Ill be applying JoJoba Oil at night and Aloe Vera Juice in the morning. As an exfoliator, I currently use some cooked oatmeal once a month. I also do a Raw Honey and/or Egg face mask once every other week after I steam my face for 10min. My only other remedy I use is I make non-flavored gelatin and apply it to my nose where there is blackheads and then I slowly peel it off after its dried. Also try to switch to a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise at least 10min aday and last but not least take your vitamins.Oh and I almost forgot drink Hot Lemon water every morning. Good Luck.


There is a cream that I have been using and it is AMAZING!!!!! It is called 'Clinique acne treatment'. If you rub it where your spots are than they will be gone in no time!!!


Olive Oil with a little bit of garlic oil before you go to bed does wonders for acne.

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