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Desitin Creamy with Aloe & Vitamin E. Cover your face with a smooth even layer and leave on over night. In the morning the redness should be gone as well as many bumps or open sores. Try this for a couple days if it dosen't at least help then I would recomend trying something else.


In the 5th grade i started noticing little bumps. like, not red or anything, just like little acne bumps. well in 6th grade you know, the occasional one or two, or a tiny bit right next to my hairline. well in 7th, they were buging me so, and had gotten more, so i went and tried Proactive Solution. IT REALLY WORKED! I stopped using it for 1 weeek, and i noticed a difference, it came back. but i started using Proactive again and it ALL went away. not even one or two stayed. Or for a cheaper solution, try Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning astrigent

Lauren Elizabeth Donatelli

To clear up an oily complexion, wash your face with soap & rinse. Then, use some granulated sugar as an exfoliating scrub. Finally, pat dry and put an egg yolk all over your face. Let dry for an hour, and wash off with a wash cloth and hot water. Use Clean & Clear astringent. Your complexion will be clearer in no time!


To remove acne scar use hemroid cream. Just appy over the scars. They sould clear up in a month or so.

Lauren Elizabeth Donatelli

The single BEST product I have found for stubborn adult acne (with excessive oiliness, breakouts, and large pores) is Clean & Clear Salicylic Acid Astringent. It's not expensive and it really works. Good Luck!


Wash your face with dial soap. Use a SMALL amount of coco butter to moisturize your face. Wipe down your cellphone or talk with your phone away from your cheek (this allows acne to clear up). I found that I had more acne on the side of my face where I held my cellphone.


with your face you shouldn't touch it with your hands( the dirt and grease go on your face and it gets in your pores)


Mix one egg yolk with a tsp. of honey. Apply to face and leave on for 20 minutes, rinse off. Do this 4 days a week. Store excess mixture in the refrigerator for up to a week.


This works very well for acne. I have had acne my whole life but doing this for your face really works. You take a cotton ball and on the cotton ball you put rubbing alcohol then you rub that on your face lightly. Then let the rubbing alcohol dry for 5 minutes. Then you use Benzoyl Peroxide face cream then it is done. This has to be done twice a day in the morning and at night.


Antifungal creme is the best thing I have ever tried for getting rid of acne. I have had acne most of my adult life and recently from excercise I was having trouble with acne on my bottom, so I went online to find a home remedy. I found in several places that antifungal creme works so I thought if it can work on my bottom why not on my face. And after a week of use my face is almost all cleared up with no skin irritation. It works great.

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