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First of all drink plenty of water, then take vitamin B complex and fish oil and calcium. Next wash your face with Noxema. After washing your face Use Natures Cure acne pills and put the acne body spray on your whole face and the acne cream on the infected areas. Don't sleep with your face in the pillow, oil will collect!!


generic diaper rash cream is great for acne. At least it worked for me, I know everyones skin is different. A women on here said to use head and shoulders for acne so when I looked at diaper rash cream and saw they had the same ingredient in them which is zinc I started doing both. Generic dandruff shampooin the morning and night and baby diaper rash cream before bed and leave it on all night, put a towel over your pillow. There are some dandruff shampoos with all different types of acne clearing agents in them but the one that is working for me is the one with zinc 10%, the diaper rash cream can be found with zinc 40%.


Make a solution with two tablespoons of white vinegar in a cup of boiled, cooled water. Store in a clean jar and use whenever necessary. Clean your skin. Dab your solution containing white vinegar onto the affected area several times a day; use a warm, green tea bag for an even better treatment. (Thanks to

biological sciences student

Drink a lot of CRANBERRY JUICE. I drank this for one day (to clear up a bladder infection) and woke up the next morning with a clear face! I've always had acne and this is the first time that anything I have ever drank or eaten has had such a positive and quick effect on my acne. It somehow rids your whole body of bacteria. I wouldn't recommend doing this continuously because overdoing the cranberry juice will cause, yes a beautiful clear complexion, but also diarrhea from loss of 'good' bacteria in the intestines and, if you're a woman, a yeast infection due to the lack of 'good' bacteria which makes up a healthy flora in the vaginal area allowing the fungus, yeast, to take over. I've never tried putting the juice on my face.. I wonder if it would work.


I had acne before and I've beeen to many dermatologist too. I've tried a lot of home remedies and applications but still pimples are coming through. Until I discover what to do. Don't overwash your face. Wash it twice a day only, morning and night. Then, avoid touching your face with your hands. Use facial tissues on wiping your face rather than your hankies. In this way it can take excess oil on your face and prevent spread of bacteria since it is disposable. Dont squeeze pimples that are not yet mature. If a pimple already has a pus on it then that's the time you can squeeze it out using a pimple extractor. NEVER use your own hands on squeezing pimples it can only spread the bacteria and cause more pimples and can leave large holes on your face. If you notice new pimples just put a benzoyl peroxide cream on it. Apply it twice a day. Just don't put anything on your face. The most important thing is to be consistent on your regimen and your medication. Don't experiment on your face.
I hope this might help you.


Th key to prevent acne is keeping your face clean the whole day, free from oils and dirt. Acne only occurs when your skin pores are blocked, either by its own oil excretions (that's the most likely way), or by touching the pores with your own hands, which contain oil or dirt most of the time. The only way to keep your face clean the whole day is to wash it whenever you feel that it is starting to get oily. For me that's about 4 to 5 times a day. The trick however is that you have to wash it with a very mild moisturizing soap, and not your regular bar soap. Because if you wash it with regular face soap five times a day, your face will become very dry and irritated. Mild moisturizing soap however will not cause irritation or much dryness. This method has succeeded in reducing the occurence of acne by 90% for me. It might not be the easiest, but it works. P.S. The soap brand that I use is 'Caress', but any mild moisturizing soap will do.


Barberry and Oregon Grape capsules are avaliable at health food stores, take one capsule 1/2 hour before each meal and your acne will go away. It causes your liver to metabolize more efficiently and pure oils will come from your pores rather than oils bound with starches, proteins, and other substances that bacteria can live on.
Use this yourself and BE PROACTIVE! Tell anyone you see with acne about this, take them aside and let them know what you are using for it. If they say that they are using Blotto acne treatment or whatever, just say that now that they know that it doesn't work that they should try barberry/oregon grape capsules. Do it, get better......


Good posts on this board. The diet connection to acne is very real and is the only thing that worked for me (acne sufferer for 10+ years). Stay away from processed food and no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated foods (check the label). Yes- fruits and veggies are good. I've had no issue w/ meat, but did w/ alcohol (no more than 2 drinks / day). Carrots help my complexion and also making sure I get enough sleep at night. Diet and rest are the keys to a good complexion (in my experience), not expensive facial products.


OK, who has time to sit around with eggs, cucumbers, tomatos, etc. for an hour a night?
If you have acne like me, and everything else has failed you. Try this, its fast and make sense for people who dont have time to wear a salad on their face every night.
Step 1: Take a deep breath and relax.
Step 2: Wash your entire body with Head & Shoulders twice a day.
Step 3: In the morning rub your face down with some Witch Hazel after washing with H&S.
Step 4: Take a Vitamin B5 suppliment.
Step 5: Rub your face down with Vitamin E pills (the contents of the pill of course) at night, wipe off excess.
Step 6: Use a clay mask once a week.

Above all, NEVER EVER EVER TOUCH YOUR FACE WITH ANYTHING BUT AIR. Although this sounds like alot, it is cheap, fast, and simple. Let your face (and body) do the rest. You actually don't want a dried out, sterile face. You need oil and bacteria, what you don't need is clogged up pores, the above steps will do this and keep it that way. REMEMBER you want not only blemish free skin but healthy skin. Try it!


Steep 1 teaspoon dried rosemary in 1 cup warm (not hot) water for 10 minutes. Stir well, then bathe acne-prone areas of your skin in the solution for a couple of minutes. Rinse well. I do this just before bed on my forehead and hairline, where I tend to break out. This will help soothe sore, raw skin and gently cleanse without causing overly dry skin (which in turn leads to increased oil production and worsens acne).

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