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So I've been reading all of these remedies, and I've noticed a few reoccurring methods: oatmeal, lemon, baking soda, toothpaste, and honey. So I thought let's try all of them. I got a bowl and mixed all of them together, and BAM! The acne is all dead! It's probably not 100% necessary to use all of those ingredients but everyone's skin is different and some remedies might not work as well as others.


I like to use carbolic soaps that can commonly be found at any health and nutrition store. Its orange and has a very distinctly sweet smell. I notice that if i use it for just one time my skin feels different. Within a week you really startd to notice it though. Its quite amazing. Some people like the scent but personnaly i cant stand it. Its very sweet smelling. But it does leave your skin feeling clean and fresh.


I used to use a drugstore, no prescription needed,anti-acne liquid. I've used this for awhile and started to feel like my skin had almost become immune to it, or it just didn't work as well. So I decided to amp it up a little by mixing lemon juice, honey, and two drops of this anti acne liquid. (You can do it without the anti acne stuff too if you don't have it). I've also heard honey and cinnamon are a good remedy.


When I break out I use Rubbing Alcohol…
It seems to burn a little but it cleanses very well…
It's the stuff mom used on cuts to clean up your BoBos so imagine how good it will work on your breakout …
It doesn't dry out your face so don't get the wrong idea but it doesn't leave it oily either…!!

Natural home remedy for acne:

1-2 Garlic which contains allicin, which is an antibiotic.
2-3 garlic cloves
Crush them to make a paste
Apply this paste on the acne

Consume 3 cloves of garlic everyday for 1 month.

Crush finely a handful of washed coriander leaves.
Extract the juice and add a pinch of turmeric powder.
Apply this mixture every night.


Usually when I get acne I reallyhate it. So everyone I ask always say to wash your face and keep it clean, but I found good ways to keep it away. Sometimes I use lemon juice tokeep it away. When you do, you should always use fresh juice and dab a cotton swab in it and put it on the acne area. Then there is hand sanitizer. It may seem crazy, but it doesn't effect soft skin and it works. Don't use too much just run out on your hands and put some on your forehead. I hope it works for all of you!


I havent had severe acne , but when i do get pimples it becomes a real pain. I also have sensitive skin so that doesnt help, but what i realized is once you wash your face with face wash, exfoliate and scrub the dirt off with a exfoiliating towel using witch hazel:apply a mixture of lemon juice, anti-fungal cream and hand sanitizer. I know this may sound crazy but not only do i see my acne subside, i also see my skin looking moe clearer , cleaner and renewed. All i can say is try it!


I've been dealing with adult acne for the past 5 or so years and nothing seemed to work... So I did my research and started to do the following and has seemed to work for me... I'm female so I do wear make up so I first wash my make up off with normal hand soap, I then wash my face with facial soap with sulfur in it, I use a brand called PCA skin, I then take a cotton pad and put on colloidal silver and wipe my face down, and after that I use aloe first aid gel as my moisturizer... I have been doing this the past couple of months and I have been acne free since!! I don't have dry skin and it feels clean for once, no access oil, the sulfur of the soap helps to dry out the oiliness, the colloidal silver helps with any type of bacteria that may be on your face and aloe helps to heal your skin. This method can be expensive, but it has worked for me and I figured that it could help someone else!!


I used to have terrible acne and then I found this Mary Kay cream that I use every night and morning. You can't find it in stores, or in the magazines, but you can google search a Mary Kay dealer in your area and you can contact them and leave a check or money in your mailbox and they they will take the money and leave the Mary Kay. One tube costs about $7 and lasts me about a month or so. While it has not completely cured my acne, it has kept it to a minimum without pimples or breakouts. But as soon as I skip a night or two my acne goes out of control again and it's really hard to get it back under control.
Another thing that helped me was holding my breath, closing my eyes, and putting rubbing alcohol on my face. It may burn, but after you get used to it,it'll stop. I also suggest using a soft pillowcase at night so your face won't get irritated.


I use a scrubby pad with Dial bar soap and rinse my face and pat dry. (Rubbing dries out your skin) If you have a couple pimples, I use a thin layer of arm & hammer baking soda and peroxide toothpaste (Also great on teeth!) I also recommend clean and clear duel action moisturizer.

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