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Doing Yoga regularly can help to a very great extent, especially as it regulating hormones and helps the body get rid of toxins.
Along with healthy eating habits and normal cleansing,it can not only help with acne but also many many other ailments. I have just started out few days back..and I already feel great.
Also check out homeopathic medicines.


when using a face mask or pimple treatment apply warm water first, this will open the pores up and when your finished splash your face with cool water.

ive also found that wiping a used tea bag over you face makes the redness go away.

hope it works for you!

D Snow

Ok well first you take a cup and then you poor some sugar,some oat meal and some water but make sure its not watery then mix it with anything a spoon a wisk anything then put it on your face wait about half an hour then when your ready to wash it off take a small towel with really warm water then whip it off and there you go keep it up for about a week and u'll see great results...


Here's just the basics.
*Wash your face, twice a day, morning and night.

*Use a light moisturizer.

*Drink 64 oz. of water. I mean you don't have to, but it clears the skin, and it's the recommended ammount of water they say to drink per day.

*Get fresh air and sunlight. It provides Vitamin D, which works wonders on your skin.

*Improve your diet. More fruits and vegetables!!! Although it was just proven not to have affect, if you avoid junk food. Lots of oily foods, greasy foods, etc. It can still help.

*Exercise. I know how hard it is to stick to a normal exercise schedule, but, if you sweat, you are doing a natural process of cleansing your pores. Just make sure you rinse your face off afterwards. :]

*De-stressify. One huge cause of acne is stress. Every night, before you go to bed, do something you love to do, that helps relax you.

*Don't touch your face!!! Oils & bacteria that you gather all day, will go to your face, straight through your pores and infect it with all the disgusting stuff imaginable. Just don't do it. Don't pick the acne or scabs, it leaves scars. Don't touch, bacteria.

I hope this helps!!!


MIx white vinegar and sea salt together and apply to cleaned face every night and leave on overnight, this will sting a little but it work and it's safe.


Crack an egg in a bowl, scoop out the yoke and keep the egg white. After washing off access oil apply the egg white to your entire face and let set until dry. Once dry rinse it off completely, pat dry. Then use a moisturizer that does not have an oil-base. A good natural moisturizer is honey. Rub honey on your face after the eggwhite treatment, rinse it off, pat dry.

You should always moisturize after washing your face if you have naturally oily skin. After you wash all the oil off your face, your skin will overproduce oil to replenish what you washed off. If you moisturize, your skin won't feel the need to do so.


I had acne since I was 11...I tried everything from Proactive to Duac and NeoBenz and even RatinA (really harsh on the skin by the way...makes your lips dry, your skin red and it peels like a bad sunburn) nothing really improved my skin much...over the counter products didn't help either...

Then I Googled home remedies for acne and I decided to try washing my face with Head and Shoulders, apply honey and ground cinnamon (you're really supposed to sleep with this mask and wash off in the morning, but the honey is really sticky and you would rub it off anyways so I just used it for as long as I could before bed in the evening) and I saw improvements literally the next day. It takes away the redness and calms down your acne, your skin will feel a lot smoother too...I had a huge pimple that was deep under the skin, cystic acne on my chin and it went down a lot the next day. By the fifth day it was completely gone....this is really not a joke, it helped me...and I'm using it every night.

I also read that apple cider vinegar is good for acne, and acne scars (I have quite a few because when I was younger I squeezed and popped my pimples all the time believing that will make them go away) ill try to include that in my daily routine too...I will post on how it helped me in a week or two..


Okay this is just for those with really oily skin like me i would wash my face in the moring and an hour later it looked like i was sweating iwas so oily first don't touch! stop rubbing your face so often the oil form your hands only makes it worse treat problem areas with rubbing alchol it will dry out the area so don't use to much the a regular soap i found that dove is the best because it puts back the moisture, but not the oil! also one a month rub a cut lemon on the face it cuts the oil watch the eyes though


Most acne sufferers do not give much importance to home remedies or simply they do not consider they are 'treating' their acne.As a fact certain remedies do have a good role in acne management or at least they prevent breakouts and speed up the healing process. One of them is Aloe Vera. It has been for centuries for different ailments, one of them is acne. it is an established fact that aloe ingredients have;

  • A natural anti inflammatory effect which speeds up the healing process of acne.

  • Moisturizing properties thus hydrate the skin and prevent it from becoming dry and blistered.

  • A mild astringent effect that prevents excessive oil production.

  • Revitalizing effects on skin hence results in fresh and clear skin.

For acne you can use it in multiple ways, like you can apply the lump directly to your washed face for 10 minutes, or you can use orally in the form of aloe gels, or aloe juices.

Ray Marshall

This is a very simple treatment that I used to use all the time. All you need for this is honey & You should be able to see some results the next morning.

To make this treatment work you need to take honey and apply it to the affected areas at night, before going to sleep. Then go to bed and rinse in the morning.
You should see some results the next morning but it may take a while before the acne is gone completely.


--- Ray

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