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Make a paste by mixing honey and cinnamon powder. Apply this paste on the pimples before sleeping and wash it next morning with warm water. Repeat for two weeks, pimples will disappear forever.


I'm using a simple wash cloth ®ular liquid hand soap. Circular motions on your face morning and day did the trick for me. I tried Proactiv, SkinID, and other acne creams. But surprizingly, this works the best! (Also try getting oil free/ oil control makeup so It won't clog pores and stuff) Hope this helped!


I have lived with acne since I was 12, and I am currently 19. I've tired everything out there but had no luck. That’s until I tried something of my own. Here is what you need:
-Head and Shoulders Shampoo
-Bert’s Bees Peach and Willow Bark Deep Pore Scrub
-Bert's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick
-A good green tea moisturizer

In the morning I wash my face with the Bert's Deep cleaning scrub. After I apply the blemish stick to wherever is needed, but try to stay away from areas that can do without because it can be very drying which causes more acne. Then, since I have a bed habit of picking at my acne to the point where they become scabs, I apply a small amount on Neosporin, and Finish off with the lotion.
At night I use the head and shoulders to clear away makeup and get my skin fresh. Again I do the same thing with the blemish stick, Neosporin and lotion.
I NEVER use the Pore cleaner and Head and shoulders during the same wash, your skin becomes irritated dry and itchy. My skin is somewhat sensitive as well, so sometimes I only do the Head and Shoulders every other day.
Also, because your skin can get used to the medications in washes very fast, I try to one a week wash my face with something different. Personally I use a black head clearing scrub.
So far I haven't had the perfect skin yet but this inexpensive at home way of clearing acne has worked better for me than anything else I have tried and my skin looks better than it has in years!
I hope it works for you too!


to get rid of acne problem drink lots of water and also drink grape fruit juice 2 glasses daily for 1 week and then see the result your skin will become clean and clear.


acne is a way for your body to get rid of toxins. make sure you arent constipated. fibre (fresh fruit and veg should be eaten regularly)
dont pick at or squeeze your pimples. this breaks the membranes and can cause scarring and spread the infection.
hydrogen peroxide is helpful. the thing that made the biggest difference was excercise. half and hour a day that works up a sweat cleans out your pores and keeps everything to avoid blockups.


I have had chronic acne for 3 years now all over my face i went from clearisil so neutrogena to oxy and a lot of home remedy's nothing worked all the brand name acne treatments dried my skin out lot then i finally called a really good pharmacist they told me no sugary drinks YES THAT INCLUDES SODA dont touch or pick at my face and to use clean and clear cleansing pads twice a day everyday followed by a little moisturizer finally my acne was gone and i could live my life and talk to people without worrying about my face.


ok i am not going to tell you this will cure you... but i know it helps me prevent black heads and acne...

we learned this in modeling class... take one egg... use only the whites... smear the egg whites on your skin and let it sit untill it is dry... you will know because it is very tight... try not to move cause if you do it wont stay as tight on your skin...
then wash off....

i prefer to wash with head and sholders...

the egg tightens your pors and helps prevent future breakouts... i do it like once a week (on my beauty night)


1. first of all, if you have a nasty pimp that is red, sore, has a 'head' on it and it needs to be popped. POP IT!

2. Wash your face with Dial Anti-bacterial soap. Repeat as necessary, especially if you are a woman that wears make-up.

3. Use a daily scrub. I use Clean&Clear-Blackhead Clearing Scrub. (just follow the direction on the bottle.)

4. Then use an astringent and cotton ball. i use Avon Clearskin-purifying astringent blackhead clearing formula but i am sure any astringent will do just fine.

5. (this one is weird, but trust me it works) now for that nasty pimple you just popped-- place a few drops of VISINE on a Q-tip and rub on the pimple. if you have more than one pimple you may want to use more than one Q-tip. it may sting a little but not bad. as the visine drys, your pimple and skin around your pimple will start to feel tight. don't worry this is normal.

i only recommend using the VISINE treatment at bed time. in my experience and depending on the size of the pimple, the pimple is 'dried up' and GONE the next morning-no redness, no swelling, no nasty looking sore on your face from popping the pimple. you may see a white flacky place where the pimple WAS, which comes off easily just by washing your face.

depending on how may pimples that you have and the size of them, you may have to repeat this process a few nights in a row. trust me, it really works.


Kelly S.

How many of you use cell phones? When your phone is pressed to the side of your face, it comes in contact with the oils and makeup and stays on your phone, redepositing all that nasty stuff the next time you talk on it. Every few days, dampen a cotton ball with Rubbing Alcohol and swipe it over your phone, being sure to get in between the numbers on the keypad. Take a look at what you just mopped up!


Fish oil tablets and hand sanitizer. I did this and have not had a break out since. Take the fish oil tablets every day. This was a tip from a doctor.

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