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I decided to look into acne home remedies when I stumbled unto an article stating vegans have more salicylic acid in their blood. Not only do many fruits and veggies provide it but so do herbs and spices in even greater quantity. It made sense to me that honey mixed with nutmeg or cinnamon would actually work, and it does. Simply make a paste with the ingredients above adding sugar and lime/lemon juice to thin it out. Don't get hung up on amounts, and don't hesitate to try it. Keeping this on all night this will help with acne scarring as well, otherwise a 15 minute mask will show improvement. After doing this once or twice you will want to keep it on, because if it works for you you will know. I grate my own cinnamon/nutmeg but already ground should work fine.


Get rid of all the magniyfing mirrors in your house! I used to pick at my face because everything looked so big and nasty and you just couldnt leave it like that a by 12 i had had scars and aggrivated acne all over my face. When i got rid of it and stopped touching my face it got a lot better. Also always wash your hands before applying makeup and cremes on your face.
I like to use lemon juice on my face. I buy those bottles that are shapped like them and mix it with my acne products.
hope this helps!
(And take me seriously about the mirror thing I wish i had!)

Mrs. Myers

I have had acne my whole life. I thought nothing would ever work and just came to the conclusion that I would always have it. I tried everything! Now in my late 20's I finally found something. I tried toothpaste, proactive, you name it I tried it! If you have had acne you know it can scar not only your face and body but also your relationships. I used to hide in the bathroom until I had makeup on and even then it was obvious. I lost boyfriends because of my own insecurity. Everyone tried to give me advise as if it were me causing the problem. The thing that finally worked for me was as simple as sugar and cinnamon! It burns like hell! But you know that if you have it, it is worth it. I just mix up a cup of sugar and a third cup of cinnamon in a little jar in my bathroom. I wet my face with water and scoop up a small amount and rub it all over my face until I can't stand the burn. My face will be red for a little while but I don't mind. Sometimes I fallow up with a dab mild lotion like baby lotion to calm my skin.

finaly 626

my cuzin got rid of her acne by using baking powder and water
how you use it:
mix the both if like you were mixin pancake mix and watch youre acne dissapear


I wouldn't say I've ever had a bad acne problem, but like most people, in my late teens a few zits starting arising here and there. I tried all the store brand stuff... every single thing made the zits worse. Wasn't long before I swore off the #1 'zit products'. I tried proactive because my brother had it, and it destroyed my skin within 5 seconds- never touched it again. I never wore make up at this time either, so it wasn't having any impact in the cause. In my microbiology class a few years ago, I realized I was giving myself zits from leaning my face on my hands in school and at work and so on. As soon as I realized that, I eliminated the habit and saw quite a difference. However, my biggest difference, and I barely ever get zits anymore except for an occasional one right before menstruation (hormones obviously), was when I started washing my face morning and night with 'gentle cleansing Cetaphil'. Not the face wash version, but the regular one that you can even wash your body with. It IS gentle and it does it's job really well. I have recommended Cetaphil to all my friends with acne problems, but they all gave up on it due to lack of patience. And also, they're not taking the extra precautions to reduce acne, like eating right, drinking water, and avoiding touching their face, etc.

Oh, and I don't know how much a bigger difference it makes, but i NEVER wash my face in the shower. I will wet it, pat it dry, then wash it with cetaphil with a clean cloth after my shower. I'm sure it has some sort of effect on the extra cleanliness.

Otherwise, moisturize every morning after washing with cetaphil and apply make up as needed, or don't, whatever. THe moisturizer's you use will also make a huge difference in if you get acne or not too. I have also tested a lot of different kinds and found the ones with the least chemicals possible, as being the best. There use to a be a facial lotion called skinmilk, but they stopped making it- it was amazing- never had a zit. Cetaphil's spf facial moisturizers do work too, as long as I apply a coat of powder make up, of a sort (I use bare minerals veil) over it, it makes a different if I'll get any zits or not. And recently, Alba's green tea (and something or other) facial lotion is my favorite- never got a zit using it either. But I have tried other natural moisturizers and broke out from them, so it varies.

Also, if you wear make up, be sure you're cleansing your make up brushes often- they will accumulate bacteria and cause a break out here and there over the course of a day.

Alas, just eat and drink healthy- it makes a difference. Otherwise, I'd just say be sure to have patience and read around and try things and see what works and doesn't work for you- it IS different for everyone. My face probably prefers the thing I use because I have sensitive skin, as well as slightly dry skin.


I'm in my mid-40's and have struggled with acne since my early teens. If untreated, it becomes cystic acne.

As others have stated, a good diet is key. Plenty of water and green tea. Drink next to nothing else. No dairy or saturated fats. Stick with olive oils. Plenty of fruits and vegetables. No junk food. Very important. Solid, restful sleep is vital, too.

Everyone's situation is going to be different, and the solutions different, as well. I happen to have the oiliest skin I have ever seen on a human being. As little as two to three hours after washing my face, beads of oil begin appearing in my pores. Within a few more hours they become rivulets, then combine into rivers, then flood my whole face. Unreal.

What has worked pretty well for me is keeping it as clean as possible. I carry a small bottle of liquid Lavender castille soap. You can also use Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint castille soaps (all antibacterial). They're all available at the health food store. It's highly concentrated, so very little will be sufficient.

More importantly, wherever I go I carry a small bar of 10% Sulfur soap. I try to use it every 3 to 4 hours. It's worked wonders for me. What's odd is that sulfur creams and gels never really had a positive effect for me, so this doesn't make much sense. But I can't argue with success. I wash up according to the aforementioned regimen, then apply 5% BP at night. That's pretty much it. I may have to apply a 10% cream on spots as well, but nothing more. It's been a godsend.

I've done everything out there. Accutane included. Accutane worked while I was on it, but once I was off, the acne came right back once my oil flow kicked in again. And you simply can't stay on Accutane indefinitely. It's too hard on your liver and other organs.

Give the sulfur soap a shot with BP at night. Understand, the soap can be a bit harsh and may not be the best bet if you don't have oily skin, but if you tried everything else like me, give it a shot. I'll never be without it.


I'm 26 years old and have had acne since I was 12. It went from moderate to severe when I reached highschool and never really gotten any better. I've tried all the products you could think of, but I finally found something that worked very well. I started using cetaphil facial cleansing wash for about $9 for a 8oz. bottle, and the proactive solution refining mask for about $7 for a 2.5 oz bottle on I wash my face every night and day with the facial wash and use the mask 1-2 times per week to refine my skin. This works wonders and hopefully it'll work for you.


i have had acne since i was 12. im 13 now and i use something unusual on my face. i use miracle whip.


-wash your face in warm or cold water ( i use warm water to kill the bacteria)

-apply a small amount of Miracle Whip onto your face and make a thin layer.

-Let it dry for 10-15 mins. (it will sting only a little but if u have a open sore it will sting a little more)

-after the 10-15 mins rub your face,with pressure, with clean hands.(DO NOT PUT HAND SANITIZER ON YOUR HANDS BEFORE YOU RUB YOUR FACE!!!!) do this for about 5-7 mins

-You will see small things comming off of your face. do not be scared. thats
the dry skin coming off of your face. and it helps your pinples and blackheads go away because or the natural affect of the vinigar in the Miracle Whip.(the vinigar acts as a 'cleanser')

-wash it out with warm water.

use this every night before you go to bed for about 1-2 weeks. if you do this you WILL end up with soft acne free skin.


Acne bacteria are killed by exposure to moderate levels of heat. You do NOT have to burn or scald your skin...just heat it a little bit. The simplest treatment is with a good quality coffee mug. You need to use a good quality mug because the cheap mugs lose their heat too quickly. Fill the mug with water and microwave it until the water is very hot - you can even let it boil. Then - VERY IMPORTANT - let the mug sit for a prolonged period to cool back down. It will usually take about 14 to 16 minutes to cool enough to safely apply to your skin. Test the mug with your hand to see if it is cool enough to use. Then pick up the mug and press it gently against the acne-prone area for about 20 to 22 seconds. If you are pressing it directly to a current pimple, then you should apply it for a full 30 seconds to kill any bacteria in the pimple. Rotate the mug and use a fresh section of the mug to apply to the next acne-prone area. Each section of mug can be used to treat up to 2 areas if you keep rotating the mug. The whole application process should take only 4 minutes. When you are done, the area treated should be fairly pink but not burned and the pink should fade within an hour. Repeat this treatment once per day to prevent any new pimples from forming. There is no benefit to treating your skin any more than once per day or for more than 30 seconds. You should still be able to use benzoyl peroxide in combination with the heat treatments. I can vouch that this actually works as long as you treat the skin every day. If you skip a day, the pimples return.


Acne is not so much a problem with bacteria but it is a hormone problem. None of these bogus companies that manufacture acne products are going to tell you this. I was on the depo shot which caused me to have a hormone inbalance. After many years of buying different acne products and paying dermatologists to inject me with hydorcortisone shots in in my face, and prescribe several different remedies that never really worked I decided to look deep into the problem. 1. Most all acne is due to a hormone inbalance or too much yeast (candida) being produced within one's body. This does not necessarily mean that you have a yeast infection. It could though! 2. Using natural remedies for things are safer with no side effects, most of the time. 3. Driniking water and changing your diet will aid in the process but it is not going to cure your acne. 4.Though if your acne is due to yeast more than hormone inbalnace then leaving dairy products alone, drinking water to cleanse the body will help. Avoiding foods that help the body produce more yeast (you can look up those foods on line) helps a lot. Raw foods like carrots, tomatoes, romaine lettuce etc are very helpful. 5. One of the most important things one should remember is that products like benzoyl peroxide and acid based products are more harmful than anything. They may work at first but down the road these products will assist you in the aging process much more rapidly drying the skin and stripping your skin of it's natural nutrients. 6. To break it down here are some of the best natural products: For those with oily skin, washing with products that are non comedogenic or hypoallergenic will not irritate the skin. Do not use products that contain alcohol and that applies for those with dry skin especially. For all skin types alcohol strips the skin of its natural oils. Try looking for toners/products that contain rose or lavendar, or most importantly just avoid alcohol based products. For face washes I reccomend ponds, Phisoderm, and puprose. Using a washcloth to gently exfoliate the skin is very important, but of course you want to be gentle. Try making a paste face wash by mixing either phisoderm or ponds with turmeric. Many people including myself have found turmeric to be great at getting rid of acne and also preventing new break outs. Beware though turmeric can stain like mustard (it's an ingredient in mustard), it can be messy so get extra paper towels around the sink or use in the shower. One of the best miracle workers for those with oily skin is tea tree oil. It's about $13.00 or so for pure tea tree oil and if used moderately after washing and toning will immediately start to work by drying most or all existing acne immediately. Just apply to the face, avoiding your eyes and mouth. Massage into skin for a minute or tow. If you have dry skin I would reccomend that if you use the tea tree oil, that you apply either vitamin E oil (which is economical), neroli oil or rose oil as a moisturizer (they both retail around $39.00 and up).Neroli an rose oil and be found as a combination of the two (for around $11.00), mixed with jojoba oil (for around $11.00 also) or in pure form which is the most expensive (at aound $39.00).Mixtures compare to tea tree oil in price. Taking supplements like probiotics, digestive enzymes and those that prevent yeast aid in cleasing the body of yeast, toxins and bacteria. Other supplements like vitamin a, b complex, zinc, copper, chromium, turmeric, and even omega 3's will be beneficial in many ways. Fiber helps keep you regular which assists in cleansing the body and ridding the body of toxins and bacteria. I have many other remdies that I have researched but I have found that these are some of the best. I broke out with 10-20 bumps everyday for 1 year or longer. My face was embarassing and I didn't want to show my face. If you research these products over the internet you will find that these products have helped many people. I think the most useful thing that I can also tell everyone is that if you believe you have a hormone inbalance research on line what the other problems that can exist when having a hormone inbalance and if you find that you have some of the other problems associated with hormonal inbalance then more then like if you address this issue alone will most likey get right to the problem alone. I do recommend using some tips like avoiding alcohol and tea tree oil but know that for males and females the existence of too much testoserone is the cause. For men I won't lie I'm not sure what to take to balance the hormones, but I'm positive if you go to a whole foods type of market or natural supplements type of store other than GNC they can help you find a cream not a pill that can balance your hormones. Women you want to get something like progesterine cream. Either way apply the cream directly to your acne. It may not say to do so on the directions but for me, I found that if I used after the tea tree oil or after any of the other oils that you apply have absorbed somewhat after 10 minutes or so. You want to apply it last because it's creamy and thicker than the oils which it will absorb slower. You should rub all oils and the cream until you feel it is somewhat absorbed, especially in the problem areas. Always be gentle though. For women the cream is recommended for menopause or for problems that arise from PMS. I hope that this was useful for someone. If I mad any errors I apologize but I am tired and because my skin looks amazing now, I felt that it is my duty to share this info with anyone who will listen and thinks that it can help them.

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