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Ashley Burkart

Thank you for sharing such great tips! Ive experienced moderate acne breakouts since I was 11. Now in my late 20s I had tried everything from chemical to natural remedies, food diets, allergy elimination, you name it. By chance, due to a tummy bug, I discovered GRAPEFRUIT. After eating ORGANIC ruby red grapefruits (a whole one, no sugar, skins peeled) or natural grapefruit seed extract (12-14 drops in 8oz of water) once a day, everyday for 7 days or so, my skin stopped breaking out. Once every few months, one or two will pop up right before my period, but I hardly notice. That was a year ago. Now, I must admit that Ive missed a few days here and there and when I do my skin reacts and breaks out a bit again. Since doing some research on grapefruit seed extract Ive chosen to just eat organic grapefruits. My favorite are larger ruby red ones. They are sweeter and super awesome (: Eating grapefruits has become a daily healing ritual for me. I am SO GRATEFUL to have found this amazing fruit has seriously changed my life, given me permission, so to speak, to feel more confident and radiate my light from within (: I just wanted to share with everyone, maybe it can help you too! (:


I went through my whole puberty life with out a single zit in my face. I promised myself that if I found something that worked I would let the world know it . First of all you need to know why you are breaking out it could be hormonal (get laid , pms) it could be hygiene (you know you slept with make up on ) or in my case it could be stress . I have dealt with allergy break out with are not really pimples does not have pus but they are swollen and hurt . I deal with those using caladryl or calamine . So now being 23 I was told that lay off might happen at work and I started panicking (this is why I would be a terrible criminal) I panic and stress too much . And your body has ways of dealing with this I have woken up with sore teeth from grinding them at night or with my lymph nodes swollen . This time I broke out with tiny white heads all over my forehead. I bought a face wash , I bought another . At the end mothers knows best I found this sulfur cream at Walmart called De la cruz . This is what cleared my break puts with in 3 days and scabs from the ones I had picked at . I thought this is great ! Until it happened the bridge of my nose felt sore like an ingrown pimple . And then the next day another the side of my nose felt sore and that day I saw the after math. I looked like Rudolph the red nose reindeer . I tried sulfur again it didn't work . I tried caladryl, calamine. Then I read about lemon , garlic, apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil. If you have a golden skin tone as mine do not try this these are bleaching agents for our skin . I asked my mom again . And by this time I had the 2 in my nose another one in the opposite side of my nose and one in my cheek . You know how painful that is . So this is what my mom said get vicks (yes we are Mexican we use this for everything) and hydrocortisone or Dr Smith (baby butt rash cream) and and a little bit of boric acid . So I did that last night and this morning and after I got out of work and bam you can even tell they are there . Now since my first break out I have treating my skin with Pomada de La Campana ( Walmart 0.99) and my skin is super soft and dark spots have been fading. I'm glad I found this remedy I was about to spend 5 hours dripped in microwaved sperm .Or try proactive which has terrible reviews. Sorry for any grammar errors my phone is being a wacko


I suffer from acne from time to time; but now, my face is a lot better--no sign of acne for about two months! I just religiously wash my face with soap (the one with Kojic acid) twice a day. At first week of using the soap, it somehow felt uncomfortable (I felt like there was a thin layer of plastic covering my face). I continued using it until my face got used to it. Now, because of the Kojic acid, my face got clearer. I just use moisturizer (because the acid made my face somehow dry) with vitamin E after washing my face in the morning. This is really effective for me! I hope others will try it.


I have tried so many home remedys to get rid of acne and these are the 2 best ones

1) mix salt and water together and let it sit for 5 mins(stir when needed) and rub on your face, let it stay on for 10-20 min then rinse off with water(i do this every 2nd day)

2) cold water!!! Fill a bottle with water and put in the freezer for about an hour, pour your cold water in a bowl that your face will fit in, dip your face in it for 25 seconds.(5 times, 5 seconds each time)


AD Nguyen


I had acne for years since I was 14.
It was worse when I had to work in the chemical industry. The substance often vaporized, and I could feel my face turning red right away after exposing to those chemical. It itched badly making me just want to scratch it like crazy.
I used so many acne treatment products out there. Some prescribed very expensive even with insurance. They often dried my face , peeled the affected area into many layers and still heavy oil on the rest of the face ,and of course acne breaking out even more.Scars were over the places with pus and redness around them.

My friends and family saw my face and felt really bad for me. I gave up myself too after more than 10 years trying many things and did not work.

In winter last year, I decided to quit chemical treatment and any other treatments.

Everyday I just washed my face with warm water more often and used cotton pads, gauges, or wipes to dry my face after that. I always carried those pads with me. I did wash my face whenever I could remember even when I went to a restaurant or a shopping center and did not put anything else on after that.

At night, I went to sleep early and pray so I could stop thinking embarrassing about my face.

When I worked with chemical or in dusty places, I used mask all day long except lunch break.

Amazingly,after less than 2 months, I felt much better and my face started to heal.
There was No itching after 3 weeks. Redness was gone after that. I can feel my face balance well. It just got brighter and fresher.

Everyone was very happy for me as they see my happy, healthy skin again.
They asked me what I have done. I told them my simple remedy. Many didn't believe though.
My remedy seems like nothing but that is the cheapest and the most successful thing I have ever done in my life.
I hope it will do the same for you
God bless everyone who read this post.


Have had a little trouble with zits over the years, and found a few ways of dealing with them, which helped...

Walmart, and possibly others sell a suction device called 'The Extractor'.
(Found in the 'camping section' of 'Sporting Goods' area.)

It's designed to suck venom out of stings and bites....but have used it for sucking infectious bloody pus etc. out of zits, and puncture wounds...even used it, and larger homemade device to draw out gunk and greatly assist in healing of a sizable sore which was likely a touch of MRSA, a bad spider bite, or some kind of 'flesh eating bacteria'.

If the zit, or bite is on face/ sensative area, use caution...for device creates strong suction, and too much can overly damage skin and underlying tissue. But one can regulate how strong the suction is by how far the plunger is pulled back before shoving all the way forward.

Typical, for small to medium spots, I will keep device in place for only around 10-20 seconds, if the site is ready to release it's infection, the clear cup (of which there are several sizes) will be seen to fill up...try to keep goo from entering main body of device...if some gets in there rinse out quickly with rubbing alcohol and/or hydrogen peroxide or even fresh water.

Usually after several brief consecutive 'suckings' the zit, or puncture wound, feels noticably less painful to the touch, indicating that the infection has mostly been extracted...sometimes the infection will return and one can repeat process; but surrounding skin and tissue can only tolerate well a modest amount of stress from the 'suckings'...

Which gives place for a couple of alternative/gentler approaches: specifically, making a paste of pure water and - either a probiotic (beneficial bacteria) pill/contents of capsule; or a paste of food grade diatomaceous earth. Both apparently have the ability to counteract 'bad bacterium'.

Other than that - dietary, and sanitary measures can be very helpful as a preventative measure for many.


I have rather oily skin and because I have acne (mostly around my mouth) I try to conceal it using foundation in the daytime. I recommend sea buckthorn oil. Even if you do have oily skin, using oil is ok. You see, your skin produces oil because it thinks it needs it. When you try to get rid of that oil using harsh soaps, your it will Just make more of it. It's like washing your hair everyday. If you wash it too much then it becomes irritated. Sea buckthorn oil (found at local health food stores) calms and reduces redness. Also, don't spend money on over the counter acne soaps. With a quality product(although it may cost more) you will see results the NEXT morning. If you don't, it was q waste of time and money.


I have tried so many different remedies and must of spent so much on different spot treatments! I dont have acne but when I get spots - I get them bad!!! So I did read through a lot of these but realised I had actually tried most of them. So I decided just to go and make my own and put this and that together and go! So I got some toothpaste and applied a thin layer onto the area which needed treating. Then I applied a layer sudocrem on top of this and rubbed it in. Then I went one step further and added a layer of Vicks (treatment for colds!) I rubbed it all in and left it for half an hour. It may sting but it works! I could feel the Vicks soothing my skin and actually felt the area go cold and relax. When I washed it off the redness had been reduced - lets face it these things take time - but by the morning my skin had cleared! Whoooo! Now I leave it on over night and wash off in the morning. Please try this and comment me your results! You can leave it on for as short/long as you like - Good luck! xx


I'm 14 and had really bad acne since I was nine or ten. I've honestly tried everything, Proactive, toothpaste, pills, Epiduo, not even my dermatologist could cure it. What I did was used the Equate brand of Proactive, but I used it differently, I only used the step 3 (lotion.) I would apply the lotion very thick, to my whole face over night (Caused my skin to be very red and sore.) What has been working for me is washing That almost completely killed the acne bacteria. But not exactly. So, what I continue to do is: clean my face with regular soap in the morning (I use Dial,) after I come home from school, I whipe my face harshly with rubbing alcohol (it irritates my skin.) Then after dinner I use olive oil to help soothe the soreness from the rubbing alcohol. I shower every night and use Dial when before washing my hair, I apply Oxy and let it soak into my skin, while I wait for my conditioner to soak into my hair (I wait about three minutes.) After I rinse the conditioner out and Oct off my face, I then wash my face with Dial again (I use my nails to scratch the dead skin.) After my shower I apply Aloe Vera to the red (irritated) areas and wake up with nice skin.
It's a daily routine that takes a lot of time, but it works for me, so I'll continue it as long as need.

Hope this helps.


I've never really suffered from acne, but small zits here and there (generally my t-zone)have been a problem before.

I discovered this remedy after I experienced a sunburn. Our family owns a small aloe plant, so I cut a small piece from that, sliced it down the center, and then rubbed it all over my face. My sunburn was almost completely gone by morning, and in addition my zits were GREATLY improved. Now, I apply a piece of freshly cut aloe to my entire face and neck every night after I wash with my gentle cleanser. I just use scissors to cut a piece about an inch and a half in length, and then slice this piece down the middle, unfolding the piece of aloe. There's a very liquidy first part, but once you've rubbed on a lot there's just little gelatinous blobs - scrape these off with your fingernail, then crush them between your fingers and they will become much more liquidy.

Good luck!

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