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i have an oily t-zone (fore-head, nose, and chin) and to help prevent and help occasional breakouts with out drying out my skin i do this. right after you get out of a shower (because your pores are open) i apply blistex mixed with calamine lotion and it works like a charm. if you dont have these then you can use toothpaste but not the gel kindand to keep the rest of your skin moisturized i apply cetaphil on my cheeks.the pimple will dry up and go away in 2 to 3 days and all of the other skin will stay healthy


Use Steam for the face to unclog pores. Fill up sink with hot h2O, boil h2O or (even better) crack open the dishwasher while it's on the rinse cycle & enjoy the steam going upward. after this, you can begin your usual facial cleaning with opened pores.

-ashton a. _ 14 yrs

okay, so i've had acne ever since i was 9 1/2! and this works very well!!
first you get a bowl or a small container thats microwave safe and put about 1/5th of a cup of water into it,next you add a spoon full of tomato juice,sauce,paste,then you add toothpaste(about 1/2 a spoon full)next you add disenfecting dish washing liquid(as much as desired),finally you mix up and put in microwave for 30 seconds. when complete spread over entire face and let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour , wash off with warm water and apply a warm wash cloth to face(optional)!!!!! this will work for you!!! start seeing results in 3 hours with acne gone in 2 weeks.


I think im smart iv read every remedy for acne in this site so i came up with this youll need some container to mix that you wont use for anything else . use a dime size of hand sanatizer(it kills germs that cause acne)next add moskito repelent(i used cutter skinsations insect repelent with aloe vera and vitamin e)since these are terrible and bad to breath put an oil free musturiser or toner with out oil(you should always use more musturiser than everything else i used proactiv's refining mask) it might dry dry skin like mine so wear it before bed and use a very good face lotion (you can just mix prouducts araund your hause that have vitamin e ,aloe vera, and kills germs)


I have had acne since I was 10(I know can you believe it?)

I just simply used tomato juice/sauce lemon juice and toothpaste. Apply it overnight and voila!


Pretty much tried everything out there! Proactive, murad and everything in the stores. I recently discovered something on my own! i have terrible acne have had it for 7 years and was tiered of it. i just started doing this and already seeing improvements. Everyone out there will tell you something works but they are wrong because everyones skin is different. my skin gets dry irritated and it hurts its often red where my acne is. What i do is
1. When in shower take wash cloth and put over yer face for 5 mins so the steam can soak in.
2.wash face with soap
3.when out of shower put on plain yogurt i know sounds gross!
i use it every day and night even right before i apply makeup.
yougurt not only settles my acne it makes my face really soft. all the dry peely areas are fading. ive only used this for two days but its working. Apparantly its an old family recipe for acne.

let me know if this works for you!


hey peoples out there well maybe your all wondering how to get rid of your acne? well i'm 14 years old and since i was 12 ive been suffering from acne. until now i mean i still do have them but thats because i barely started but i did see changes in my skin! well all you need is toothpaste (not the gel kind) and an aloe vera leaf. all you do is before you go to bed rub the aloe vera leaf all around wheres there an affected aren and let it dry then the toothpaste. the next morning when you wake up just wash your skin with soap and your face will feel softer and it will be clearer! i guarantee you!
good luck!


This remedy worked for me!! In a small cup pour oatmeal, a spoon full of pure honey,& squeeze half a lemon. Mix them together. Apply on ur face .. If u want to exfoliate rub the remedy on ur face in circular motion & leave on for 30min. To 1 hr. Then just wash ur face, with water only, and pat dry. Do this twice a week if u want more this helps alot. You'll love the way ur face feels.


If you apply Pepto Bismol and let it sit untl i dries, your zit should go away quickly. The amount does not matter.


when i had REALLY bad acne (and tried all those stupid products) i took so old afashion advice from my hippie mom and put Tooth paste on all my really bad spots (regular mint tooth past)left it on for 30 min then washed it off. it works but may make your skin dry, which it did to mine so i put hot plane oatmeal on my face for 20 min and it naturally hydrates your skin! hope it works loves!

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