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Vodka & Bay Leaves

Find a jar, put some dried bay leaves in it then fill it up with vodka. Keep the jar in a dark place for about 5-10 days and then take a cotton pad and dip it in the mixture. Just wipe it on your face 1 time a day because it may dry up the skin but takes care of pimples overnight!!


apply iodine (please note that i have a high pain tolerance!!!!) directly to zit.


this is the most easy remedy EVER! all you have to do is wash your face put a dab of honey on your acne and then put a band-aid over, leave it over night and in the morning it'll be gone!!!


Use lemon juice (not the kind in a bottle, actual lemons), baking soda, and sugar and make a paste. Use before you go to bed. Wash face just as you were using any regular facewash, rinse with warm water. Go over your skin with an ice cube to snap pores shut.
Please be careful of your eyes!


I was fiddling around with things I thought would heal my terrible acne and stumbled upon a WORKINg mixture!
This may take about a week or so to se results but it's worth the wait, deffinetly!you might have to purchase to products but they dont cost much at all. Products you may have to purchase are: Clean&Clear persa Gel ($5 at a local drugstore) and Clearasil Ultra Acne Clearing scrub ($7 at a local drugstore).

Aplly this about a half hour before going to bed.

*a small ammount of water
*1 TINY squirt of antibacterial soap (to kill the germs and dry zits)
*2 good sized squirts of mint toothpaste (must be PASTE not gel)
* A medium squirt of Clean and Clear persa gel.
*A good size squirt of Clearasil Acne clering scrub,
* A medium sized squirt of lemon juice (to dry out the zits).

Mix until pastey, let settle for 3 minutes.

Apply all over face and leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse off with luke warm water. pat dry.

After rinsed: Apply Clean and Clear Persa Gel to prblem zits and leave over night and wash off in morning.

Comment wether it works or not! Best of you luck to you.

hope this helps!!


I have tried EVERYTHING for acne, even proactivbut nothing seems to work for me. SO then I tried this. Mix vicks vapor rub,plain yogurt, toothpaste, a dot of hand sanitizer, and lemon juice. microwave for 10 seconds, mix very well. It works! Let me know if this works for you.


a little bit of vicks vapor rub over night should do the trick.


Okay so what you do is take a hot shower. (opens pores) . next you aply blackhead clearing scrub (compared to clean&clear) you juss wash your face with that when washing with that use warm water (closer to hot) but anyways when your done your face feels&seems if its glowing or tingling ! haha after that you wash your face with cetaphil - do all this while in the shower ... have the hottest water on in the shower but face it away from you (its only used for steam) ...... follow this rutene for at least 2-3 weeks every night before bed i garentee youll be cne free


I have acne since i was fifteen now im twenty the thing that worked best for me was:
.Drink lots of water
.good diet
.working out
.*sun* or *taning*
Thhis worked for me hope it does the same for you!

Madison reagan 11

Ok my name is maddy soo to get rid of acne what u need is toothpaste, oats, and WATER!! Get a bowl pour water into it and toothpaste and stir till u cant see chunks of toothpaste put it in the microwave for 45 seconds then pour oats and then well put it on ur face and open a dish wash and have that open ur pores will the mask hardens then when the masks hardens peal it off then u do that everyday till ur acne is gone.Usually do the mask at night before u go to sleep then the next night acne is gone

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