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Have bad acne? I've had it for years and have tried everything under the sun (including tetracycline, clyndoxyl, and taking birth control to even out hormones). Please do yourself a favor and skip the doctor remedies (they did horrible things to my face over the years). My skin started to look dull and became more sensitive to the sun, as well the creams made my face dry and raw. I quit using the remedies from the doctor and my face broke out worse than before I started.

I tried a few remedies and what started working for me was using supplements to help my skin instead of putting crap on my face. That worked for making the acne milder but didn't completely get rid of it.

I then got into the no shampoo no soap initiative (I shampoo maybe once a week and I only use soap on my private parts, my feet, and my underarms. I also only use natural soaps and shampoos). That worked really well for my skin in general, my eczema cleared up a bit and became less itchy and it almost eliminated the use for lotion.

For any dry areas of skin I use olive oil as a lotion. It creates beautiful skin and it doesn't cause breakouts believe it or not.

My final thing that cleared up my skin almost completely (my skin would be totally clear if I could just stop touching and picking) was taking a spoonful of black strap molasses every night. I broke out a bit at first but after the initial break out my acne cleared up fast and stayed pretty clear.

Overall my skin is much better and healthier after all this and even if I have a tiny blemish here or there I don't mind because my skin is generally beautifully healthy overall.


Well here's a very good solution for acne i use it twice a day and you can really see the difference...First you'll need a bowl,tumeric powder,nutmeg,cinnamon,and lemon juice (it's not manditory for lemon juice or tumeric)Second once you have the ingredients take 9 tbls. of cinnamon and nutmeg, then put in the bowl, then (if you want to) put 2 pinches of tumeric and one teaspoon of lemon juice ,mix it all together with some H20 and there you go an excellent ance killer, enjoy it! HINT:FOR EVEN FASTER RESULTS TRY KEEPING IT IN THE FRIDGE SO THAT MEANS IT'S GONNA BE COLD WHEN YOU PUT IT ON. GOOD LUCK

Kendra Daniels

If you break out when you sweat, (if you're a guy)
when you shave, or just randomly.. Try this! My dad showed me this when I was a little girl and it has worked! Every time my face breaks out really bad, I put rubbing alcohol in one of those little spray bottles, close my eyes as tight as possible and spray, spray, spray! then have a warm wet rag and BEFORE you open your eyes, wipe them off. If you have a couple really bad spots, add Polysporn, NOT Neosporin. It works trust me :) I have oily skin and my dad has dry skin, and now me & my husband both do it & it works still! GOOD LUCK :))

my name

Ive had acne scince i was 10 and i would just use foundation to cover it up. that made it worse so i had mild acne and so many scars on my face. What i did(and it worked for me) is I MADE A PASTE OUT OF BAKING SODA AND WATER, put it on for a few minutes, then took it off. INSTEAD OF MOUSTERIZING AFTER WORDS< I PUT ON A HONEY MASK AND IT MADE MY SCARS SLOWLY DISSAPEAR. its not fast but its effective. I ALSO USED IT ON MY CHEST, AND IT HELPED A LOT! IT ACTUALLY WORKS FASTER ON THE CHEST AND BACK.
hope this helps :)


Coconut Oil works great for almost everything! Acne, tooth pain, Diabetes, liver and kidney problems, and it makes your hair healthier and shiny. You will not be disappointed! Try it! It's so healthy for your skin and hair.

Gaurav ( India)

first apply some oatmeal in aqueous form then rinse it off after some time then apply aspirin powder mixed with water . do this before bed and then apply honey mask and then switch off the lights off your room so that you can have a good sleep .................rinse it off in the morning. NOTE- you can use salycilic acid instead of aspirin if you want. It worked for me to get more clearer skin . Hope it works for you guyz too .......reply if it helps you.....plz.


Ladies, and gentlemen, PLEASE dont use harsh chemicals that ARENT made for face like vicks,windex,. Store bought treatments for acne are bad enough with all THEIR chemicals. Natural, especially PURE natural, works best. I mean, what did we use before modern medicine? yeaah!! plants! and thats what works best for out body. not abacytaline #36 or Sodial lauryl sulfate crap. wonder why your skins dry n itchy n inflames? CHEMICALS.
Best things to use for acne.
-lemon( can mix in plain yogurt, with sugar/olive oil/alone, etc)
-sugar scrubs
-water, lots of it
-figure out your skin type! washing too much can be just as bad as too little. some ppl are better off washing with only hot water!
- moisturize. whichi hate doing cause moisturizer has chemicals uggh.
- dont pick, or touch face( hard for me even, i know)
- vitamins! AND A GOOD DIET. remember, what you eat, affects WHOLE body. and your skins a huge part of it!
- fruits- strawberry, raspberry, citruses, great for face! bananas good too.
- veggies are just as important!

my fave toner!!( my own recipe)
- 3/4 bottle ( i use mini bottles for travel use) full of witch hazel.
- about 10 drops tea tree oil( i swear by t.tree oil. used in recipes, or as a spot treatment!)
thats mostly the base.
i also like to add some lavendar oil, sometimes peppermint, well usually peppermint, makes my face cool n tingly n minty hehe. 5 drops of each of lav. and peppermint. i put a lil mor ein depending on smell n strength id like. you can always add more remember! umm. i pop in about 3-4 aspirin, and add one more about every week or two, or a month depending. dont want too much aspirirn! its good to just add the toner to a aspirin in your hand, then its exfoliating, AND redness/inflammation goes away! hope this helps. visit and get ahold of me for more great recipes!!!!


1. Keep your hair and your hands off your face, the oils from both will clog your pores.
2. Avoid heavy makeups, creams, and lotions. And while harsh chemical peels and masks might make you feel clean, they can irritate your skin making it worse.
3. Drink water.
4. Wash your face daily with the most natural products available. I like the new Facial Clay (for daily use) and Cornmeal (twice a week as a natural exfoliant)Soaps from Krayv Naturals ( They're a lot cheaper and more effective than the prescription stuff. I always end up feeling squeaky clean but without my face getting too dried out.


i`m 25 yrs old, and never had acne in my life (not even when i was a teenager). one year ago my face was basically covered in every area with them. i have a combination, fade skin and it was driving me crazy!!! i tried everything! from the very very very expensive cosmetic solutions till the various home remedies. nothing worked, acne was getting better for a week or two and then always coming back until i accidentally met this doctor from europe which gave me this three months cure and here i face does not know what acne is now (except one week before the menstruations when i get one or two max). here is what i did: 1. first you have to check if it is a hormones problem and by that i mean you have to do the test if your hormones are ok, because if your acne is because of any hormonal disorders than, this is not the cure. also recently i discovered that the mean drug i was taking (acutanne) was not allowed in the us but i`m not so sure as i live in europe and here it is not a probl.
the cure: face washing every day with cetaphil, in the morning brovoxyl 4% w/w cream on every acne (do not apply it on the whole face but just on the acne because it is very strong), during lunch, after eating acutanne 20 mg in tablets and before sleeping adapalene (adaferin o,1% w/w 30g gel).
it was a hell of a treatment because for three months i felt that my skin was dead and that i had no hope. the first two months the skin was veryyyyyy red and the third month a bit less. you have to have a lot of patience especially if like me you have a job where you are in contact with people.
but now...oh!thanks god for that doctor my acne is gone completely. i said previously that i have periodically one acne or two before my menstruation, so i use dalacin c on the acne and qafter one or two days it disappears.
hope this will help!


I have very acne prone oily combination skin.

19 years old.

Have had very bad acne, but now it's under control.

Internally I drink lots of water. I like to take my multivitamins in the morning with it. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I drink nothing but water. No soda whatsoever.

For my face, I use Cetaphil daily facial cleanser in the morning. Then I apply my spot treatment (neutrogena on the spot acne) I wait a few minutes then apply my tinted moisturizer (Aveeno light complexion spf.30 tinted moisturizer) .. or (Aveda Inner Light Tinted Moisture SPF 15) I like both.

I recommend not wearing anything else on your face (makeup wise) as you risk clogging pores. Coming from a person who used to worship makeup, the result was large pores and blackheads. If you need to wear makeup, mineral makeup is always great. Get makeup with SPF in it to protect from sun damage, including lips.

At night (twice a week), I prepare my face for cleansing with a warm wet rag that I microwave for a few seconds and place on my face (NOT TOO HOT) I do this about 4 times.

I exfoliate my skin with sugar mixed with a little olive oil and egg white. Wash it off, and cleanse with my cetaphil cleanser.

then apply benzoyl peroxide to my affected areas.

wait 5 min. then apply my night time moisturizer.

My favorite masks are:
mint julep
aspirin mask (crushed aspirin/water/honey)

if you dont want to do the sugar/olive oil method.

My skin is pretty clear now besides a few here and there.. but thats only during my girl time.

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