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Make half a cup of oatmeal, mix in a tablespoon of lime juice, spread all over your face. Works really well, your face looks better immediately.


1 tbs Vanilla
1 tbs Milk
Instant Oats

Combine vanilla and milk until consistent brown color. Use paper towel and rub on face. Then cook oats according to package. Let cool. Then rub a thin layer all over your face. Leave on till dry, 10-15 minutes.

I came up with this on my own. I have used many products and this is the only thing that helps.


Tea-tree oil people! Seriously!

I get awful spots on my face, neck, and all down my chest and back. First of all I put straight tea-tree oil (strong stuff!) on my skin - just a couple of drops was enough to spread all over the affected area. I did that on the morning of two days, and basically my spots ALL cleared. After that I washed once a day with a tea-tree oil foaming wash and that worked really well to keep the problem seriously reduced.

Yup. I'm a little in love with tea-tree oil. <3


I have always had acne, and anything that claims to help acne doesn't. So what I figured out to do is just use a plain DAIL bar soap. If your skin is naturally dry than i wouldn't suggest. But it clears my skin up, really nice.


Clean your face every night and every morning with rubbing alcohol pour a little on a cotton ball or cotton pad and just rub all around your face(i usually use 1 for one side and 1 for another)you will see how much dirt comes onto the pad thats why you have acne thats because your pores are stuffed with all that dirt! remember do it every night results should show in about 3-4 days.good luck!


Nothing worked for years and years. Prescriptions and antibiotics helped but did not cure. Most soaps and over the counter stuff made it worse.

Here is what worked for me:

1. I cut back on sugar. Stopped drinking soda pop, white flour desserts, etc.
2. Cut back (way back) on anything made with wheat.
3. Started taking 6000 iu Vitamin D3 softgels a day...every day.
4. Very gently washed my face with Trader Joes Environne Fruit & Vegetable wash. (Yes, you read that right)
5. Used moisturizer over my eye area only.
6. Stopped all other acne products.

Results within one month and still several years later I no longer get those painful acne cysts on my chin and forhead. Not ever. My skin is clear. If I start eating a lot of bread again, I notice a few pimples begin to appear and it reminds me to stop eating wheat.

I am very happy with this protocol and I absolutly love Trader Joes Fruit and Vegetable wash as it is simply plant oil, berry extract, grapeseed, orange and lemon extract.


Use Noxzema. I've had Acne since like grade 4 and I'm now 20, nothing has really worked we well and as long as Noxzema. As well Noxzema isn't very expensive and is a great moisturizer, itch reliever, and sunburn soother :)

Darina (You know me as CyCy)

This is guaranteed to work. All you do is this:
1. Wash your face with warm water and dove soap at least 3 times everyday, massagging all the the parts of your face with your fingertips.
2. Flush your face thoroughly with cool water, this closes the pores so no more bacteria hide in your pores.
3. Cover your face in lotion, containing aloe, and then sleep with it. Do this everyday and your face will be flaw-free! (I know flawless can be used. :P)

Gabby Raye

putting honey all over your face every day or every few days for about 10 minutes or longer works great!! acne needs oxygen to breath and there is so much sugar in honey that the sugar fibers are wound so tight that no oxygen can get through so it suffocates your acne! apply it liberally all over your face... maybe a little extra where you have worse acne and let it sit a while then wash it off with warm water... and if you wanna make your skin look extra bright and clean, wash off the honey with warm water then get some normal milk from your fridge and cover your face with it then wash it off with some warmish water and apply moisturizer :) hope this helps.


ok so there is a remedy that i just put together to try and not expecting much i forggot about it. but a few days of using this i got real results!!!!you will need baking soda maple syrup honey egg yolks and maple oats (if you have them). mix together until you have a paste or liquidy mixture. put on acne or blackheads 2 times a day. in a few days or more you will see fantastic results. mixture my be liquidy but will harden on skin. leave on for 10-20 minutes.

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