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This leaves your face redness free and acne is left bearly visable..not to mention how soft my skin was after it!
You will need 120 ml(4 fl oz) and 30 ml(2 tbsp) 0f fresh whole milk.

Mix the aloe vera and milk together until smooth,To use pour a small amount into your palm and massage gently on your face,Rinse well,pat dry.

Josephine de Beaubarnais married Napolean Bonaparte in 1796,she was well known for her beautiful clear complexion,this is the cleanser she used.
Use it,you wont regret it!:)


Hey in 14 I've started getting acne since I was 12 so my friend told I could get rid of acne by washing my face with a bar of soap....u the soap to dry on your face completely so don't use a lot of water when doing this....once it dries get a half of a lime and put sugar on it scrub your face with it thoroughly while squeezing the lime little by little...once done with this u can wash it off right away...this works well with acne and will also leave your skin very soft


Take an egg and leave it out until its warm. seperate the egg yolk and white. in the egg white put in a tsp of lemon juice and mix together until you see foam and then apply. the egg will harden and make it extreamly tight and you will feel the acid working. when it is hard add the yolk on top of it and let it dry. when it is all dry wash it off. your pimples and bumbs wil be smaller and your skin will be incredibly smooth. works so well with sensitive skin


Oatmeal to get rid of pimples. This remedy is for people with little blemishes. In a bowl i put a small handful of oatmeal then added some water. Popped it in the microwave waited 20mins to cool then applied it on my face and waited for 10mins. After i washed my face with warm cold water. After one use my red blemishes shortened and weren't red anymore.

clean and happy

1part apple cidear vinegar. 1 part green tea(any brand) use cotton ball to apply to face before sleep and wash in the morning. U should see results in the next couple of days. And remember acne is not just because u need to was ur face. Ur diet has a lot to do with it too so stay away from greasy foods and sugars.. hope this helps & god bless


Use Witch Hazel. Put the Witch Hazel on a clean wash cloth and rub on your face in a circular motion. Repeat twice a day. First be sure that you are not allergic to Witch Hazel. You can buy Witch Hazel at just about any store for about 3 dollars.


try putting apple cider vinegor on your face... wash off( best to right before bed next day almost everything is gone,i promise it works if it wore=ked for my red splotchy face it will work for yours to!!!


Guys! Acne is best treated internally not cosmetically! Highly processed foods full of oil, sugar and preservatives are THE REAL CAUSE of acne. Eat Organic foods only like fresh meat, veg, fruit and take a vitamin A and Zinc supplement. Drink plenty of water and limit sodas/soft drinks/dairy and white bread.. Skin will get slightly worse for the first couple of days as your blood de-toxifies but you will see HUGE improvements in skin and general health within a couple of weeks. JUST TAKES DISCIPLINE and it worked for me. Good luck


Mix honey and cinnamon powder, apply where needed, then cover with a band-aid


Take a type of minty toothpaste, mix with aloe and some sort of facewash (morning burst clean and clear works best.)

Mix together and apply to blackheads and pimples or bumps and doing this 3 times a day will have it half way gone by the next day.

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