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I tryed everything and nothing worked but founed out the vitasilina worked for me no more pimples or scars i recomend it it works its a green tube for just $5.00


oki what makes a great facial and to help keep your acne away ( and trust me this works and i have sensitive skin and eczema on my face so i think if it works on my terrible skin it will for you) what you want to do it take any tomato you have make sure it fresh not those canned crap things and your gonna squeeze the juice out of it and put it in a little bowl or cup next what your gonna want is some pineapple juice to now none of the crappy canned stuff that wont help cause its really just sugar and water unless it really is pinapple juice but freshest is always best in my opinion but anyways your gonna wanna juice that to and go ahead put it in the same bowl or w.e u used with the tomato juice then your gonna wanna mix them together. after place it all over your face and i usually put some saran wrap on my face to keep it there. and you can keep it there as long as you like but i think the longer the better. then take it off rinse your face and constantly do this and you'll see amazin results my skin feels alot better after i did this for a week


I've had ache since I was nine. I've tried sooooooo many different remedies. I will NEVER try toothpaste again. I have a skin alergy to it, like breaking out it red bumps. So not helpful. The only thing that's EVER worked is honey.

When you put the honey on, cover it with tape or a band-aid soot doesn't get on your pillow because it should he left on over night.

When you wake up, wash your face with dial soap and make the water as hot as you can stand it. DO NOT DRY YOUR FACE!!!
Put a towel over he faucet and put your head under it to open your pores.

Put any kind of leave on facial cleanser you have on. If you don't have any, PAT your face dry and DO NOT TOUCH IT. THAT MAKES IT OILY.

This doesn't always work over night, or for everyone, but it's worth a shot. (:


Hey :) im a 17 y/o female who suffers from cheek, chest, and back acne! Its not too severe but its annoying when you have prom in two weeks. I try to keep it under control, but im a teen with stress so that doesnt help much!
I have a few tips that have really helped and i would love to share with you!
First cut down on the sodas, I dont drink soda at all but if you must drink them stick with the light soda (sprite,mountain dew)stay away from the coke & pepsi!
Next watch what you eat! Healthy skin starts with healthy diet!
Last are a few remedies and steps to a clear face in no time :)
1.Hot showers!,the steam opens your pores
2.I like to mix even amount of toothpaste and NOXEMA and you feel it working right away! I like it in the morning because it wakes me right up!
3.After you wash your face/body with mixture dap with cold wash rag! Cold water closes pores so no other dirt can get in!
4.I use Biore nose strips once a week to remove black heads on nose.
5.Use Benzoyl Peroxide Gel from local pharmacy works wonders ! This product works amazing but it does dry your skin so i prefer to use nivea creme afterwards.
6.At night dap a cotton ball in FRESH Lemon Juice and apply to any blemish or blotchy area
7.After lemon juice back to the toothpaste :)
I promise it will work for all acne!
Mild or severe :)


Sea Salt was the magic for me.
Every summer I realized my acne disappeared and I finally figured it's the salt from the sea.
Dissolve Sea Salt(can be bought at stores) into warm water and pour it in a spray bottle( I used windex bottle ). Apply it to dry affected area after shower and let it dry on your skin. Repeat daily. Changes were noticeable within days!! Really worked wonders for me and its cheap.


Put gold bonds lotion all over your face!I had this really big pimple in the morning I put some lotion in and now it's almost gone


Honey! just put honey one the area of the breakout or on the pimple and leave overnight!

Jacinto Mendoza

Mix lemon juice, baking soda, and macca root with oatmeal. Mix very well Let sit overnight and use next day before bedtime. Do this everynight for two weeks your skin will be flawless.


Hello everyone! Most older kids and teens, like me, will come across that much despised pimple or head that you just want gone! Or some of us have them all over our faces, so here I will tell you how to zap your zits for good!

First, cut down on sweets. Sugary foods, especially candies, will increase chin or eyebrow pimples. Stick to a healthy diet. Next, drink plenty of water. It's good for your whole body, not just your complexion. Go ahead and squeeze the heads, just not the red and pink ones that hurt! They will leave acne scars that are almost impossible to remove. Stick to a face washing routine consisting of your cleanser and the remedies I will list next~ wash your face thoroughly, patting it dry with a soft towel. Next, apply fat free milk on a dry washcloth and rub gently. Milk is nourishing and relieves redness and pain. Make sure it's fat free though, because fats and oils just add to your pimples. Next, apply over-salted water to a cotton ball and apply for three minutes to a specific blemish or blemishes. Last but not least {yes, its true!!} toothpaste left on a zit over night works wonders for almost everyone! Good luck :)


My remedy is Mikios Natural Body Scrub. Its a body scrub that is truly all natural and it leaves skin surprisingly very very very soft. Only $12.00 and it works on the roughest of partner loves it.

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