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Im 17 years old and I have had trouble with acne and break outs since I was 13. Some of the best things that help me are Tea Tree Oil (all natural), honey and lemon juice and using a lightweight moisturizer every morning and night and/ or after having a bath or shower. I also tend to pick at my face (nasty habit, don't do it), so my dad recomended using a drop of pure Apple Cider Vinegar to speed the healing. It Really works. It may sting a little at first, that's completely normal, but you can see the results start in the first few doses or even minutes! This is my advice, hope it works for you!


So I figured out I don't have Honey or these chemicals except Peroxide so what i had was Witch Hazel and Peroxide and Tooth Paste Crest I mixed it all together and i put it on my face with cotton ball or anything small like a tip of the rag or the things u pick with Ur ears sorry :( but anyways just take it off after 5 min or 7 and let it dry with air or if Ur inpatient do a towel and mess it up IT WORKED!!!!!!DONT WORRY IF ANYTHING APPERS WHEN U MAKE IT


Hi guys,
i have been a victim of mild acne for years, and i found that this home remede helps wonders!
First get 1/4 cup of honey and microwave for 30 seconds, the honey will have a liquedy texture. Get 1/4 salt and mix it in with the honey. Then get a teaspoon of toothpast, and NOT THE GEL KIND PLEASE! And mix it well. Than get a tablespoon of face moisturizer ( of your choice. And also mix it. Wait 5 minutes and spread over the affected area. And enjoy soft clear skin!:) (repeat morning and night for best resalts)

half thalf


okj my daughter had horrible acne, we tried everything from over the counter to prescription, then one night i looked up uses for organic apple cider vinegar(because my husband swears by it for just about everything..;)lol)..and thee it was use it for acne.She just put some on the corner of a washcloth and rubbed it on her face morning and night, after 2-3 days it drastically cleared up!!!now she has no acne at all and has cut down to using it a couple of times a week.


First thing i do is mix sea salt with luke warm water. make sure you add a lot of water so it looks like a past. then a take a cotton ball soak it in the water with sea salt and put it on my affected area.I leave it on for half an hour to an hour then wash it off. After that a warm up a little honey and put it on my face. i leave it on for about 15 minutes then wash it off. the sea salt water mixture works as drying the pimple out and the honey is a naturally bacterial fighting.

Cortney G

Hello I have a remedy (no duh) but I would not recamend for sensistive skin. First take a hot/ warm cloth and put it on the pimple until it is pop able ( I know people say dont pop it!!! It will make it worse just hang with me) then pop it. Put rubbing alcohol (yes it burns I'm telling u straight but it works). Let it dry 1-2 minute(s) then apply neosporin just sit for a while then wash face with luke warm water. TA-DA face cleared (to not be used as a mask)


I have had moderate acne since I was 14 and im 24 now. I have fazes were my skin looks great, and then other times when I breakout like crazy. I pick my face too... I know I only make it so much worse. I have tried every over the counter product nothing worked. I just recently found Organic Tea Tree oil. NOT the regular kind that is mixed with other harsh chemicals that overdry your skin...the natural ORGANIC kind that simply has one ingredient: Tea tree oil. I apply just a little to my clean face at night, and my face cleared up beautifully so fast, and it stopped new breakouts from happening. BEST part is the organic stuff doesnt dry out my skin. My skin is so clear now I dont even have to wear makeup anymore. SO HAPPY. And tea tree oil smells great like peppermint! just keep it away from your eyes and you wont have any problems, go to your local health food store and find some, its about 6 bucks a bottle.


I'm 16 and had moderately bad acne when I was 14 and 15. (By moderately I mean it looked really bad and I couldn't cover it, my skin was NEVER clear, but it left no scarring I can see now) but here's what worked for me. Now the worst I get is one MAYBE two small pimples when I'm on my period that are gone in about 48 hours. This is going to be a lot of writing but it WORKED.

First, I went to my doctor and asked for any pills I could take. Usually you would think this is for people with SEVERE acne but its not. You can adjust your dosage depending on how bad it is. This cleared my face up considerabley. And you will notice the difference if you forget to take it for a week! I take minocycline. Its a bright yellow, oblong pill about a half inch long. Ask your primary practicioner about it at your next checkup. No dermatologist needed. (Oh and by
the way its not addictive, so moms can relax!)

Second, I changed my skincare routine. I had been through SO many differant face washes. And none of them fixed my acne. The best one was probabley clearasil, because it was a lot less drying. BUT. One day my mom told me she was looking on the Internet and found a new way to wash your face. Oil. Yeah. When she said it I was like 'um. There must be a reason acne washes say OIL FREE' but google it. Just mix 3/4 castor oil with 1/4 olive oil, massage into your face, then put a wet, hot washcloth over it several times, and then wipe the oil off. Your skin needs some oil, so all the face washes that get rid of it just cause it to over produce it to compensate for what is being washed away. THE FIRST TIME after you do this your skin WILL look better. Even if you still have blemishes, your skin will look much healthier. Not to mention feel soooo soft. After about a week of this my face was completely clear. (This face wash method is great for even those with clear skin. My 45 year old mother uses is and her skin looks so much younger from the moisture that she doesn't need foundation any more) I also recently started applying witch hazel with a cotton ball. All of this worked SO well for me and my mom and the best part? Its dirt cheap. We already had olive oil, castor oil is like 3 bucks (and the bottle will last us both for about a year) and the witch hazel was 99 cents. Its also a lot simpler than 6 differant washes, scrubs, masks, toners, and gels. Oh yeah, and only do it at night. In the morning you wont want to do anything to your skin! :) and you shouldn't. And lastly, for those occasional zits, I use the 'quickstick' from the meleluca company. Its an all natural mail order type thing. Look it up on the Internet. Its great. But its mainly tea tree oil. Which by it self is great to dab on spots.

After all that, my face is CLEAR. It took about 3 weeks to a month for the medicine, oil, and quickstick to turn my face from 'there's no way in this universe I'm going out before 10 minutes of applying foundation' to ' I can shower and go anywhere and I don't care because my face is CLEAR.' I don't even need foundation.


If you have pesky black/white heads, or just plain clogged pores on your nose, this is for you! I use his instead of the usual strips you put on your nose because it's cheaper and I'm a real DIY kinda girl. All you need is unflavored gelatin and milk. Take a teaspoon of each, put it in a bowl and mix it up. Next, pop that bad boy in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Take a makeup brush or small paint brush of some sort and apply it to your nose. Wait for it to dry clear, and for it to feel tight. Then just peel, and look at all the nasty stuff it take with it! Haha. :)


I've suffered with acne for years, and have to say that no matter what you try, for actual acne, there are only two ways to get rid of it. Firstly, just get over yourself and wait it out. acne is just one of those things that you can't change. If you stop messing with your skin, your skin will stop messing with you. Secondly, go to your local doctor or GP. I can guarentee that they will prescribe you a hormone reducing tablet (in worse cases, doctors often prescribe the contraceptive pill) or oil reducing pill that will over a course of 3-4 weeks will clear your skin. This won't always work, but at least give it a shot.

Acne is different to the odd spot or pimple, be aware of this. Home treatments and Dietry changes will help prevent the odd spot, but not acne. Sorry, but it's the truth.

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