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there is a simple cure for this that only a handful of people know about. its called emu oil.!! look it up on the web.


Hi guys!!
I'm 13 years old and I have the best remedy ever!! My secret is to mix 5 tablespoons of honey, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 2 tablespoons of baking soda, and 1/2 of a lemon's juice. Mix it together and put it all over your face. Let it sit for 4-5 minutes and then wash it off. This works WONDERS!!!! You'll see an improvement in within a day.
Comment below and tell me how it worked out!!!!


Hi guys!!
I'm 14 years old and if your anything like me, NOTHING works for your acne. I've had people laugh at me because of it. So over my winter break, so far, I have discovered one remedy that has changed my whole face in a good way. My acne is getting better day by day. My secret is to mix 3 teaspoons of honey, 1.5 teaspoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon if salt, and .5 of a teaspoon of baking soda and apply to my face and you can always double the recipe to make twice the amount. So I let this mixture sit for 5-7 minutes and then I wash it off with cool water to close my pores. Do this before you sleep and wake up with amazing results.
Hope it helps and comment below and tell me how it worked out!!


OK I'm 15 and since I was 10 I had acne. i did everything you can possibly think of. finally i thought why don't i make a paste of something natural at home.

So I took 3 tea spoons of lemon juice, 1 tea spoon of salt and 1 tea spoon of sugar. i would get a cotton ball or just anything clean that i could find dab it in these 3 mixtures, then rub it on my face for 1 minute and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.

i got the best results the all my family members used it and now there's no acne nothing.


So over the past four or five years I've always had at least one fairly large pimple on my face, it's been extreme embarrassing and I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about... I have spent a tonne of money trying to fix this but guess what... Yep you guessed it nothing works! So a couple weeks ago I was looking online and came across something that is all natural and works like a charm!! Within three days of using this method once or twice a day they were almost gone and within a couple week I had a flawless complexion with very little redness from the old breakouts... What did I use you ask?? I took a cotton pad drenched it with lemon juice and sprinkled on about a teaspoon of sugar... After rinsing my face with warm water I used the lemon and sugar mixture and scrubbed my face until I couldn't feel the sugar anymore, really made sure I scrubbed my problem areas like the wonderful t zone and the sides of my nose etc.... Rinse with warm water after you're done (make sure you don't get it in your eyes!) pat dry and go to sleep, you'll notice a difference in the morning I sure did!! Second day even bigger difference third day they were all dried up with NO NEW ones starting!! Now I can go outside with little to no makeup:-) now when I do this in the morning what I use as a moisturizer is actually a fluid with an 8% glycolic acid, eff that I don't want these things to come back!! I have a relatively light skin tone so I'm not afraid of bleeching my skin, so those of you who are tanned of have dark skin tones use lemon juice on your skin at your own risk!! But good luck to all that tries this method, just remember consistency is key in everything you do!! Whether it be this or even weight loss it's all consistency is the key to success!!


Scalp acne
I lived with scalp acne that would not respond to any treatment for more than 40 years. I went to more doctors than I can remember, one almost killed me with sulfur drugs I am allergic to. Anti-biotic would work for a week or so then it came right back. 2011 I started running the shower on my head as hot as I could possibly stand it and sometimes so hot I had to duck in and out of it. Happy to say I have no more pimples, no itch and I don't have to continue the extremely hot water treatment. [ but I still do it now and then]


500 miligrams of vitamin C daily clears many cases of acne in two weeks. Running the shower a little hotter than usual on the acne helps.


Personally, I mix honey, tooth paste(NO GEL), and some see salt together. You want it to be vey sticky. TheToothpaste I use is Colgate Total. This has worked wonders for me!


Acne is a nightmare for anyone. There is tons of high cost items on the market even prescription stuff that does not work for most. Many years ago I took a special class about minerals, vitamins and what they do by a man that had a larger lab then most malls. His son suffered from bad acne too. When there was no help from even the dematologist he began to investigate for himself. He found one Zinc a day cured his kid! Ya it was that simple. The Zinc you buy at Walmart. For years after I advised people with acne to try it. So far it has never let me down. It came to my own grandsons turn for acne at age 13. While I was looking up the dose for his age I should not have been shocked at what I found. It was a medical artical about how kids bodies produce much less zinc starting around age 13. That would explain why it works so well. Acne is like a toxin in the body. Zinc not only kills many germs but removes acne plaque and other body gunk. The down side in some is that youre face may get worse in the first month because its pushing all the toxins out of your body depending on how bad your face is. After that its all up hill. NEVER take more then one mineral a day! It wont work any faster and over doasing a mineral could be lethal. The biggest shock I had was a boy that came to my door with super pizza face. I asked him what he was doing for his acne? He said going to the dermatologist for years with a lot of money and little help. I told him about the zinc he said he would try it at that point what was a 4.00 investment? He came back to my house 3 weeks later....I did not recognize him. I think his only worked so fast because he had been using pharmacutical things before. He was so happy now he didnt have to make any more visits to a dermatologist office. So why is this kept so quiet? Not much money in a bottle of zinc.


hello everyone..I have been struggling with moderate to severe pimple-acne breakouts since puberty. Ever since I have tried various medical and topical treatments on my face. Even the best products advertised on TV did not work for me. Then i decided to try few natural remedies. The first and most importnt thing that one shud remember is to STOP TOUCHING THE FACE(easier said than done).Its a cycle, u touch ur face-u load more bacteria-u end up with more breakouts!!SO i will suggest all people to stop touching their face and stop using any damn products on your face. My natural remedy was lemon juice.
I tried using lemon juice(fresh) over my face. squeeze one fresh lemon in a bowl n with a cotton ball clean ur face with it. then squeeze the juice on the area of acne so as to concentrate it over breakouts. leave it for 10-15 min. try doing this twice a day. It stings /itches a bit, but i havent seen any severe reaction to it so far. I have been doing this over 2 months now on alternate days and my acne have reduced to less than 40%.My skin feels rejuvenated, i look less tired. I have less breakouts. ALso I hardly touch my skin because i dont feel anxious about the breakouts. Whenever u want to clean ur skin ,do it with fresh lemon juice.(u can also gently rub your face with slice of fresh cut lemon)
This has really helped me and i wanted to share this with people who are suffering from a similar problem. Also i will suggest that you should identify any allergy or intolerance to any food product or ingredient (eg: It took me a long time to realize that my skin breakouts worsened after i consumed mayonnaise)Stop or reduce the quantity of that product in your diet.
bottom line:1)dont touch ur face
2)stop using any damn products especially greasy ones on your skin
3)Identify any food product intolerance
4) lemon juice.


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