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Constipation (Toddlers and Older) Home Remedies

1 Home Remedy for Constipation (Toddlers and Older)

Older mom and former LPN

Yes going to recommend the home enema for toddlers constipation!

Seventy year old grandma here. Four of my own children, five grand children. Retired LPN (nurse) from old school.

Over the years of treating my own children, grand kids, nieces and nephews, and lots of children in dr office, clinic, hospital and when doing private home visits, for constipation I feel the enema is the best natural home remedy to give. Even today!

The home enema went out of popular use for years. It is now coming back as a good home remedy for the toddler and older child. And adult as well!

After receiving the doctor’s ok I administered many enemas to the constipated toddler.

Years ago when I would do a home visit to a sick child most always he was also constipated and he was given a enema in the home. For most this was his first time ever enema and for his mom to learn this wonderful home remedy.

The mother was always amazed how effective the enema was. The child always felt better after he was given the enema.

A few things first..

- always consult with your naturopathic or regular doctor before giving home rememdies . This includes enemas

- don’t take web postings/ blogs as medical advice

- enemas are not habit forming

- the enema is not painful. But, may make the tummy feel full and may be some minor discomfort for a few minutes

- years ago the most popular home remedy for the constpated child was a warm water soapy enema. Made with either Castile soap or bar of ivory

- in the recent years I have read that giving the soapy enema and the Fleet enema is no longer advisable. Read on the web regarding this

- a herbal enema, oil retention enema or plain warm water is now thought to be better for a toddler to receive when constipated

I believe the enema is the best natural home remedy for the constipated toddler. Better than giving dreaded Miralax, or other slow working, discomforting, laxatives.

My children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and other children were given enemas with the reusable rubber enema bulb Syringe Then when older the bag was used for administering the enemas.

Here are some things I learned and taught other moms...

- ask him if this is his first ever enema and what did he think of his enema before if he had one before

- talking to him helps

- if the child is old enough to understand tell him he will be given a enema. Tell him it will make him feel better and does not hurt

- tell him he can help you with the enema by relaxing, taking deep breaths in and out of his open mouth, like panting, when he is getting the enema

- tell him you will stop the enema if he feels discomfort but he has to take the full enema

- I showed the enema bulb to many before the enema. This made it much easier to give one

- ask him if he has a favorite show to watch, book to read , etc when he is receiving the enema. This is the best way to have him relax during it

Have everything prepared and ready for the enema.

Have no interruptions during the enema.

Best tine for giving a enema is when all others are out of the house

If the other children are at home have neighbor mom or sitter watch them while you are administering the enema

Warm the room where it will be given at

When giving the enema if possible close the door

Positions for the enema...

Always ask your doctor what position is Best

Over the years I found across the lap or on a table was best for toddlers.

For older child on the Best was always on the bed

The toddler can be placed across your lap on a towel. Face down on his tummy laying on a towel. Or placed on a table. On his back on a towel. When on the table hold his legs up in the air some.

If you feel the toddler will resist and fight getting a enema best to have another mom, relative, baby sitter .. to assist you. She can hold him and soothe him be talking calmly to him.

The next enema is always easier to give.

Some toddlers, even older child, will try and talk you out of the enema. Be firm and let him know a enema is good for him and he will get one.

Most of the time just telling him I could have another nurse come in and help, or another mom help, he would calm down and take the enema from me alone.

Before giving the toddler a enema I would try other remedies first such as...

- increasing fiber

- drinking more water or juice

- tummy massage and moving legs in bicycle motion when he is on his back

- give a warm bath

-insert a rectal thermometer with some Vaseline on the tip. Gently and slowly move rotate the thermometer some. This may produce a BM

- review child’s eating and exercise habits

- note on the calendar the last BM so you will know

A good home book every mom shoul have isPrescription For Nutritional Healing. It has many home remedies in it as well as how to give enemas and the various types of enemas to give.

I learned the garlic or catnip tea enemas in that book to reduce a fever. They work!

Read Valerie’s “Parents Guide To Colon Health For Children”

Find it at


Consult your professional medical person I.e. doctor, before giving ANY home remedies. Including a enema



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