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1 Home Remedy for Pneumonia

Bill Cornelius

This also works against bronchitis and coughs: Break open a capsule of Lactobacillus spore caps, from your local health food store, and dump about half in the palm of your hand. inhale it. it takes 6 to 12 hrs, then you cough up some phlegm. Only once did I have to do it twice. I imagine there may be situations (bacterial strains) where this won't be effective but so far it's worked every time for me. Lactobacillus is our bodies first line of defense, it covers our skin and lives on most alien bugs. I don't know if it's native to the lungs too but if not, natural mechanisms will expell it along with the remains of whatever infection was there.

Five of my immediate ancestors died from Pneumonia and I've had it twice, so it seemed expedient to look into it. I hope this helps.

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