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Pityriasis Rosea Home Remedies

2 Home Remedies for Pityriasis Rosea


This needs to be treated internally as well as externally

Immediately alkaline your body. cut ALL crappy foods immediately and drink tons of water and lemon water

Eat as much raw food (fruits and veggies) as possible and fresh smoothies and Probiotic foods (Kombucha, kimchee, greek yogurt etc.)

1) Take epsom salt baths 2x per week, don’t shower after just pad dry

2) Use 100\\% natural organic yellow african shea butter afterwards

3) Get as much natural sun exposure over your whole body as possible (NO SUN BEDS)

4) Try to get the supplement pure black seed oil and take daily

5) Incorporate green tea, turmeric tea, and most importantly Burdock root tea daily.

this should cure you up within a month although this can last up to 6 depending on how soon you start treating it.


Pityriasis Rosea:

Take lukewarm oatmeal baths.

Get some sun light.

Avoid hot showers & baths.

Use bland lotion.

Wear 100\\% cotton clothes.

Use natural detergents to wash clothes.

Stay cool.

Drink plenty of water.

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