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I too am a long term eczema sufferer. After spending my entire childhood back and forth to Drs, who time after time prescribed whatever steriod cream I hadnt already had been given. Sure it would help.....for a short time and then within a few days it would come back and often worse. Even after steriod injections didnt help It became common to hear 'she'll grow out of it'.
YEAH RIGHT! As I got older it got worse! As an adult, sick of hiding my skin, feeling itchy sore and uncomfortable I sought the help of a herbalist who made me realise I needed to tackle the problem from the inside more so than than the outside.
Over the years it has definarely been a case of trial and error regarding food/nutrition, supplements, finding triggers and most importantly finding what wrks for you as everyone is different.
Here's what helped me!

No dairy products - I used rice milk instead
Little or no bread - i used mountain wraps
Lots of water - helpful to add lemon
Lots of fresh fruits and veges - limit proccesses foods and sugars.
Herbal supplements........
First I was put on a liverdetox which was specially made by the herbalist - this helped clear all the toxins, to start with a clean canvas ifu like :-)
I took barly grass supplements which helped to alkalise my body/blood, flax seed oil and fish ils to moisturise me from the inside, probiotics to help balance the good bacteria and zinc tablets for healing. I was overwhelmed by ALL the things I had to take not to mention the expense but I was willing to give anything a go at this point! In a little over a month my eczema had gone! It was soo amazing to experience clear smooth skin after years of suffering with this horrible disease. Over time I found I could start consuming dairy in moderation. Although this was expensive I found that I could reduce my supplements to only the omega's and barley grass to keep it away. Herbal stores also have creams made from certain plants/herbs especially for eczema which I used initially to smooth and calm my skin althoughmost find it beneficial I found beeswax and prducts containi g it reacted to my skin.

My dilema now is that my beautiful daughter has started showig signs of eczema at age 1. I hoped she bypassed the disease as did my 2 out of my other 3 children, as she has had the mot beautiful skin prior to her first birthday. This is when I stopped breasfeeding and using dairy and toddler milk formula. I am currently researching what is safe to use on her skin and what supplements she may be able to have at a young age as I do not want her to have steroid creams.

Sorry forthe long novel, hope someone that suffers from this terrible skin disorder may find some helpful information and if anyone has any tips regarding toddlers witheczema and useful natural remedies I would appreciate greatly. Thanx


Hi, I have severe Eczema. It was so bad I had to take Blood Tranfusions. It is also my Immune system that is causing my Eczema.

I have some advice on how I manage my eczema. I have recently started talking Fish Oil with High DHA and EPA, Like over 1000mg a day and Evening PrinRose every other day. I also use Aveeno to keep my skin moisturized, I can only use the Blue on though. The other ones do not help me, but everyones skin is different. I also shower with a soap oil instead of regular soap. Eucerin makes one in a Gold bottle. Those have been working for me for right now. Hope this works for you too.


I've had eczema for about 10 years. The worst being the past year since I had head to toe weeping eczema. What I've found that has worked better than any topical ointments or creams is eating a large amount of natural peanut butter (just peanuts and salt). I eat peanut butter sandwiches for most snacks and meals and have noticed that my eczema has calmed down to the point of nearly going away. I eat between 4-8 tablespoons of peanut butter on high fiber bread a day. I started it to see if the monounsaturated fats would help me skin. They certainly did. You might be able to include olive oil in your diet instead if you are allergic to peanuts. It has made such a difference that the only thing I apply topically is a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the eczema patches that are still there.


I have severe contact dermatitis (hairdresser) on my hands which then spread the eczema all over my body. I've been suffering for 3 yrs but just found a remedy which has cleared my body!! First I drank a Jamaican tea called 'Bissy' (order it on line from a company called Angel brand for $2.00pack). They use this tea if you've been poisened. It's natural & safe, made from the Koka nut - it tastes very earthy. This stopped the hives from spreading but did not clear the rashes. So then I decided to take something to clean my blood. I got a bottle of 'SSS tonic' (from any pharmacy $7.50) - this tastes like a very strong, old-fashioned cough syrup, its not nice but well worth it! I found my rashes completely disappear, even the ones on my shins & elbows which never clear! I'm on my fourth week of drinking these things every day & will continue to as long as they work. Please try this remedy & let me know if it works on you. Good luck! xx


Hi, I am 36 and I didn't started getting eczema until my 30s.

It started with patches of dry skin on my legs & thighs which slowly got worst. My symptoms are mostly dry & itchy – itchy flaky skin, progressive thickening of the skin(lichenification) & dry itchy bumps. I have not experienced any oozing.

The topical ointments prescribed to me by my doctors so far have not done much good, so I have been trying different things on my own, focusing more on herbal-based remedies, and lately have started experimenting with making my own formulations.

I have gotten very good results with my last experiment so I wanted to share it with others in case it can help someone else. The remedy consists of oil infused with Red Clover Herb, Sage & Chamomile. Below is a description of ingredients & how it was made, not exact because I didn’t measure:

Approx. 1/8 – ¼ oz dried sage
Approx. 1/8 – ¼ oz dried chamomile
Approx. ¼- ½ oz dried red clover herb (Trifolium Pratense)
Light olive oil, enough to cover so herbs can move freely

*You can use other types of oil, I just used what I had on hand. I have heard good things about coconut oil & hemp seed oil so might try those in the future.
*The sage & chamomile were purchased in packets from the spice section of my local supermarket. You can certainly try it with organic-grown herbs if you prefer.
*The red clover herbs I already had on hand & was purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs. These are basically the same red clover that grows in fields, but had been organically grown and it consists only of the plants’ leaves & stems.

*I placed all the herbs in a clean empty jar.
*Pour the oil over them. Stir as you add more oil to eliminate air pockets & to make sure the herbs are covered in oil. In the end you should have enough oil in the jar so that when you stir the herbs they float freely & easily in the oil. You don’t want to pack them too tight.
*Cover your jar & place it in a larger bowl or pan filled with boiling water – you do not need to immerse the entire jar, but the water should at least cover the jar half-way.
*Leave the herbs to steep until water cools completely, stirring the herbs once or twice during the period.
*Remove the cold water & repeat the process with another batch of boiling water.
*Strain your oil through a cheese cloth or coffee filter. If using cheese cloth, you can twist to squeeze the last bits of oil from the herbs.

*I have been applying the oil to my problem spots with a cotton ball twice a day, morning & before bed time. I have used this for the past 2 weeks (coming into the 3rd now) and I have seen obvious improvements in my personal condition.
*It has alleviated most of the itching, though not all – I still get itchy occasionally, but not nearly as bad. I plan on working on that with the next batch.
*Much improvement on my skin texture – alleviated the flaky skin & bumps, softened my leathery patches to near normal skin texture.

I have been very happy to find such good results from this DIY potion. Hope this can help someone else.


I have been reading all your posts (on the eczema board and the psoriasis board), thanks so much for your ideas. I am a current sufferer... it's getting better, but my scalp is killing me, so I have been using the mix of T-GEL and T-SAL, it seems to be helping, which makes me very happy. As for my body, I have been making my own natural salve (with herb, olive and coconut oil etc), which have been helping... I used that as moisturizer and on troubled spots. I am always hoping to use natural stuff over chemicals. I am also selling my salve on etsy. If you are interested, look for 'ylbb' as the seller. I am truly grateful for all the posts and tips I have found here.

Stephanie Salazar

Organic coconut oil!!! All the way:)
Use 3 times a day on eczema
It is organic ( non toxic) completely safe and it works like magic!


I've had small patches of eczema off and on my entire life, but a little over 2 years ago I got a terrible case all over my hands that wouldn't go away. The steroid cream from my doc helped with the itching and oozing, but it left my skin thinned and caused splitting- very painful. This is the combo that seems to FINALLY be working for me.

1. I went dairy & gluten free, and dramatically reduced my consumption of meat.
2. I wear gloves when cleaning and doing dishes.
3. I switched to soap-free products for personal care.
4. 'Sweet Blessed Bee Magic All Over Skin Cream' is AWESOME- very soothing.
5. I started JUICING! Especially cucumber, parsley, spinach, & watercress (Those 4 veggies were recommended to me for eczema).

Each of those 5 things listed above were helpful alone, but since I started juicing just over a week ago I've been doing all 5 together, and my hands are actually SOFT again!! My skin is so much improved that I felt I should share. Good luck!


I have had eczema since i can remember, caused by my asthma, i tried honey and lots of home remedies and a lot of steroids finally my doctor recommended light therapy, , it helps a lot it drys up the skin and so its a lot better and if you cant afford it tanner works, its easy and you get a nice tan too. Good luck!


Just started using some Salcura stuff, just about given up on everything but they give away free samples so I thought I'd give it a go. am using the DermaSpray Intensive and Zeoderm Moisturiser, you're meant to use it 3-4 times a day -when? i have a job- trying to use the spray and moisturiser twice a day but it has already made a big difference (Day 3). Fingers crossed this could be the end of all my years of eczema hell...

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